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21: You’re A Tease

“Do you really have to go?” Iker whined as he peppered Ariana’s face with soft kisses. It had been another wonderful night and Iker wanted nothing more than a repeat performance, something which was unlikely to happen now that someone had texted his girlfriend, requesting her presence somewhere other than in the bed where they lay. It irked him a little, that day was one of the very few that Ariana got away from the hospital, and Iker had wanted nothing more than to lay there all day, something which was likely to be curtailed by Ariana’s friend’s request to take her out wedding dress shopping.

Ariana stifled a giggle and nodded. “I promised Daniel that I would help Alyssa find a dress” she mused as she tried to avoid his kisses. She knew what he was trying to do, he had been trying it every time that they had slept together, but she knew she couldn’t let Alyssa down. She was due to get married in less than a month and had yet to pick out a dress.

“Could you not do it another time?” Iker complained, his arms wrapping around her waist and pulling her back to him.

“She’s due to get married in three weeks Iker, I should probably help her out” she teased.

“But I don’t want you to go. I want you to stay right here” he complained, his lips pecking hers softly.

Ariana kissed him back happily for a few seconds before she leant back, her blue eyes looking up into his dark ones. “Iker, I will be gone for two hours, maybe three” she murmured between soft kisses “I am sure that you will be able to cope without me for that long” she added, brushing her nose against his.

Iker sighed and nodded his head. “Fine” he mumbled “But I want your word that as soon as you are done there, you will come home and we can…” he trailed off with a smirk on his face.

Ariana rolled her eyes. “Have you not had enough yet?” she teased as she reluctantly climbed out of bed. She had to admit his offer was tempting, but she knew that she couldn’t let Alyssa down. She had called a rain check almost half a dozen times before and knew that wasn’t an option then. Alyssa needed a dress and she needed it then.

Iker smiled. “I could never have enough of you Ari” he cooed as he folded his injured arm behind his head “You’re perfect” he added.

Ariana rolled her eyes and pecked his lips softly, a little amazed that she got to call him her boyfriend.

Peeking down at her phone, Ariana sighed slightly, her blue eyes stuck on the picture that Iker had just sent to her. She knew he was doing it on purpose, he wanted to make her come home and be with him, but she couldn’t abandon Alyssa, no matter how enticing the picture was, the ginger girl needed a dress and had entrusted Ariana with helping her find one.

“Is he still texting you?” Alyssa grinned as she stood in front of the mirror, admiring yet another dress on her figure.

“He’s sending pictures now” Ariana replied as she stowed the phone in her pocket, making a mental note to slap her boyfriend later for being such a tease.

Alyssa giggled. “He’s clearly still in the puppy love phase” she noted as she straightened the dress out a little, her blue eyes scanning it intently.

Ariana shrugged. “I don’t know what phase that man is in, but I can’t help but love him for it. He’s the kind of guy you used to picture when you were a little girl” she explained wistfully. It had been lucky, without Lucia, Ariana would never have made it into the VIP section of the club where she had met Iker, and she was, at least in part, grateful to Lucia. Without her and her flirtatious ways, she would never have met the man that made her heart race like no one else.

Alyssa smiled. “You’re a lucky girl Ari, guys like Iker don’t come along every day” she noted.

Ariana nodded. “They don’t, but you and I both found one. I have Iker and you have Daniel” she commented with a smile. Alyssa sighed gently at the brunette’s comment and dropped her head, something which made Ariana frown. “Lys?” she mused as she padded towards the red head “Has something happened with Daniel?” she posed.

Alyssa sighed gently. “I think there is someone else” she admitted gently.

Ariana’s blue eyes went wide. “You think Daniel is cheating on you? Lys, Daniel could never do that, not to you” she insisted.

Alyssa shook her head. “I don’t think he is cheating on me, I just think there are feelings. I think he likes another girl Ari and I don’t know what that means for us. I don’t think I can be his second choice” she whispered, tears springing into her blue eyes.

Ariana sighed and wrapped her arms around her friend, hugging her tightly. “I will talk to him Lys, I will find out, but we should probably still pick you out a dress. I am sure that you are just misreading things” she explained with a little smile.

Alyssa returned it before the sound of Ariana’s phone buzzing echoed, causing the red head to giggle softly. “You should go. Iker’s clearly getting impatient” she giggled as she noted the flush on Ariana’s cheeks as she read the latest text.

Ariana lifted her head. “Are you sure?” she poked. She wanted to leave, Iker’s pictures were getting more and more enticing, but she didn’t want to abandon Alyssa. She had promised to help and didn’t want her friend to think that she was putting Iker before her. Alyssa had been in her life far longer than Iker and didn’t deserve to be put on the backburner simply because Ariana had a boyfriend now.

Alyssa tilted Ariana’s phone towards her and let out a low whistle, mightily impressed by what she saw. “If I were you, I would have left an hour ago” she commented, earning yet another blush on Ariana’s cheeks. “Seriously Ari, go, I am probably going to get this one anyways” Alyssa smiled.

Ariana grinned and thanked her, pressing a quick kiss to her cheek before she collected her bag from the side.

“Iker?” Ariana called as she stepped into her apartment. She didn’t know why it was, but since the first night that Iker had spent in her bed, the keeper hadn’t really left and it made her a little curious. She was sure he would be far more comfortable in his own home. “Iker, are you still here?” she murmured as she padded into her bedroom.

Iker, who had been sitting on the side of her bed, turned slightly, an unreadable expression fixed on his face.

Ariana set her bag down. “You, senor, are a tease” she teased as she padded towards him, her blue eyes shining slightly.

“Ari” Iker sighed.

The brunette lifted her eyebrow. “Don’t tell me you have changed your mind. Those pictures got me all worked up” she pouted, her arms wrapping around his neck. Iker’s dark eyes closed at the contact as his arms wrapped around her waist. He hadn’t changed his mind, he wanted nothing more than to go to bed with his girlfriend, but there was something much more pressing that they had to deal with before he could even contemplate it.

Ariana noted the strange expression on his face and tilted her head. “Iker?” she posed.

The keeper sighed. “Before you came home, the hospital called” he murmured.

“Do they need me to go in? I thought Daniel had it covered” she responded.

Iker shook his head. “Ari, Lucia’s been admitted. She’s in a pretty bad way” he murmured, his dark eyes carefully looking down at her face.

Ariana blinked. “My sister Lucia?” she whispered, her voice fragile.

Iker nodded his head. “She was in a car accident. She was drunk behind the wheel” he explained.

Ariana swallowed. “How bad is it?” she whispered, her tearful blue eyes peeking up into his.

Iker gripped her hand. “They don’t know if or when she will wake up. They’ve put her into an induced coma” he muttered.

Ariana spat out a little sob, causing Iker to pull her against him. “Ari” he whispered “Amor, it will be ok. We can go and see her” he insisted, hating the feel of her tears seeping through his shirt. Ariana nodded weakly. “H…Have you called Mum and dad?” she whispered.

“The hospital have already done that. They and Aaron are on the next flight over” he returned.

Ariana nodded her head numbly before she rested against him, sobbing softly into his shirt. Iker sighed and held her close, his heart aching for her.
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