I'm standing in the living room when they finally show up. I flew to house and soon as I got there I decided to leave and go to a river to think. Which only made me feel worse so I returned to Bobby's house. Just in time for them to return apparently. Sam is the first to see me. He clears his throat and Dean stops mumbling about whatever they were talking about on the way home.
I speak first, addressing both of them,"we need to take something in with us next time. The impala's radio isn't loud enough".
"Thank you Captain obvious", Dean says clearly frustrated, "had you stuck around we already had this conversation. But apparently you can fly away during a conversation but not from danger. Good one". Shoving passed me he drops his bags and flops on the couch.
"Did you decide what we're going to use instead" clearly talking to Sam but Dean is the one to answer.
"Yes, yes we did. We're going to use a portable cassette player. Like a boom box", one could easily sense the irritation in his deep voice.
"Yeah, I'm off to go find one now"Sam says and turns to leave.

It was silent at first. Dean still refusing to make eye contact with me so I walk right up to him.
"Why are you ignoring me".
"I was just talking to you".
"Rudely, yes, but you won't make eye contact with me. Why"
He looks right at me "I'm a little pissed off Cas. You went in there knowing how I felt about it. After I told you about that nightmare"
"I'm sorry Dean", I look away from him, "but the avoiding my eyes happened after....after this morning"
Huffing and giving a chuckle, he stands up "I get lost in those eyes. Avoiding them keeps me from doing this" and like that his lips were on mine again. Finally.
I kissed him back deeply, begging for more with each movement. Him kissing me the same way. His right hand was in my hair and left on my back, pulling me closer. I wasn't tally sure what to do with mine, not that I cared, I put them on his sides. My grip getting tighter the longer we went. He was holding me as close as possible, we fell to the couch. He pulled back, leaving me breathless yet again. He pushes me back so I'm laying flat on the couch. He moved so he was on top of me, giving a flirty, sexy smile I grab is face and pull it to mine. Kissing him again, I bite his lip. He gives a low growl and starts to move his lips to my neck while unbuttoned my shirt. I throw my head back. The way it made me feel was unreal. I bite my lip to keep in a sigh and run my fingers though his Hair, pulling a little. I hear him growl my name "castiel" so I give another tug. I smile when I her him growl right in my ear. He had my shirt wide open, my chest exposed. He moves his face, making eye contact with me he runs his hands slowly down my chest, to the button on my pants. He just teases though and moves his hands up then to my back scratching lightly. I moan and thrust my hips up. Right into him. He smiles, the sexy smile and does it again. This time I growl and my fingers still tangled in his hair, I make him meet me half way as I kiss him biting his bottom lip. He scratches again. I move my hands to his shirt, pulling it over his head. Then kissing it. Running my lips and tongue over his skin. I'm fiddling with the button on his jeans when we hear the impala. He jumps up.
"To be continued", he says with a wink And rubs my cheek with his thumb.
Frustrated I quickly pull myself together. I knew I couldn't make myself look not flustered so i grab the paper and pretend like nothing happened.
Dean opens the door for Sam who is carrying a silver boom box and food.
We all move to the table, they eat the pizza Sam had brought,While I just sit there joining in whatever the brother choose to discuss.