Somewhere Only We Know

24: Just In Case

“Do you want me to come to the hospital with you?” Iker mused as he moved to clear away the breakfast things that the couple had used. It had been a nice morning, relaxed and comfortable, and Iker doubted he would have it any other way. Waking up with Ariana was an experience that he relished and he hoped that he got to do it for a long time. She was the best thing he had in his life and he didn’t want to let her go.

Ariana, who had been wrapping her scarf around her neck, smiled a little. “You don’t have to come. I know you’re not the biggest Lucia fan and I wouldn’t want to make you feel awkward” she mused. She was touched by the offer, she knew that Iker had little affection for her sister, but she didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable. There was likely to be a lot of crying from her and her relatives and she knew that Iker would become a little excluded. He may have been her boyfriend, but it was all still too new for him to be considered one of the family.

“Are you likely to cry again?” Iker commented as he moved to collect her woolen hat from the side.

“Probably, but my dad and Aaron will be there. They’ll watch out for me” she cooed as she took the hat from his hand, pulling it over her brown hair.

Iker reached out and adjusted it slightly, covering her ears that she had left a little exposed. “It’s not the same as me being there Ari. I don’t like the idea of you crying tears and me not being there to wipe them away” he murmured. It was a little sappy, Aaron and Harry were more than capable of keeping an eye on Ariana, but he didn’t like it. He was her boyfriend and he was supposed to make her feel better.

Ariana offered him a little smile before she stood up on her toes, kissing him gently. Iker refrained from kissing her for a second, wanting to get his point across, but failed to keep his resolve for very long, melting into her touch. “Iker, amor, I will be fine by myself. Why don’t you take the day to see Sergio or something? It seems like forever since you went and had a boy’s day out” she cooed as she fiddled with the material of the denim shirt he wore.

Iker watched her hands and sighed, nudging his nose against hers. “Are you sure?” he murmured gently “I could come and sit with you” he added.

Ariana reached up and kissed him once more. “I am sure Iker” she cooed gently “Call Sergio, go to lunch or something, and I will come back tonight” she mused.

Iker sighed gently and allowed his grasp on her to fall. He didn’t want to let her go, he wanted to be the one there with her should she cry, but he knew better than to fight her. Ariana could be stubborn when she wanted to be and Iker didn’t want to find himself alone when he went to sleep that night.

“I heard about Ari’s sister” Sergio mused as he and Iker wandered through the street, heading towards the restaurant that the keeper had picked out for them.

Iker nodded. “It knocked her for six, but I think she is starting to come to terms with it. I dread to think what she will be like should the worst happen” he murmured. It scared him, Ariana had been hysterical when she had heard about Lucia’s admission, and Iker dreaded to think what she would be like should Lucia never wake up. He doubted she would ever be the same girl again.

Sergio nodded his head sympathetically. “Are her parents around?” he asked.

“They got in last night, that’s why Ari spent the night with me. She knows there is very little she can do sat at Lucia’s bedside” he explained.

Sergio nodded his head again and continued to walk as a small silence fell over them. Iker buried his hands in the pockets of his coat and followed along, stopping for a second outside of a small jewelry shop. Sergio noted his friend’s absence from his side and turned, his head tilted. “Iker?” he quipped as he skidded up to his side “What are you doing? You’re hardly the jewelry type of guy” he joked.

Iker spared a small smile before he lifted his hand, pressing his finger to a spot on the window. “Do you see that?” he murmured.

Sergio frowned. “What?” he murmured.

“That, the ring in the middle” Iker returned.

Sergio leant back slightly before he turned to his friend, an amazed expression on his face. “Iker, what do you need a ring for?” he spluttered.

Iker shrugged. “Just thinking ahead. I am going to propose to someone someday” he muttered, a blush clear to see on his cheeks.

Sergio smirked. “Someone eh? She wouldn’t happen to be a brunette doctor now would she?” he teased.

Iker sighed gently. “Would it be weird if it was?” he murmured shyly. It was fast, Iker and Ariana had barely been together for two months, but he could already see himself starting a family with her. She was everything he had ever wanted and he didn’t want her slipping through his fingers like Sara had.

Sergio smiled. “Iker, you’ve only known the girl for eight weeks” he pointed out.

The keeper rolled his eyes. “I am not going to propose to her tonight Sergio. I just want to have it, just in case in a few months’ time, I want to get down on one knee and ask. Of course I know it would be weird to ask now” he muttered, his voice a little offended.

“Do you really see yourself with her like that?” Sergio posed as he moved towards the door of the shop. He had already figured out there was no changing the goalkeeper’s mind and had opted to support him. Iker would only shut him out if he didn’t.

Iker smiled. “I see everything with her Sergio. A wedding, kids, a house…the whole thing” he breathed softly.

“I didn’t think I would ever hear you say that again Iker” Sergio quipped as they made their way towards the clerk who stood behind the counter.

Iker smiled. “I didn’t think I would be saying it again Sergio” he returned.

“How was it today?” Iker posed as he plated up the pot of stew he had cooked.

Ariana shrugged a little. “It was still a little hard. Mum cried three different times and even set Aaron off once, but I guess that is to be expected. It’s difficult seeing her like that Iker” she murmured, her hand guiding her glass of wine towards her lips. It had been tough, seeing Lucia again, but Ariana knew that she had to. Lucia was her sister and that wasn’t going to change.

Iker smiled at her softly and pressed a kiss to her temple as he set the plate down ahead of her. “I am sure she will be alright Ari” he murmured.

Ariana nodded her head. “How was lunch with Sergio?” she poked.

Iker smiled. “It was nice. It’s been a while since I saw him” he noted.

Ariana smiled before she turned her head towards her plate, eating the lovely meal that he had cooked for her.

Iker watched her for a second and smiled, his thoughts drifting to the ring box that had been safely stowed away in his dresser.
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