Somewhere Only We Know

38: I Am Sure We’ll Find It

“Do you really have to go back to work?” Iker mumbled as he watched Ariana dress herself from his spot on the bed. It had passed too quickly, the two weeks she had had of vacation, and Iker was disappointed to see her leaving so soon. He’d loved having Ariana to himself and hated that she was going to be back working shifts that would make it hard to see her.

Ariana nodded. “I am afraid so amor” she commented as she tried to pull the zip up on her dress. Iker reached over and took the metal between his fingers, gently trailing them up her back.

“I don’t want you to go” he murmured as he gently dusted some of her hair away from her neck, allowing him to press a little kiss to the exposed skin “I want you to stay here with me, like we have done every day for the last two weeks” he added, his lips working up to her jaw.

Ariana sighed softly at the contact. The offer was tempting, ever since the season had finished, Iker had been more in need of her attention, but she knew she couldn’t be late for work on the first day back after her vacation. A lot of the doctors at the hospital didn’t like that she was dating the keeper due to the attention it brought upon the hospital and were bound to start liking it even less if it meant she turned up late for work.

“I am sorry amor” she murmured as she gently stepped away from him “I have to go, I don’t want to get in trouble” she added as she moved to place the last of her things in her bag. Iker watched her and sighed, he was used to getting his own way and was a little disappointed that Ariana wasn’t letting him. Ariana shook her head. “Don’t pout Iker” she grinned as she pulled her bag onto her shoulder “I will be home soon enough and there will be all the time in the world for that” she added.

Iker chuckled softly and reached over to her, pressing a soft kiss to her lips. “I will see you later Ari” he breathed.

The brunette nodded and pecked his lips once more, muttering a soft ‘I love you’ as she skittered out of the room. Iker watched after her and sighed a little. He knew that it had to be done, Ariana wasn’t just going to give up her job to suit him, but Iker hated watching her go. He still had a feeling that Lucia was planning something and hated that he wouldn’t be around Ariana all of the time to protect her. Whatever the older girl had planned was likely to hurt Ariana and Iker hated the notion that she could make her cry again.

“Welcome back” Daniel smiled as he watched Ariana set her bag down in her locker. It had been a few weeks since Lucia had approached him and, spurred on by fights with Alyssa, Daniel had opted to help the blonde girl. He knew that it was a crude plan, even if Lucia had been rather coy with him, but it was the best chance he had to split Iker and Ariana up. It was selfish, Ariana clearly loved the other man, but still Daniel wanted to try. He had been in love with Ariana for years and wanted nothing more than to show that he could be as good, if not better, for Ariana than Iker.

Ariana smiled. “It’s kind of nice to be back” she shrugged as she placed her stethoscope around her neck.

Daniel nodded. “It must be a little odd though” he commented as he stepped towards her a little. He knew where her phone was, it spent most of its time in the front pocket of her backpack, and Daniel knew he wouldn’t get more than one chance at taking it. Ariana spent most of her time checking it for texts from Iker and Daniel knew he had to act quickly.

Ariana nodded. “It’s very odd. For the last fortnight, I have woken up to Iker and his sudden desire to have sex at every given opportunity, and now I am back here. It’s kind of disappointing” she joked with a small laugh.

Daniel forced one out in response before a nurse appeared at the door, calling for Ariana. “I will speak to you at lunch eh Danny? I want to hear all about the honeymoon you took Alyssa on” she grinned. Daniel forced a smile in return before he watched her walk away, allowing him the chance to get into her locker. He was lucky, Ariana had entrusted him with the combination when she had been sick once, and Daniel had not problems remembering it. He’d learnt it just in case she agreed to date him so that he could put flowers in her locker every day.

Twisting the lock, he entered the combination quickly before he pulled the door back, his hand quickly finding the phone in the front pocket of the bag. Smiling a little, he slipped it into his pocket and closed the door, knowing he was one step closer to getting to be with Ariana.

Padding out into the reception area, Ariana felt her eyes widen slightly, her stare caught on her fiancé who stood a little away from her. It was a surprise, she didn’t remember Iker mentioning anything about coming to visit, but she was happy nevertheless. She loved spending time with him, even if it was sudden and out of the blue.

“What are you doing here?” she smiled as she stepped towards him, greeting him with a soft kiss.

Iker frowned. “I texted to say I was coming by for a final check up on my arm. I asked if you wanted to grab lunch” he noted.

Ariana nodded. “I must have left my phone in my bag, sorry” she grinned.

Iker smiled. “You’re quite forgetful sometimes aren’t you?” he teased as he placed his arms around her waist, holding her against him. Ariana blushed slightly. She liked it when he held her, but she was aware people were staring and it made her feel a little uncomfortable. She knew a lot of people, mostly her seniors, had a problem with Iker and Ariana didn’t want to make things worse.

“I will go and find my phone and then we can go to the fast food place for lunch ok?” she breathed as she pulled out of his arms slightly.

Iker frowned. “Ari, do you not want to be seen hugging me or something?” he muttered.

“It’s not that. People, my bosses mostly, don’t like that you and I are together and I don’t want to get on the wrong side of them. I’m due to take my final exam in a few weeks and would ideally love to take up a permanent position here” she explained.

Iker nodded. “Go and find your phone” he noted a little stiffly.

Ariana nodded and skittered away, quickly reaching the staff room and undoing the lock of her locker. Reaching her hand in, she rifled through the front of the bag and frowned, noting the phone’s absence. Tilting her head, she quickly made her way back to Iker. “Did you find it?” the keeper posed.

“No, it wasn’t in my bag which is weird” she commented.

Iker shrugged. “You probably left it at home. You can been a little forgetful sometimes” he noted as he reached down and laced their fingers together.

Ariana nodded, but frowned.

“Amor, I am sure we will find it. You only ever really text me so it isn’t going to be a miss, we’ll find it” Iker encouraged with a small smile.

Ariana nodded her head.

Iker was probably right, they would find it.
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