Somewhere Only We Know

19: Am I Supposed To Ignore The Ring On Your Finger?

“Buenos dias” Iker muttered softly as he padded into the kitchen of Ariana’s small apartment, a seemingly immovable grin fixed on his face. It had been a wonderful night, every aspect of it had been perfect, and Iker couldn’t stop himself from grinning at the thought. Having Ariana in his arms had been even more wonderful than he had thought it would be. Ariana, who sat at the counter, blushed a little, the images of the previous night dancing through her mind. Iker noticed and smiled, pressing a little kiss to her cheek. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about, amor” he murmured, his hands gently resting on either side of her frame, pressing his chest lightly to her back. “Last night was wonderful” he added, kissing the same spot softly.

Ariana spluttered out a soft laugh. “Are you sure?” she whimpered. She was nervous, the morning after had scared her more than actually sleeping with Iker, and she didn’t want to be lied to. If it had been awful, she wanted to know.

Iker chuckled. “I am sure Ari” he smiled as he moved to prepare himself some breakfast “It was spectacular” he mused.

Ariana shook her head. “You don’t have to sugar coat it Iker. You can say if it was bad” she muttered, finishing off the last of her cereal and stowing the bowl in the sink.

Iker frowned slightly. He was used to it, the self-conscious tone she spoke in when she got shy, but he didn’t want to hear it then. The previous night had been perfect for him and he didn’t want Ariana thinking anything else. He’d loved each and every second. “Ari” he murmured, stepping away from the counter and towards her. Ariana dropped her head a little, hiding her oceanic blue eyes from his brown ones. “Ariana, look at me” he muttered, his hand taking up its usual position beneath her chin. Ariana moved her head reluctantly, her heart jumping a little as she saw the intensity of his dark eyes. “Ari, last night was perfect alright, it was wonderful, and I don’t want you thinking anything else about it. I have never, ever, experienced anything like it and that was all down to you” he whispered, his hand gently brushing the dark hair away from her forehead, allowing him the chance to kiss the pale skin softly.

Ariana blushed gently. “You really think so?” she whispered.

Iker nodded and pressed a kiss to her nose before he met her lips. “I think so amor, now stop worrying about it. You have work this morning and I have to go and do some press work” he murmured grumpily. He knew that it couldn’t be avoided, Ariana had to work and, thanks to the break in his arm that was still healing, Iker had a series of interviews that he needed to get done on behalf of the club. He didn’t want to go anywhere, he wanted nothing more than to peel the shirt of his that Ariana wore away from her skin and carry her back to bed, but he knew it wasn’t an option. Ancelotti would kill him if he bailed on the interviews.

Ariana giggled. “Someone’s still grumpy that he can’t train” she grinned as she slipped out of his arms, moving to grab a quick sip of orange juice.

“Damn right I am. I hate interviews, they’re always so boring” he whined.

Ariana shook her head. “It’s only for a few more weeks Iker” she murmured as she peeked down at the red cast that was still wrapped around his arm “Before you know it, you’ll be back at the Bernabeu and playing again. You just have to tough it out the next few weeks” she murmured as she wrapped her arms around him, hugging him gently. She knew that he hated it, Iker’s passion was playing for Madrid, and she wished she could fix it for him. She hated seeing him so bored.

Iker nodded and hugged her back. “I know” he murmured “I just get a little frustrated when I can’t play” he mumbled.

“I know” Ariana muttered as she detached herself from him a little unwillingly.

Iker made a little sound and tightened his grasp on her. “I am not done hugging yet” he mumbled childishly.

Ariana shook her head. “Well I have to be. I was supposed to be in the shower ten minutes ago” she complained with a soft laugh as she moved to get away from him.

Iker smirked. “Perhaps I could join you” he murmured.

Ariana blushed.

She doubted she would get used to Iker’s advances quickly.

“You’re meeting with our chief reporter” the receptionist mused as she led Iker through the small office building that Ancelotti had directed him to. He didn’t want to be there, he hated the idea of answering the same questions over and over again, but he knew better than to skip out. Ancelotti was still a little irked at Iker for injuring himself and he didn’t want to risk his spot in the team.

“She’s just through the door over there, be sure to knock” the receptionist mused.

Iker nodded his head and offered her a small smile before he padded towards the door she had directed him to, tapping on it lightly.

“Come in” a female voice mused, one that made Iker’s stomach twist a little. He knew that it was a risk, Sara had been on the up when they had ended things, but the last thing Iker wanted to do was sit in the same room as his former girlfriend. He hadn’t seen her since the day he had found her in bed with her personal trainer and had little intention of changing that.

“Are you going to come in or…Iker” Sara mused as she pulled the door back, her eyes quickly washing over him.

The keeper nodded. “Hola, Sara” he murmured, his voice a little gruff as he tried to avoid spitting out his words.

Sara nodded, her cheeks a little red. “You…ugh…you look good. How is the arm healing?” she prodded, her eyes fixing themselves on the cast that sat on his arm. She didn’t want it to be awkward, it had been a while since they had seen each other, and she just wanted to keep the conversation moving. She didn’t want to fixate on the elephant in the room.

Iker shrugged. “It’s healing” he murmured, stepping into her office.

Sara sighed. “Iker, this doesn’t have to be weird. I just need to ask you a few questions about the team” she murmured.

Iker scoffed. “Of course it doesn’t have to be weird. I will just sit over here and pretend I don’t see that ring on your finger” he muttered.

Sara’s face reddened slightly. She had hoped that Iker would ignore the engagement ring that sat on her left hand.

“Is it Evan?” Iker muttered.

“Iker, we are not here to…”

“Is it Evan?” Iker interrupted, his dark eyes narrowed on her.

Sara nodded. “He proposed last summer, but I don’t see why that bothers you Iker. Aren’t you dating a doctor or something” she muttered in return.

Iker scoffed. “I would like another reporter to the interview” he muttered.

“Iker” Sara murmured.

“No, I want another reporter. I don’t want to be in the same room as you” he muttered like a stubborn child.

Sara rolled her eyes. “You’re supposed to be a grown man Iker” she muttered as she made her way towards the door, a scowl on her face.

Iker shook his head. He didn’t know why it made him so angry, Sara and Evan were always going to end up getting married or something, but it irked him, more than he thought it would. Shaking his head, he rested back slightly and sighed, wanting nothing more than to get home to Ariana.
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