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46: You’re A Good Woman

Wrapping his arms around Ariana’s waist, Iker smiled, his nose gently nudging at the side of her neck. It had been a couple of weeks since their fight but things had been quick to get back to the way things were before, something which pleased Iker immensely. It had been a bad fight, Iker had thought for sure that it would see the end of him and his girlfriend, but he was pleased that it hadn’t. Ariana was the best thing that he had ever had and he was thrilled that she was still around, especially if it meant that he still got to hug her and kiss her. “What are you doing hermosa?” he muttered as he placed a little kiss against the side of her neck. Things were still a little odd, Ariana stilled seemed a little unsure about being with him, but Iker was sure that she would come around. They were due to get married in six months and were trying for a baby, she would have to get used to him.

Ariana giggled softly. “I am putting away some dishes since you cooked dinner” she explained as she moved to place another plate on the side. Things were a little odd, Ariana still had moments where she wanted to push herself away from her boyfriend, but they were getting fewer and further between, something which pleased her. She didn’t want to doubt Iker, she hated thinking of him negatively, but she knew it would take a little time for her to get over some of the things he had said to her. Hearing words like ‘puta’ come out of his mouth in reference to her had hurt and Ariana needed some time to get over it.

Iker smiled against her skin. “Can it wait?” he whispered as he pressed himself against her back “I was thinking we could be doing something so much more fun” he added as he placed a splattering of kisses against the tanned skin of her neck. He liked it, the new found dynamic that existed between them, and he wouldn’t have traded it for the world. There was nothing he loved more than having Ariana bare skinned and in his bed and trying for a baby had given him the perfect platform to have her whenever he wanted.

Ariana spluttered out a shy laugh and turned in his arms, her blue eyes sparkling with laughter as they looked up into his dark ones. “Is that all you can think about?” she giggled as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Can you blame me?” Iker chuckled softly “You being naked is definitely one of my most favorite things in the world” he teased causing a flush of pink to appear on her cheeks.

“You’ve taken this trying thing to heart haven’t you?” she giggled as she leant a little closer, her nose softly nudging against his. She had to admit it was nice, Iker hardly seemed able to keep his hands off of her, and Ariana loved it. She had always enjoyed being the center of his attention.

“It gives me a chance to take your clothes off Ari, of course I love it” Iker beamed as he ducked down, stealing a soft kiss from her.

Ariana smiled and took his hand, gently leading him out of the kitchen and towards the stairs. Iker followed her happily for a few steps before he wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her with ease into his arms. “This walking is too slow” he muttered as he moved to carry her up the stairs. Ariana giggled and happily wrapped her arms around his neck, only to pause as the sound of the doorbell echoed.

“Ignore it” Iker huffed as he continued to carry Ariana upstairs. He wanted her and wasn’t about to let some visitor get in the way of it.

“I can’t” Ariana replied.

“The last time you said that, your evil sister appeared in our lives again. I think we can take the risk” he replied as he moved to step up another step. Ariana rolled her eyes a little and carefully slipped from his arms, moving down the stairs once more.

Iker sighed and followed her, his dark eyes fixed on Isabella and Harry that stood on the stoop.

“To what do we owe this surprise?” he muttered. He was pleased to see them, Ariana getting on better with her parents made him happy, but he was less than impressed that they had showed up just as he was about to take Ariana to bed. Chances were, they were in need of a place to stay and Iker knew that limited his chances of getting lucky.

Ariana smiled a little and slapped his arm. “Be kind. You can wait a little longer” she whispered as she reached up to kiss his cheek.

“I doubt it” he replied.

“Are we interrupting something?” Isabella quipped as she looked between the couple. She was pleased to see them so happy, Ariana had made it clear that Iker was the one thing she wanted to keep constant in her life, and she was pleased that things were working out for her baby. Ariana had always been the one she had doubts about settling down and starting a family.

“No” Ariana smiled “Someone’s just in one of his crankier moods” she teased with a look towards Iker who rolled his eyes slightly.

Isabella giggled. “Tell me about it. Sometimes your father pouts worse than Aaron did as a baby” she grinned with a teasing look back towards Harry who rolled his eyes

Ariana smiled softly before she stepped aside, allowing her mother and father into the house. “So, what has bought you back to Madrid? I thought you were coming back in September” Ariana mused as she followed her parents into the living room.

“We were, but then your friend Alyssa called us” Harry sighed gently.

“Why did she call?” Ariana quipped.

“She wanted to tell us about your sister Aria. We are so sorry for all that she has done” her father replied.

Iker shook his head. “We don’t need you apologizing for her Harry. Lucia’s a grown woman and she needs to be responsible for her actions, not you” he muttered.

Harry nodded. “We know and that is why we are here. She’s been staying with one of her drunk friends and we are not putting up with it for a second more. We’ve come to take her home to South Africa” he explained softly.

Ariana frowned gently. She wanted rid of Lucia, she was sick of the older woman meddling in her relationship with Iker, but she wasn’t sure she would feel right about sending her to South Africa. Lucia was the reason that Ariana had stayed in Madrid and she didn’t want to force her sister to give up her home because of her and Iker. Lucia may have been a bitch, but she was still Ariana’s sister.

“Ari?” Iker murmured. “Amor, what are you thinking?” he whispered.

“I am thinking that I cannot be the reasons she is forced to go somewhere she doesn’t want to be” Ariana muttered.

“What?” Iker spluttered “Ari, this girl had singled handedly pulled us apart twice and you are still going to be the good sister? She’s a bitch Ari, she couldn’t give a shit about you, and you’re still going to be loyal to her?” he exclaimed.

“Iker, believe it or not, I still love my sister and I couldn’t do something like that to her. I am not like her Iker, my entire life doesn’t revolve around making her life a living hell” she muttered.

Iker went to retort, but was stopped by Isabella who stepped towards her younger daughter, her hand cupping Ariana’s cheek. “You’re a wonderful woman Ari, far better than we could have expected when you were that little baby we bought home from the hospital, but this is something that needs to happen. You’re a wonderful sister Ariana, miles better than Lucia has been to you, but she needs to come back with us and you need to focus on being with him” she explained with a little look towards Iker who stood beside Ariana.

Ariana looked at her mother for a second before she turned to Iker, offering a small nod. “Alright mama” she whispered as Iker took her hand. Isabella smiled at her daughter and kissed her forehead. “You’re a good woman” she whispered before she stepped away, allowing Iker to wrap his arms around her.

It was the right call, even if it didn’t seem like it to Ariana, and Iker was pleased it had been made.

It meant he could focus on the thing that mattered most. Ariana.
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