Dean threw his hands up in an exaggerated yawn.
"I say we hit the sack. God I can't wait to finish this and go back to the bunker, to my memory for mattress"
Sam chuckles "hopefully tomorrow. Dean, you take the couch tonight"
I look down to floor as soon as Dean makes eye contact.
"No Sammy, I'll survive the floor for another night", he was watching me the entire time he spoke.
"Cas what's your plan for tonight" Sam asks.
"I'm thinking I'll just stay here watch over you guys. Being an angel I had no need to sleep. I sure wish I did sometimes.
I went to the window an just stared out at the night sky. I stop there looking up the the sky for maybe an hour , I figured that would have been enough time for them to fall asleep. I turned around to Dean staring at me. His arms behind his head, and his eyes clearly on me. His green eyes lite up when I smile at him.
He whispers just loud enough that I can still hear him "wanna come lay down", patting the space next to him.
"Uhhh....I have no need to sleep..." I say a little startled at his question.
"I didn't ask if you wanted to sleep just lay next to me"
"My limbs feel like jello, Dean, what does that mean"
He gives a chuckle and says "it means you want to come lay down."
Nodding my head I go and lay flat on the floor next to him.
" This isn't very comfortable"
shaking his head and smiling he pushed his pillow closer and gives me some blankets, "these help",he rolls over on his side;he's on the same pillow so I turn on my side as well. As soon as I do I feel his arm wrap around me and tugs me a little closer "this helps too" he says.
I can feel his head on my shoulder blade; I feel his breathing go steady as he drifts off to sleep.
As I lay there, I smile. I could see how this helps humans sleep. It had made the floor more comfortable.

I laid there with him, spooning is what I believe they call it, till the sun started to come up. Then I crawled out from under his arm, reluctantly, I could have stayed like that with him forever, but I knew there was work to be done.