Because it was a Wednesday, the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer were in a recording session, much to Luke Hemmings joy. Recording kept his mind off of things and kept him from calling his mom every 30 minutes to check on Josie. At 11:30, Ashton Irwin announced he had an eye doctors appointment and would be back in about an hour to take the guys to lunch. It seemed believable because Ashton did need new glasses but the guys didn’t know he was really going to pick up Liz and Josie from the airport.

Meanwhile, Josie Hemmings sat on her Nana’s lap excited to finally be getting off the plane. Liz Hemmings ran her fingers through Josie’s blonde locks, trying to tame them a little bit for her dad.

“Josie, sit still for a minute baby” she murmured, finishing up putting pigtails in her hair, smiling at how cute she looked in her little plaid shirt, leggings, and her little teal and gray vans that Luke had bought her on tour. Soon, she was carrying Josie off the plane, putting her down to walk in the airport and quickly pointed out the older boy there to pick them up.

“Ashy!” Josie squealed, running towards the man with shaggy curls held back by a red bandana.

“Jojo!” he responded quickly to the toddler, opening his arms to pick her up and hug her tightly.

“Go see Daddy?” she said.

“Mm, I think I can take you to see Daddy, yes.” he said. “But we got to wait on Nana” She grinned and when Liz caught up with the pair, she couldn’t help but smile.

“I’m sorry, Ash” she said. “She’s being a little Luke today.”

“Josie? Just like Luke? Never.” He said. “The guys and I booked a venue out for Luke’s party.”

“Thank you so much. Could you drop me off at the bakery by the studio and I’ll meet you at CiCi’s for lunch?” she said. He nodded.

“I’ll take JoJo and have her reunited with Luke.” he said.

As Ashton drove his rental SUV (because honestly, that’s what could fit everyone), he listened to Josie blabber on about a kitten she’d seen at the park a week ago until she dozed off in the car seat. After dropping Liz off, he parked the SUV a few feet from the studio and carried the sleeping toddler into the building, quickly finding the right recording room. Everyone was waiting on him, on their phones and not paying attention when he walked in.

“Luke, this was supposed to go better but she decided it was naptime before I could get her in here.” He said, standing in front of the youngest in the room. Luke looked up from his phone, his eyes going wide at the sight in front of him. Tears came to his eyes as he stood up to take his sleeping daughter from his drummer.

“How many of you knew about this?” he said, watching as Calum and Mikey stayed quiet.

“Just me.” Ashton said. “Your mom had to run some errands but she’s gonna meet us for lunch at CiCi’s.”

“That means pizza, let’s go.” Mikey said.

“I should probably wake her up, how long has she been asleep?” Luke whispered.

“About an half hour. She fell asleep shortly after we left the airport.” Ash told him, making the younger boy nod.

“Okay.” he said. “Josie, come on wake up for Daddy. I wanna see your pretty blue eyes.” the toddler shook her head and kept her eyes closed.

“Hey, don’t you want to see your daddy?” Mikey said. She opened one eye and gave him a death glare, but upon realizing who was holding her, woke up surprisingly fast.

“Daddy!” she mumbled, still sleepy.

“Theres my princess’s pretty blue eyes. Are you hungry baby girl?” he asked, making her nod. “Do you want some pizza?” she nodded again excitedly. If the fans knew about her, she’d be considered a Muke love child because of her love for pizza and the fact she looked like Luke.

Ten minutes later, Liz Hemmings walked into the pizza shop to find her son helping his daughter get a piece of pizza. She quickly paid for herself and joined the boys at their table, smiling as Luke cut his daughters pizza and cooled it for her. Josie almost automatically started shoving the bites of pizza into her mouth, chewing and grinning at Mikey, who was making faces at her as she ate.

“Hi Mum.” Luke said as soon as Liz sat down. “Thank you, for bringing Josie, I mean.” Liz smiled at her youngest son as he put his attention Josie again, brushing her bangs out of her eyes again making her make a gross face at him.

“I think it might be time for a haircut.” Liz said. Josie was almost 3 years old and still hadn’t had her first haircut, and she knew it was coming eventually.

“Yeah, maybe her bangs.” Luke said. “She’s getting frustrated.”

“She’ll be fine.” she assured him. “Its hair, it grows back.”

“I know she will.” he said.

“You, however, might not be.” she said. He smiled, glancing back at his daughter as Ashton helped her get a drink.

“I’m thankful for having four best friends that love her so much” he said. “I couldn’t do it without help.”

“You could now.” she said. “But when she was younger, no way.”

“Has she been good, and don’t go all “I’m her grandma I won’t tell” on me, I want to know.” he said.

“She wouldn’t put her shoes on when we left, but that was literally it. She’s a joy.” Liz took a drink of her lemonade, smiling at her granddaughter who tugged on her dad’s hand to get his attention. After a few minutes, Luke turned his attention back to his mom.

“I think I’m gonna tell the fans about her.” he told her, “Because I want to spend as much time with her while you’re here and you know the fans.”

“If you think you’re ready to tell the fans, then by all means please do.” Liz told him. "Just know, things you do, like showing up to the hotel drunk at 5am are gonna be judged quicker. It won't be "oh he's a teenager" it'll be "you have a kid, be responsible". It'll be strange the first time it happens, but it gets easier.” Luke nodded, turning to look at his daughter.

“Princess, can you look at me and smile?” he asked. By now she was sitting on Mikey’s lap, her head leaning against his chest as she nibbled on a bread stick. She smiled at him as he took the picture, Mikey smiling down at her.

luke_is_a_penguin: In 5 days, 20 hours, and 42 minutes, this little girl will have officially had my heart for 3 years. At 9:42 am on July 16, 2012, Josephine Elizabella “Josie” Hemmings was born. It took me this long to tell you, because you guys are intense, no offense, and I just want my princess safe from danger. I’m not saying that being a teenage parent is the thing to do, because it was by far the hardest thing I’ve had to do, especially after her mother left her on my doorstep in the freezing cold at two weeks old. Aria Hayden, I know you still follow me on here and I want you to know that I’m not mad at you for that, because you gave me the best birthday present in the world that day. She’s my world, and it would mean a lot if you guys were careful if you see her with me this next week and a half while her and my mom are here. xx - Luke.

Luke turned back to his mom and smiled as he took a drink of his Dr. Pepper. Lukes phone was blowing up with comments and tweets on the picture, but he was scared to read them, if he was being honest.

“Mum?” he asked. “How about we go get Josie’s haircut after lunch?”

“Don’t you have to get back to the studio?” she asked. He shook his head.

“I’m done for the day, the others on the other hand still have to record their parts.” he said. She laughed but nodded, looking up the close hair cut place on her phone. 45 minutes later, the group of six were walking out of the pizza place laughing and joking as Luke carried Josie on his hip.

“Daddy sit with me!” she said as he finished buckling her into her carseat.

“Of course, princess.” he said, smiling at the girl and going around to sit with her, resulting in Michael and Calum having to sit in the very back of the car, with Ashton driving and Liz in the passenger seat. When they pulled up to the studio Ashton and Liz switched when Ashton, Michael and Calum went back to the studio. Luke was fixing his daughters hair in the backseat when Liz looked back at him.

“Are you sure about this.” she asked.

“Mum, just drive before I change my mind or cry.” he said, fidgeting in the seat. “or both” Liz laughed, and started driving, still shaking her head at her youngest son.

When Luke followed his mum into Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids, he was immediately nervous. How did parents do this regularly? He thought he was going to throw up right there. But he didn’t have time to as soon as he walked in, he was met with a girl about his age, smiling at him.

“Hi! I’m Vic, what can I do for you today?” she said.

“Uh,” Luke said. “My daughter has an appointment for her first hair cut.”

“Alrighty. What’s your name sweetheart?” she asked, getting on level with the little girl, who shyed into her dad’s leg.

“Josie.” was barely audible from her mouth, making Luke shake his head.

“Well come back here and we’ll get you all fixed up. Daddy can come too.” she told the girl. A couple of minutes later, Luke was lifting his daughter up into the chair, trying to ignore the nervous feeling.

“How old is she?” Vic asked, combing through her hair. “You’re nervous. Your mom is recording.”

“She’ll be three on Thursday.” he said, biting his lip ring and shifting his weight. He was so nervous that he thought he was gonna cry.

“What do you want done?” she said.

“Just, uh, just her bangs.” he said. His mom was still recording him, laughing every so often. She put her phone down to grab her camera to get pictures of his reaction as Vic started cutting Josie’s bangs. He covered his face with his hands and took a couple of deep breaths.

“Okay! All done. You did so well, Miss Josie.” she said. “And Daddy did pretty well too.” Luke quickly paid, and picked his daughter up, getting the little certificate and hair clipping. and putting it in his backpack. He walked back to the SUV and pouted while his mom laughed.

“All that panic for like two minutes of a haircut” she said, shaking her head.

“Shut up mum” he mumbled. “Can we go back to the hotel now?”