Somewhere Only We Know

39: Come And Speak To Me When You Can Tell The Truth

“Have you still not found your phone?” Iker chuckled as he stepped into the living room, his eyebrows raised amusedly. She had been searching for hours, she had displaced a lot of their stuff, and Iker had to admit he was a little amused. Ariana hardly texted anyone other than him and he found it rather funny that she was so desperate to find it.

Ariana, who had been moving the sofa cushions, pouted, shaking her head. “I have looked everywhere for it and I cannot see it. What if someone has stolen it?” she whispered as she sat back on her knees. She was concerned, the idea that someone could have gotten into her locker scared her a little, and she worried that someone had taken her phone, something which spelt bad news for Iker.

“So what if they have? You just claim on your insurance” Iker quipped with a nonchalant shrug as he moved to rearrange the sofa.

Ariana sighed. “Iker, there are pictures on that phone” she muttered as she stood up, her blue eyes meeting his.

“Important pictures?” he muttered as he moved to sit down. He didn’t see the big deal, Ariana’s phone was hardly the most important thing in the world and he didn’t mind so much that it was missing. He could easily afford to buy her another one if it meant that much to her.

“Well, there are some of you, and you’re not wearing all that much…” she started before Iker’s dark eyes widened. They had been a joke, Iker had wanted to tease Ariana a little when she was working or out with her friends, but the notion that someone else could have their hands on them made Iker sick to his stomach. The images were private and weren’t meant to be seen by anyone other than his girlfriend.

“You didn’t delete them?” he murmured gently.

Ariana shook her head. “I liked them, I didn’t want to delete them. It’s not like I anticipated my phone would be stolen” she murmured softly, her head ducked. She could see that Iker was angry, his mouth had formed a tight line, and she felt bad. She should have deleted the pictures.

Iker sighed gently and moved towards her, his hand gently cupping her cheek. “Amor” he murmured “It’s alright. We’ll find it” he murmured, his dark eyes meeting hers. He had upset her, her hiding her face confided it, and he wanted to make it right. The pictures weren’t that damaging and certainly not worth starting a fight over.

“Do you honestly think we are going to find it?” she whispered.

“It can’t have gone far Ari, it’s either here somewhere or at the hospital” he assured her gently, his hand gently rubbing her arm.

Ariana nodded softly before the doorbell echoed, causing her to groan.

“I’ll get the door, try and straighten up in here” he smiled gently.

Ariana sighed, but nodded her head, moving to tidy a little as Iker stepped into the hall.

Smirking, Lucia twiddled Ariana’s phone in her hand, a little proud of what she had managed to do in such a short period of time. She had only had the phone for a matter of hours, but already she had filled with images and messages that were sure to make Iker toss Ariana to the curb. It wasn’t the greatest plan, if anything, it was a little crude, but Lucia was sure that it would work. Even the slightest notion that Ariana was cheating on him was bound to make Iker flip and cause him to break up with the brunette.

“Lucia, to what do we owe the pleasure?” Iker’s voice was forced as he spoke to the blonde girl ahead of him. It was clear that he didn’t like her, Lucia had known it from the outset, but she was sure he was going to change his mind. She was the logical choice to be his next girlfriend and the sooner Iker realized it, the better.

“I just wanted to drop this off here” Lucia smiled as she waved Ariana’s phone in front of Iker’s eyes.

“Where on earth did you get that? Ari’s been looking for it since she got back from work” Iker muttered as he took the device out of the blonde’s hand.

Lucia offered him another wide grin. “I was at the hospital this afternoon to see if Ari wanted to hang out and her friend Daniel gave it to me. He said she had dropped it when she arrived this morning” she explained.

Iker offered her a slightly dubious look before he nodded, turning to walk back into the house.

“Oh” Lucia squeaked “I was meant to tell you. Could you get Ari to text this Finn guy back? He’s been texting non-stop since Daniel gave me the phone” she enthused as she took the phone back, causing the screen to light up. Iker frowned at the sight of it. There were dozens of messages, all from the same guy, and it made Iker’s stomach turn. Ariana had never mentioned a man named Finn and the mere idea of her keeping him a secret made Iker feel sick.

“What do the messages say?” Iker grumbled, his eyes narrowed on the screen.

Lucia smirked subtly. “They are all pretty flirty. He’s asking to meet up with her and everything” she mused.

Iker frowned. It was unlikely to be true, Lucia had probably made Finn up, but that didn’t mean that Iker wasn’t annoyed. The mere notion that another man had been near his fiancée made him want to lash out. “Give me the phone” he muttered, his voice gruff.

Lucia obliged and handed the phone over with a smile. “Say hey to Ari for me” she grinned before she walked away from him.

Iker glared after the blonde for a moment before he pushed the door close, unlocking Ariana’s phone at the same time. Filing through the messages, Iker felt his stomach twitch. There were hundreds of them, dating back months, and Iker couldn’t stop himself from getting angry. Judging by the messages that filled her phone, Ariana had been lying to him for months on end and that upset the keeper. He’d thought his girlfriend was perfect, but clearly that idea was too good to be true.

“Who was at the door Iker?” Ariana posed as she stepped into the hall, her blue eyes looking innocently over at her fiancé. Iker’s stomach turned as his fist clenched at his side. “Who is Finn?” he muttered.

Ariana frowned. “Finn? I don’t think I have ever met a man named Finn before” she commented as she stepped towards him.

Iker let out a humorless laugh and outstretched her phone to her, allowing her to take it from his hand. “Look at the lock screen” he muttered “And then answer my last question again” he added bitterly.

Ariana frowned, but did as she was instructed, her blue eyes widening slightly at messages that filled the screen. “Iker, I swear, I have never met a man named Finn” she whimpered, her blue eyes looking over at him.

Iker spat out another biting laugh. “You know what? I am going to go upstairs and pack a few things. You should come and speak to me when you can tell me the truth, because that phone suggests you have been texting a man named Finn” he spat before he walked away from her, leaving her tearfully stood in the hall way.
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