Somewhere Only We Know

32: I Am Not About To Let Him Take You Too

“Look at that thing” Pilar enthused as she spotted the ring that sat proudly on Ariana’s left ring finger. It was a surprise, as far as Sergio and Pilar had been aware, the keeper was going to hold off on proposing to his girlfriend of three months, but they were pleased by the turn of events. Neither Ariana nor Iker had stopped grinning since they had stepped out of the car that had bought them to the charity dinner that Real Madrid were hosting and the other couple were pleased. Part of them had truly feared that Iker could lose the girl that had stolen his heart.

Ariana blushed softly and allowed the other woman to take a hold her hand, examining the ring that sat on her finger. “It’s really beautiful Iker, did you pick it out yourself?” Pilar enthused with a small look towards the keeper who was standing protectively behind his girlfriend, his dark eyes glaring at any man who dare to walk past them.

Iker smiled. “I saw it and knew right away that it was perfect, something which I can see to be right now it is sat on her finger. It’s looks wonderful” he smiled as he wrapped an arm around his fiancée’s waist. It was a strange feeling, the idea that he was engaged and was going to have a wife, but it was a feeling he was slowly growing to love. He saw a future with Ariana, something he had never seen with anyone else, and he knew that he had made the right call in proposing to her. He wanted to get what he dreamed of, the house, the baby, the life, and he wanted to get it as soon as he could.

Pilar grinned at his response before she turned her attention to Ariana. “You have to come and talk to the girls. They are all so curious about how the great San Iker popped the question” she gushed.

Ariana blushed softly and looked at Iker, wordlessly asking if she should go. The keeper chuckled gently before he pulled her into a little kiss. “Go” he breathed as he pulled away “I will see you when we sit down to eat” he added. Ariana flashed him a nervy smile before she followed Pilar across the room, leaving the keeper alone with Sergio.

“This is quite a turnaround” the defender mused as he took two glasses of champagne from a server, handing one off to his friend.

Iker nodded. “I took your advice Sergio” The keeper mused as he sipped on his drink “I talked to her, and at the end of it, she was wearing that ring on her finger. Somehow, in a bumbling and idiotic fashion, I proposed to her and she said yes, something which means I can’t stop smiling. I have never felt so happy before and I find it rather nice” he admitted with a small grin.

Sergio chuckled. “You look like a giddy schoolboy who’s crush has just kissed him” he teased.

Iker rolled his eyes before a frown filled his face, his brown eyes narrowed on two people that stood a little away from them.

Sergio noted the look on his friend’s face and frowned. “Iker?”

“What are they doing here?” he muttered, his hand motioning a little way ahead of him.

Sergio turned before his dark eyes widened, settling on Sara and Evan that stood a little away from them talking to Cristiano and the girl he had bought with him that night.

“Why would anyone ask them to be here?” Iker grumbled. It was a team dinner, at least that was what Iker had thought, and he was irked that his former girlfriend was near him. The last thing he wanted was Sara hanging around and bringing his mood down.

“I don’t know” Sergio mused “But try and stay away from her Iker. You’re supposed to be really excited about being engaged, not upset that Sara is around. Go and find Ari and I will talk to them” he mused. He could see that Iker was annoyed, he was whenever anyone even mentioned Sara, but he hoped to keep the former couple apart. Iker’s focus should have been on his fiancée and Sergio didn’t want anything upsetting the newly engaged couple, especially Sara and Evan.

“I think I am going to get a drink” Ariana smiled as she moved to step away from the group of women. They were interested, Ariana had been bombarded with loads of questions about Iker and his proposal, and the brunette was feeling a little overwhelmed. The women were nice, they were just a little enthusiastic for her taste and she needed a little break.

“Alright, but hurry back. We still have questions” Emma grinned as she looked over at the doctor.

Ariana flashed her a small smile before she padded over to the bar, her blue eyes watching as the bartender made his way over to her. “Can I get you something?” he mused with a small smile. Ariana nodded. “Just a coke please” she commented.

The bartender smiled and wandered away from her as another man came and sat beside her, causing Ariana to raise an eyebrow. He wasn’t one of the team, Ariana had met most of them and Iker had shown her pictures of the rest, and she felt a little uncomfortable sat next to him. He seemed a little too arrogant for Ariana’s liking.

“Hey” the man smiled “I noticed you sat here all by yourself and I thought I could keep you company” he smiled.

Ariana shifted and ducked her head. “I have a boyfriend” she replied gently.

The man laughed. “He doesn’t have to know sweetheart” he cackled “I’m Evan by the way” he added.

Ariana’s eyes widened. “Evan” she muttered “You’re the guy who…” Ariana’s voice faded away as fist flew past her eyes, knocking Evan straight out of his seat and onto the floor. Ariana let out a slight sound before she lifted her eyes, catching sight of Iker who stood over her, a half angry and half concerned expression on his face.

“Iker” she breathed “I didn’t know” she added quickly.

Iker smiled at her and nodded. “I know mi amor, I have just been waiting for the chance to do that for years and him sitting here, trying to flirt with you, gave it to me. He’s already stolen one girlfriend from me, I am not about to let him steal my fiancée as well” he mused.

Ariana smiled at him gently before she took his hand, flexing the bruised knuckles. “You’re lucky, they aren’t broken” she mused.

Iker nodded before he allowed his eyes to wander over the room, noting the slight silence that filled it.

“Say something” Ariana mused as she shifted slightly, her head moving to hide in his shoulder.

Iker smiled. “For those of you that don’t know, this is Ariana Costa. The most beautiful and wonderful person in the world and the woman who has made me the happiest man in the world by agreeing to become my wife” he enthused.

The room was silent for a moment before a small ripple of applause appeared, allowing everyone to turn away from the scene that Iker had caused.

Ariana shook her head against his shoulder before she peeked up at him. “Did you really have to do that?” she murmured.

Iker smirked. “I want everyone everywhere to know that you are mine” he insisted.

Ariana smiled softly before she leant up to kiss him.

She didn’t quite know what she had done to deserve him.
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