Somewhere Only We Know

43: You’re The Moron

Groaning a little, Iker stepped out onto the landing, his ears doused by the repetitive buzzing of the front door bell. He had thought that his parents would be around to answer it, his mother had been insistently hanging around since he had arrived, but clearly he had been wrong. The bell had been ringing for well over ten minutes and clearly no one else was around to answer it. Rubbing his eyes, he stepped down the stairs tentatively and padded towards the door, pulling it back to be greeted with the last face he wanted to see. “What the hell are you doing here Ari?” he muttered as he moved his stare down to his feet. He knew that if he dared to look at her face, then he would melt and it was the last thing that he wanted. There was no way he could be with a girl that had cheated on him so blatantly.

Ariana sighed gently and peeked over at Alyssa, silently asking her for help. They had had it all planned out, Alyssa had coaxed Ariana through what needed to be said, but one look at Iker’s face had left her speechless. She could barely utter a sound, let alone the passionate and emotive speech that she and Alyssa had worked on. Alyssa sighed gently. “She wants to talk to you Iker” Alyssa murmured.

The keeper scoffed. “Why should I give her the time of day? As far as I am concerned, she is a cheating puta” he spat, his dark eyes briefly glancing at the brunette. It hurt him, saying such horrid things about her, but he knew that he had to do it. His words were more a reminder to him of what she had done than insults to her.

“Iker” Alyssa mused “She didn’t do this to you. If you knew the first thing about her then you would know that she couldn’t hurt you like this” she explained softly, but Iker merely scoffed. He had expected to be told that he was wrong, that Ariana was perfect and that he was mistaken, but he wasn’t buying it for a second. The texts that were on Ariana’s phone couldn’t be ignored and he didn’t see how they could be explained away.

“Like hell she didn’t mean it” he muttered. “She and this Finn guy have been at it for months and I don’t see how that is an accident. It’s over, I am done with her” he mused as he turned on his heels, preparing to walk away from them.

“Daniel set me up” Ariana spat out.

Iker paused before he turned back to them, an unimpressed expression on his face. “Daniel?” he muttered “Is that the best you can come up with? Daniel set you up” he spat, a humorless laugh falling out of his mouth “How stupid do you think I am?” he spat.

Ariana sighed gently and ducked her head. She had thought it would be a long shot, Iker was never going to admit that he was wrong, but still a little part of her had hoped that it would work out. She wanted nothing more than to curl up in his arms and kiss him better. “I am sorry for coming here” she whispered, her hand gently reaching beneath her hair to wipe away some of the tears that had been quick to fill her eyes “I am just sorry” she whispered before she turned away, making her way back up the path.

Alyssa watched after her before she stepped towards Iker, her eyes narrowed on his. “You moron” she spat.

“I am the moron? The girl thought she could come here and spout some more lies at me Alyssa. She’s already done enough damage and I don’t understand what she hoped to achieve by coming here. She’s a cheat Alyssa and I am not one to just take that on the chin” he muttered.

“But she didn’t cheat on you Iker, she couldn’t. Ariana is like an open book, she’s useless at keeping secrets and there is no way that she would have been able to hide this from you, not to mention the fact that for the last 6 months, you have been the only thing that she had been able to talk about or think about. She breathes to make you happy and would never, ever, risk that. You’re the one Iker, the only one, and Ariana would never do a thing that jeopardized that. Daniel’s a dick, he was trying to take your girlfriend and Lucia was trying to pull you apart, something you let her do by being so insecure about Ariana. You’re the moron” she muttered before she turned on her heel and chased after Ariana.

Iker watched after the two women before he noted Daniel sat in the front of a neared car. He didn’t know what to think, he felt a little lost and confused, but he was inclined to believe Ariana and Alyssa. Ariana had seemed pretty devastated and Iker knew for a fact that she was an awful liar. She had tried to keep secret a few surprise dates and had ended up spilling all of the details before they had even left the house.

Thinking for a moment, he stalked towards the car and pulled the door open, his dark eyes narrowed on Daniel who flinched at the mere presence of Iker near him. “Is she telling the truth?” the keeper muttered as calmly as he could. He was angry, part of him wanted to rip Daniel from his seat and beat him senseless, but he refrained, knowing that it would only serve to make the situation worse.

“W…who?” Daniel stammered.

Iker snarled a little, but took a breath, calming himself slightly. “Ariana. Did you and Lucia do this?” he questioned.

Daniel looked at the keeper feebly and nodded. “I am so sorry Iker, I just…I uh” Daniel stammered out. Iker shook his head. “Just stay the hell away from me and Ari ok?” he spat before he wandered away to the spot where Ariana had settled, her head resting on Alyssa’s shoulder as she cried softly. It hurt him, Ariana crying never failed to upset him, but he wanted to make it better. Offering Alyssa a little look, he wordlessly asked for a moment in private, something which the ginger girl was more than happy to oblige to.

Ariana whimpered at the loss of contact from her friend, but it was quickly replaced by Iker who held her close.

“What are you doing?” she muttered “I thought I was a cheating puta” she added, using Iker’s words against him.

The keeper sighed, regretting his harsh and cruel words and merely hugged her close, his nose gently buried in her brunette curls that covered her head. “I want to talk Ari” he breathed as he lifted his head slightly, allowing his dark eyes to look over her “I want to make this right” he added.

“Really?” Ariana replied.

Iker offered her a small rueful smile and nodded. “Really” he confirmed.
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