I'm standing around the corner from the warehouse within seconds of turning away from the boys. I just leaned against a wall and closed my eyes. Losing myself in thought. I wanted so badly to go with them to breakfast but something was off with Dean after he....kissed me. Oh what a kiss it was. It gave me the feeling of flying without actually doing it. It made me feel weak, yet I wanted so much more. Yet he left me standing as soon as he heard Sam. Would he even have done it again if Sam hadn't gotten up? I hope so. I mean, HE kissed ME, not the other way around. I want him to do it again. He didn't even make eye contact with me after. That hurt. Badly. He couldn't even look at me and all I wanted to do was be back in the kitchen.

I'm not entirely sure how long I stood there thinking, I knew it must have been awhile because Sam started praying saying they were on there way. They must have assumed I would have gone and done something other than sit and wait for them.
In five minutes they are there. Dean parks the impala as close to the door as he can, the slow music pouring out. Already prepared that's new but a good sign. Dean obviously wanted everything to go smoothly if he already had classical music on. He is definitely a rock and roll kind of guy.

"Here's the plan, Dean and I are going in first we'll call you when we see it sleeping", Sam says as he stepping out of the car. Dean must have told him about his dream.
"I think not. I'll enter first "
"Cas", Dean snaps in an attempt to stop me But I was already gone. I did hear him shout son of a bitch though.
I fly right up to the cerberus. Which was not sleeping. not even close. You can't hear the music at all from back here.
I turn to fly back to the boys when I her them in the building.
I quickly go to them and yell run. They look confused but Do it as soon as they see the three headed hound running right for us.
Dean shoots at it as we're running, trying to slow it down.
"Cas get out! Now!" Dean shouts at me.
I could do that, but I won't because I can't take them with me. I won't level them behind. I refuse.
Falling behind and obviously not flying out Dean grabs my hand and drags me with him. Sending my mind flying and my knees weak.
The cerberus can't leave the building so we are safe as soon as we are out.
The second we are out Dean, still holding my hand turns to me, "what the hell was that Castiel! Why would you go in without us?!"
Not really wanting to tell him the real reason in front of Sam I go with "I figured it would be safer for me to check then you two", the real reason was I knew it upset him. I pull my hand from his and continue, "which it would have been if you two didn't come in after me". I give him a pointed look.
Sam talks next "We decided it would be best to keep an eye on you after Dean's dream".
Looking directly at Sam I say "it wasn't". I look at Dean who, again, is looking at the ground So I flew back to the house.