Somewhere Only We Know

47: Is It That Obvious?

“Why are we going to the airport?” Iker complained as he watched his girlfriend dress for the day. It had been a couple of weeks since Harry and Isabella had informed them of the plan to take Lucia back to South Africa and, with things finally sorted out, they were ready to depart, something which thrilled Iker. He knew that with Lucia gone, he could spend his final few days of summer vacation with Ariana without any concerns.

“Because they are my parents and she is my sister. I would like to say goodbye to them” Ariana replied as she did up the last button of her shirt. She was under no illusions, Iker and Ariana were the last two people that Lucia would want at the airport when she was forced to travel to South Africa, but she still wanted to say goodbye. Lucia’s leaving was the final chapter of a story that Ariana couldn’t want to be finished with.

“But she’s going to upset you” Iker protested as he gently climbed to his feet, his arms happily wrapping around her slim waist. She looked stunning, even in a button down shirt and shorts, and Iker couldn’t help but put his hands on her. She seemed to be glowing and that made Iker slightly desperate to keep his hands on her.

Ariana sighed gently and nodded. “I know that, but she is still my sister and I would like to say goodbye to her, or, at the very least, see that she actually gets on a plane” she quipped as she reached over, taking her phone into her hand. Iker chuckled gently and leant over, kissing her forehead softly. “You’re amazing, you know that right?” he whispered as he watched her flick through her texts.

Ariana looked up. “And how do you figure that?” she quipped with a teasing smile.

Iker chuckled. “Because you’re the only girl forgiving enough to not want to murder Lucia for what she has done to us. You’re a wonderful sister, an amazing daughter and a pretty decent fiancée too” he teased.

Ariana gasped in mock offence before she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Only pretty decent?” she commented with a little smile.

Iker shook his head. “The best” he mused before he ducked down, kissing her gently.

Ariana kissed him back for a second before she pulled back, a strange dizzy sensation washing over her briefly. Iker noted the odd look on her face and frowned. “Ari?” he posed gently.

Ariana smiled gently. “It’s alright, I’ve not eaten yet this morning, and I get a little dizzy when that happens” she explained softly.

Iker offered her a slightly dubious look, but nodded nevertheless, his fingers weaving through hers. “We ought to get you some breakfast then before we go to the airport” he mused as he gently pulled her alongside him. Ariana smiled and nodded her head, following him downstairs as the dizziness began to fade.

“Are you guys still coming over in September?” Ariana posed as she followed her father to the spot where her mother and sister stood. They still had a little while, the flight wasn’t due to leave for another forty-five minutes, and Ariana wanted to spend the time with her mother and father, even if Lucia was likely to cause a problem, she wasn’t like to see Harry and Isabella for a while and she wanted to say goodbye to them properly.

Harry nodded. “I have a break from work from the 18th to the 25th, we were thinking of visiting then to help you and Iker with the final details of the wedding” the older man smiled. It was still a little odd for him, the notion that it was his youngest child that would be married first, but part of Harry couldn’t wait to give Ariana away to Iker. The keeper was the best thing in his little girl’s life and he knew that Iker would look after her well.

Ariana smiled. “We’d like that” she mused as she felt Iker take her hand.

“You don’t get much of a choice. If I kept your mother out of Madrid until you two get married in January, she will kill me” Harry teased.

Iker chuckled. “My mother’s the same way. She’s got all these fabric samples for some reason” he quipped.

Ariana smiled gently at the small interaction. She liked that Iker got on with her parents, it boded well for them.

“I am going to miss you Ari” Harry breathed as he looked down at his daughter.

Ariana smiled. “I will miss you too papa” she responded before she moved to wrap him in a hug. Harry hugged her back tightly before Isabella tapped on his shoulder, causing him to pull back. Ariana smiled at her father softly before she turned her attention to her mother.

“You’re glowing Ari” Isabella mused as she guided her younger daughter away from Iker slightly, leaving the keeper chatting with Harry.

Ariana blushed a little. “Is it that obvious?” she whispered.

“Only to the trained eye. How long have you known?” Isabella pressed excitedly.

“I found out a couple of days ago. I’ve got an appointment with my doctor and then I am going to tell Iker. He should have been the first one to know” she quipped.

Isabella giggled. “I cannot believe that you are…” she trailed off with a subtle nod that made the blush on Ariana’s cheeks darken. She was a little surprised it had happened so quickly, she and Iker had only been trying for about a month, but her guess was that it had happened before their fight. Iker had gone through a phase of wanting nothing more than to have sex with her and she would have put money on her getting pregnant then.

“I know, I can’t quite believe it either” she breathed.

Isabella smiled at her daughter gently and touched beneath her chin, lifting her head slightly. “You’re going to be great at it Ari, you and Iker” she encouraged.

Ariana smiled. “I hope so madre. Have a good flight and I will see you in September” she enthused as she hugged her mother tightly. Isabella hugged her back before Harry called out to her, causing her to pull away from Ariana. “Good luck Ari” she breathed before she wandered away.

Ariana watched them, her eyes drifting to Lucia slightly, before she felt Iker take her hand. “They’re doing the right thing” he murmured as he watched Isabella take hold of Lucia’s hand, practically dragging her like a pouting toddler towards the departure gate. “She needs someone to look after her and that can’t be you anymore. You’ve got a more handsome problem to deal with now” he teased as he wrapped his arms around her, holding her close to him.

Ariana smiled. “You’re not that much of a problem” she teased.

Iker chuckled softly and leant down, kissing her gently. “It’s all about us now Ari” he muttered between soft kisses “No more worrying about your sister or her schemes, it’s just you and me” he smiled gently.

Ariana nodded and smiled up at him, knowing that it wouldn’t just be him and her for very long. “Just us” she confirmed as she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. Iker smiled and kissed her softly.

He was pleased that Lucia was gone, it meant his time could be devoted to Ariana and not to stopping himself from losing the girl he loved.
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