Somewhere Only We Know

20: My Pick-Me-Up

Wrapping her newly bought stethoscope around her neck, Ariana stepped up to the nurses’ station, her hand seizing the first file from under the label that bore her name. It had been a quick morning, Ariana had spent a few hours working in the emergency department before being dismissed to focus on some of her more regular patients and she was pleased that it was moving so quickly. She had plans to have a movie date with Iker that evening and couldn’t wait to be in his arms once more. Leaving him that morning had been the hardest thing she had had to do and she still had regrets about it. His offer of another hour or so in bed had been awfully tempting after the shower that they had shared.

“Earth to Ariana” Daniel teased as he nudged his friend slightly.

Ariana jumped slightly before she offered Daniel a smile. “Lo siento” she murmured “I was miles away” she added with a little laugh.

Daniel rolled his eyes. “Your head was on planet Iker again wasn’t it?” he nudged with a teasing smile.

Ariana blushed. “I find it a little hard to stop thinking about him sometimes. You must get like that over Alyssa?” she nudged, referring to the fiancée of the other doctor. Daniel nodded his head. “Sometimes” he admitted with a little shrug “Which reminds me, she wants you and her to go out dress shopping this weekend. She’s had her heart set on you helping her pick out a dress since I proposed” he added with a little smile.

Ariana nodded her head. “I would love to” she smiled “Tell Alyssa to text me and we will set it up” she added before she moved to check on her first patient. Daniel watched after her and sighed softly. He was pleased for her, if anyone deserved someone like Iker, it was Ariana, but still it upset Daniel slightly. He had only started seeing Alyssa after Ariana had rejected him and it was a little hard for him to swallow. Ariana had gone from no boyfriend to being in a clearly serious relationship, something he knew he couldn’t get in the middle of. Ariana was happy and he didn’t intend of making her upset.

Stepping towards the locker room, Ariana sighed gently, glad that her shift was over. She loved her work, being a doctor was the thing she had wanted to do since she was a child, but sometimes she wished she could just take a break. Her shifts were long and sometimes she wanted nothing more than to nap on her breaks.

“Ari, there is someone waiting in reception for you” a nurse mused.

Ariana groaned gently. “Are they important?” she muttered.

The nurse smiled. “Only if you call the cutest boyfriend in the whole world important” the nurse teased.

Ariana ducked her head softly. It was still a strange thought, the idea that Iker was her boyfriend, and it never failed to make her blush. The notion that she was the girl that he had chosen made her a little bashful. “Alright, thank you” she murmured as she moved towards reception where Iker stood, his brown eyes instantly fixed on her.

“Iker, what are you doing here? I thought we were meeting back at my apartment?” she smiled as she greeted him with a soft kiss. It was a nice surprise, she loved seeing him, but she was worried about what had made him change his mind. Iker was meticulous when it came to planning and that left little room for spontaneity.

Iker smiled and shrugged. “I was passing through and I figured you might like a lift home. I know you’re not the biggest fan of the bus” he quipped. Ariana frowned a little. He didn’t sound like himself, his voice appeared a little flat, and it concerned her a little. He had been perfectly happy when he had left her that morning.

“Iker?” she murmured. “What’s the matter?” she added.

Iker shook his head. “Nothing. I really was just passing through” he announced.

Ariana tilted her head. “You’re an awful liar” she teased with a little half smile.

Iker sighed. “Can we talk about it later? Right now, I could use a hug, a kiss and then about three bottles of beer” he murmured.

Ariana offered him a slightly dubious look, but nodded, wrapping her arms around him tightly. Iker hugged her back and inhaled her scent, a small smile appearing on his lips. He was still upset, seeing Sara had bought back a lot of memories that Iker had hidden away for a long time, but hugging Ariana seemed to make him forget slightly. She was like his security blanket and he didn’t know what he would do without her.

“Do you want to talk about it now?” Ariana grinned as she set the pizza they had purchased on the table. It had been a few hours since they had gotten home and whilst Ariana had liked spending time her boyfriend, she was still curious about what had caused his sudden appearance at the hospital. It wasn’t like him to appear so suddenly.

Iker sighed. “Do we really have to?” he muttered, taking a slice of pizza.

Ariana sat down and took a swig of her beer, nodding her head.

Iker groaned. “It was nothing Ari. I just saw someone that I didn’t want to see and it threw me a little. I came to see you because you never fail to make me feel better” he explained.

“Who did you see?” Ariana poked.

“Ari” Iker warned.

“I am curious Iker. Someone upset you and I don’t like that” she returned, an innocent expression taking over her face. Iker wanted to stop looking at her, his resolve for her face was already weak enough, but the moment he saw that look, it made him melt.

“Sara” he breathed. “She was the last serious girlfriend I had before you and it ended badly. She’s a reporter and was one of the interviewers on my list. She’s engaged” he murmured.

Ariana tilted her head. “That bothers you?” she whispered, edging a little closer to him.

Iker shrugged. “I know that it shouldn’t, what she did to me was terrible, but you always have a soft spot for the first person you fall for. She’s a bitch for cheating on me, but the idea that she is engaged to the man she did it with makes my stomach hurt. I know I have no right to criticize, I mean, I am dating the most wonderful girl in the whole world right now, but it is just funny you know?” he explained earnestly.

Ariana nodded and laid her hand over his. “You’ll get over it. It was probably a bit of a shock” she encouraged softly.

Iker nodded. “I will” he mused with a soft smile “But only if my wonderfully pretty girlfriend stays to help. Do you think you can do that?” he teased, the spark jumping back into his dark eyes.

Ariana blushed and shook her head. “This was supposed to be about making you feel better, not you making me blush again Casillas” she muttered teasingly.

Iker chuckled. “Making you blush does make me feel better” he cooed as he pressed kisses to each of her cheeks.

Ariana rolled her eyes. “Will you ever get tired of saying cute things like that?” she mused as she leant into him a little, allowing him to kiss her softly.

Iker shook his head. “Never, amor, my main mission every day is to make those pretty cheeks of yours flush red at least once. I like them that colour” he cooed gently.

Ariana rolled her eyes before she kissed his nose, glad that she had made him feel a little better.

Iker hugged her close and closed his eyes, relishing for a moment in the feeling of being happy again.
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