I arrive before the boys are even awake the next morning.

Dean starts to stir a little. He opens one eye and meets it with mine.
Giving an ear to ear smile he says "Morning Cas. Happy to see you already".
"You as well" I reply with a smile.
He jumpes up off the floor and embraces me in a hug.

"I had a crazy dream man, I'm super happy to see you"
Sad that our hug has ended so fast I look to the floor "Oh, what happened " I ask.

Dean shuffles around the kitchen making a pot of coffee, mostly for Sam.

"It was about today, we went to find the Devils guard dog and things took a turn for the worst . The pooch didn't like our music and tried biting our heads off for it. ", he moves closer,"it was pretty brutal. Sam and I got away...", he leaves his sentence hanging for the moment. He is directly in front of me, he has a finger under my chin, forcing me to look right at him, "you didn't make it Cas"
Before I could even process what he had just said his lips were hard against mine ,his hand moved from chin and was cupping my face.
Just as quickly as it happened it was over, leaving me breathless and wanting more. His hand was still cupping my face as he said "Don't let that actually happen Cas, I don't know what would do".
I was about to lean in again when we both heard Sam moving in the other room. Quickly Dean was across the room, digging around aimlessly in the fridge.
"Good morning", Sam says,"happy to see you already Cas, ready for this? We couldn't find out anything that you didn't already tell us", pouring himself a cup of coffee he continues "however we did pick the tape, we'll be play in it from the impala".
"excellent", was all I could manage.
Dean shoots me a quick glance then looks at Sam.
"I'm thinking we grab some quick grub then head on over."
Sam agrees. As they're getting ready Sam looks to me and asks if I'd like to join. As usual I look to Dean first, he's looking at the ground one foot already in the impala.
"Thank you Sam, I'll just meet you at the warehouse" and with that I'm gone. I give no second glance towards Dean, I know he won't be looking.