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35: That’s Quite A Sight

“You look fine, stop fussing” Iker chuckled as he grabbed hold of Ariana’s hands, stopping her from fiddling the same bit of brown hair for the tenth time. She looked wonderful, to Iker’s eyes, she always did, but he wanted her to relax. It was the end of the season, Real Madrid were due to play their last game of the season at the Bernabeu and Iker wanted Ariana there. They were two points ahead of Barcelona and knew if they won their game, which was highly likely considering the opponents were in the lower half of the table, then they would be league champions, something Iker wanted his fiancée there to witness.

“Are you sure it isn’t a little much?” Ariana muttered as she fiddled with the hem of the shirt that Iker had bought for. She liked it, having his name on her shoulders and showing her support for him, but she worried other people would think it was a little much. She was already his fiancée, she had no need to suck up to him anymore.

Iker smiled. “Not at all. If people ask, tell them I told you to wear it” he smiled, his arms happily wrapping around her waist. He was amazed, things had changed a lot in the last five months, but Iker was thrilled about where they stood. Ariana was the best thing he had and he was pleased that he got to keep her as close as she had let him.

Ariana nodded gently before she lifted her head, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. “Good luck tonight Iker” she breathed, knowing that he would have to leave any moment.

Iker smiled down at her and kissed her again. “As long as you are there, mi amor, there will be no goals conceded. You’re my good luck charm” he smiled before the sound of Sergio’s car horn echoed. “I will see you down at the pitch tonight” he mused between kisses. Ariana smiled and nodded her head before she let him go, knowing that Sergio would only whine if she didn’t.

Iker flashed her one more impish smile before he blew her a kiss and stepped out of the door.

“Let me guess, Iker dressed you today?” Pilar grinned as she stepped into the room, Junior balanced carefully on her hip.

Ariana blushed and nodded. “He was insistent that I wear it and I didn’t want to tell him no. Tonight is about him and Real” she explained as she guided her stare down to the pitch, hoping to catch a glimpse of Iker. She was proud of him, ever since the break to his arm, he had worked endlessly hard to get back into form, and she was pleased he had. He’d been so much brighter since Ancelotti had put him back into the team and allowed him to assume the captaincy once more.

Pilar smiled. “You look so proud of him” she noted as she sat down, settling Junior in her lap.

Ariana smiled shyly. “He’s so happy now that Real are doing well and he is playing. I like him when he is like that” she admitted gently.

Pilar nodded. “There’s another reason that he is so happy” she grinned.

Ariana shook her head. “This is all football” she announced.

Pilar rolled her eyes. “So you saying yes to marrying him had nothing to do with his wide grin lately?” she teased.

Ariana rolled her eyes and set them on the little boy that sat in her friend’s lap, a little smile forming at the corner of her mouth. “He looks just like his padre doesn’t he?” Pilar mused as she hugged the baby slightly.

Ariana nodded. “He’s beautiful Pilar, you and Sergio must be so proud” she enthused softly.

“We are. I never had Sergio pegged as the fatherly type, but he’s done an amazing job since this little one came along. He’s great with him, as is Iker” she grinned.

“Iker spends a lot of time with him?” Ariana posed.

“Enough for me to know that he would love one of his own” Pilar quipped nonchalantly.

Ariana’s cheeks warmed. “You think…you think Iker wants a baby?” she whispered.

Pilar shrugged. “I am not a mind reader, but I have seen him with Junior He would be a brilliant father Ari” she insisted with a soft smile.

Ariana nodded her head weakly. The mere idea of being near a baby terrified her, let alone the idea of having one of her own.

Pilar noted the look on her face and smiled, lifting Junior into her arms. “You should hold him” she mused as she guided her stare over to Ariana. She looked petrified, clearly what Pilar had said had scared her, and the other woman wanted to fix it. She was in no doubt that Iker would start thinking about children fairly soon and she wanted Ariana to be prepared.

Ariana shook her head. “I really don’t think I should. I am awful with babies” she murmured.

Pilar shook her head. “I bet you’re not” she insisted as he passed Junior into the other woman’s hands.

Ariana held the baby away from her for a moment before she pulled him in, settling him somewhat on her lap. Pilar smiled. “See, it’s easy” she cooed as she watched her son smile up at Ariana.

Ariana smiled back at the little boy before she turned to Pilar, noting the look of encouragement that sat on her face.

“Iker” Ariana grinned as she stepped onto the pitch, her blue eyes shining at the sight of the keeper. It had been a good game, Real had won by three goals to one, and she could see that Iker was pleased with himself. Even if they had conceded a goal, the team had still won and that meant that they had successfully taken the league title back off their city rivals Atletico.

Iker grinned at the sound of his girlfriend’s voice and tossed his arms around her, lifting her up with remarkable ease. Ariana squealed a little, but wrapped her legs around his waist for support. “We did it amor” he enthused as he held her close “We won the league again” he grinned.

Ariana wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled. “You did” she cooed as she brushed her fingers through his dark hair “You were amazing all season” she added.

Iker smiled at her warmly before he kissed her, earning a few wolf whistles from his watching friends and some of the fans. Ariana kissed him back happily, fully aware that their picture was being taken by hundreds of people, before she leant back slightly. “Congratulations mi amor” she whispered. Iker ducked his head once more to capture her lips, but stopped as he noted Pilar standing over Ariana’s shoulder. Reluctantly, he let his grip on her fall away and allowed Ariana to settle on her feet.

“Sorry to interrupt the moment” Pilar mused “But Junior here was hoping he could get a picture with his favorite auntie” she added.

Iker tilted his head. “Don’t you mean uncle?” he poked.

Pilar shook her head. “I wanted to get a picture with Ari, you don’t mind sparing her for a second do you?” she posed.

Iker frowned a little, but shook his head. “Of course not” he noted.

Ariana flashed him a small smile and wandered away, taking Junior into her arms as Pilar moved to take a picture.

“That’s quite a sight” Sergio mused as he stepped up beside Iker.

“What is?” Iker prodded.

“Your pretty fiancée with a baby in her arms. It looks quite good don’t you think?” the defender teased.

Iker looked at his friend for a second before he flicked his eyes over to where Ariana stood, her hands tickling Junior’s sides as the little boy laughed loudly. It was quite a sight, a beautiful sight to Iker, and it made him smile gently. One day, he hoped the baby in Ariana’s arms would be his and not Sergio and Pilar’s.

“Iker?” Sergio nudged.

“It would look better if it were my son or daughter she was holding” he breathed out softly.

Sergio chuckled and patted his friend’s back. “One major step at a time. You’ve got a wedding to plan before you consider getting her pregnant” he teased.

Iker smiled.

He couldn’t wait for Ariana to have a child of their own.
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