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48: What Sort Of Good News?

Resting her hand on her stomach, Ariana let her eyes drift around the room, taking in the sights of the heavily pregnant women and their supportive partners. They all looked so happy, so content, and Ariana hoped that in a few months’ time, she and Iker were the same. She felt a little bad, she was already a few weeks along and she had yet to tell him, but she wanted to make sure that things were all alright before she told him. She would have hated to get his hopes up for no reason.

“Miss Ariana Costa?”

The brunette jumped a little at the sound of the receptionist’s voice and gently pushed herself towards the desk, offering the other woman a polite smile. “Dr Williams is waiting for you in examination room 3” the receptionist smiled. Ariana nodded gently and padded towards the examination room, tapping the door lightly. She was nervous, there was still a good chance that something could go terribly wrong, but she knew that she had to get checked out. If there was something wrong, she wanted to know as soon as she could.

“Ari?” Dr Penelope Williams smiled as she looked at the younger doctor “You’re not the Miss Costa I was expecting, I half expected to be dealing with your sister” she smiled as she ushered Ariana into the exam room. The brunette blushed a little and shook her head. “She’s no longer in Spain” Ariana murmured as she moved to sit down on the bed.

Penelope nodded. “And you think you are pregnant?” she pressed.

Ariana nodded. “I did a couple of tests and they both came back positive. I just wanted to get it confirmed before I start talking about with my boyfriend” she explained as she swung her feet a little. Penelope smiled. She had always liked Ariana, the younger doctor was the sweetest and shiest woman she had ever met, and she hoped things worked for her. Ariana had spent a lot of her youth in the shadow of her big sister and Penelope was pleased to see that she was finally being the person she had always had the potential to be. Iker had changed Ariana for the better.

“Have you had the other tests done?” Penelope quipped as she wrote something down in Ariana’s notes.

“Yes, a nurse took everything from me about an hour ago” Ariana replied, her hand subconsciously rubbing the bend of her arm where the blood had been taken from. She hated needles and had wished that she had someone beside her just so that she could squeeze their hand.

Penelope nodded. “Then lay back. We can do an ultrasound” she smiled gently.

Ariana offered her a somewhat wary look before she laid back, gently pushing the front of her shirt up. Penelope offered her a small reassuring smile before she spread the gel over the brunette’s flat stomach, causing her to hiss a little. “Sorry” the older woman grinned “It’s cold” she added.

“You think?” Ariana muttered low enough for it to go unheard.

Penelope offered her another little smile before she moved the wand over her stomach, allowing a soft and rhythmic sound to fill the air. “What is that?” Ariana whispered.

“That would be the baby’s heart Ari, they’ve got a strong one” Penelope smiled.

Ariana blinked gently before she flicked her stare to the screen, taking in the tiny grainy image that filled it. It was beautiful, even if it was only little, and she couldn’t wait to show it to Iker. She was sure he would be as breathless as she was.

“Your baby has a strong heart Ari, they’re of a good size and from that, I would estimate that you are perhaps 9 or 10 weeks along. Everything looks remarkably strong Ari and you should be pleased” Penelope explained as she noted the little awed look on Ariana’s face.

The brunette blinked gently before she smiled at her friend. “Can I get a copy of that picture?” she breathed.

“Of course. I will get one” Penelope smiled as she moved to print the picture off “Congrats Ari” she added softly.

Ariana smiled gently and placed her palm against the front of her shirt.

She couldn’t wait to see the look on Iker’s face when she showed him the picture of their baby.

“You’re back” Iker smiled as he looked up from his spot on the couch. It had been a pleasant morning, Iker had spent a little time with Sergio before he had sat down in front of some old football reruns and he couldn’t wait to spend the afternoon with Ariana. He was sure they would find themselves back in bed at one point or another and he couldn’t wait.

“I am” Ariana beamed as she sat down beside him, her hands carefully placed over the top of the small white envelope she planned to give to him.

Iker noted her smile and tilted his head a little. “You seem awfully happy for someone who’s been at the doctor all morning” he quipped.

Ariana shrugged. “I might have got some good news” she noted coyly.

Iker chuckled. “What sort of good news?” he poked.

Ariana offered another shrug before she stood up, purposefully leaving behind the white envelope. Iker went to move after her, but stopped as he noted the slither of paper. Frowning, he took it into his hand and worked it open, his head tilting at the contents. “Ari?” he called as he jogged to find her in the kitchen. “Ari, what is this?” he mused.

Ariana, who had been drinking a glass of juice, smiled. “What do you think it is?” she teased.

Iker looked down at it before he looked back at her. “It’s a sonogram. But that’s what confuses me. Why would you have a sonogram?” he quipped.

Ariana shook her head and laughed softly to herself. “Sometimes, I remember that you are a footballer” she teased.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Iker spluttered.

“It means you can be unbelievable dense sometimes Iker” she giggled as she padded towards him, taking the picture from his hands “Who’s name is in the top corner?” she posed, holding it up in front of his eyes. Iker frowned and narrowed his stare, little gasp falling out of his mouth as he spotted the name.

“Ariana Costa” he breathed “This is your sonogram?” he whispered.

Ariana giggled and nodded. “I found out that I was expecting a few days ago. My appointment this morning was to confirm that everything was alright, which it is. Iker, I am 10 weeks pregnant” she explained as she peeked up at him, the widest smile on her face.

Iker looked at the photograph for a moment longer before he flicked his stare towards her. “You’re pregnant?” he muttered.

Ariana nodded. “I am, Iker, you’re going to be a papa” she whispered.

Iker took a few seconds before he threw his arms around her, lifting her up into the air with remarkable ease. Ariana squeaked in surprise and wrapped her arms around his neck for support. Iker hugged her tightly for a second before he pressed a strong kiss to her lips.

He was thrilled and Ariana could tell from his kiss that he couldn’t wait for their baby to arrive.
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