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40: How Can I Know That The Girl I Love Is Real?

Sniffing slightly, Iker threw another shirt into his suitcase, trying with all his might not to cry. It was stupid, he should have seen that Ariana was too good to be true, but that didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt. He’d fallen for her, he’d fallen hard, and knowing that it was just an act stung. He’d really believed he’d found his happily ever after in Ariana and couldn’t quite wrap his head around the fact that it had all been a sham. He couldn’t believe that he’d not seen through the shy façade that Ariana had insisted on wearing.


The keeper paused at the sound of her voice for the briefest of seconds before he turned back to his dresser, collecting another shirt and throwing it down into the half packed bag.

“Iker, please” Ariana whispered as she stepped into the bedroom, her oceanic blue eyes glassy and filled with tears. Iker glanced at her briefly, his heart twanging at the sight of the tears on her face, but he willed himself to look away, not wanting to get drawn back in by another bout of her fake tears.

“Iker, I don’t know anyone named Finn, let alone someone well enough to be sending texts like that to him” she whimpered. She had no idea where the texts had come from, she was so sure that she had never met a man named Finn before, but the evidence was hard to dispute. There were countless texts, pictures too, and Ariana knew what it must have looked like to Iker. It must have looked terrible.

Iker scoffed. “You seemed to know him pretty well” he muttered “You were asking for some pretty intimate details” he added.

Ariana sighed. “I would never ask that to any man Iker, I have never even asked you that. What makes you think I could do it to someone I have never even met?” she whimpered.

Iker lifted his head. “How can I even be sure that this is you Ari?” he spat, his dark eyes glaring over at her form “How can I be sure that the girl I have been in love with for the last six months is even real?” he added.

“It was real Iker” Ariana replied, her voice quivering,

Iker shook his head. “It’s not real Ari and you can stop pretending that it is. You’re clearly with this Finn guy and this was clearly just some sick game, you don’t have to pretend anymore” he muttered as he moved to zip up his bag. He was sick of the lies, the pretending, and he just wanted Ariana to be honest. He wanted to know what he had done to deserve being treated so badly.

“It was real Iker, it is real and I don’t know what to do to make that clear. I don’t know anyone called Finn, other than you, Daniel and your teammates, I don’t know any other men. Iker, I have not done this” she pleaded, tears quickly spilling down her pale cheeks. “I couldn’t do this, not to you” she added as a few sniffles fell out of her mouth. She was getting desperate, Iker clearly had his mind made up, and Ariana was desperate to change it. She couldn’t imagine what she would do without him.

Iker looked at her for a second before he sighed. “Ari, you don’t have to lie to me” he muttered.

“I am not lying. Iker, I swear to god that I have not done this. I couldn’t do anything like to anyone I loved, let alone to someone that I love as much as you. Someone is setting me up, I don’t know how, but they are” she whispered, her hand gently wiping away a few of the loose tears.

Iker shook his head and lifted the bag up, slinging the strap over his shoulder. “I am going to stay with my parents. I want you to pack your shit and go. We’re done Ari” he muttered as he gripped onto her left arm, lifting it so that he could take the engagement ring form her finger. “You know, when I bought this” he murmured as he peeked down at the ring that sat in his palm “I really did think that it would be you that wore it until the end of my days, but clearly I was wrong. You’re as fake as the last one and I hate myself for not seeing it sooner” he grumbled before he stalked out of the room.

Ariana watched after him, willing her feet to move, but she couldn’t. Her body was shaking with the sobs that fell from her mouth and it rendered her motionless. She was devastated, heartbroken, and part of her knew chasing after Iker would only serve to make things worse. He was upset, angry and bitter and she didn’t want to make things even worse by offering another excuse, even if they were true. Iker would only refute them more and more adamantly.

Pulling the front door closed, Iker rested his head back against the cool wood, warm tears stinging his eyes. It had hurt, seeing Ariana cry had made him feel sick and knowing he had caused it made him feel worse, but there was no way he could just ignore the texts that had been on her phone. There were dozens, perhaps even hundreds, and Iker couldn’t simply pretend that they didn’t exist. Ariana had been texting Finn and for Iker, that meant she couldn’t have loved him.

Taking in a breath, he tilted his head forwards and blinked, his hand quickly wiping away a few tears that had worked their way out of his eyes. He felt silly, even when he and Sara had split up, he hadn’t cried, but idea of facing a day without Ariana was painful. “Get it together Iker” he grumbled to himself as he dragged himself up the path towards his car “She’s just another puta, you can do better” he added before he spared a rueful look back towards his home.

He doubted he would be getting over Ariana any time soon.
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