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53: You’re Going To Be A Papa?

“Do you think I look alright?” Ariana fussed as she skittered down the stairs, greeting her husband in the hall way. She was nervous, the dinner that Iker’s parents had demanded had caught her off guard, and she didn’t want to upset them any further. From the irate phone calls she had overheard her husband having, she could tell that they were far from pleased and she didn’t want to make things worse by turning down their offer of dinner. They were Iker’s parents and she didn’t want to drive a wedge between them.

Iker turned a little, a small smile tweaking the corner of his mouth. She looked wonderful, especially with her healthy pregnancy glow, but that wasn’t enough to stave off the nerves that tweaked in his stomach. It wasn’t going to be pleasant, his mother had already made it clear how upset she was to have missed the wedding, but Iker knew that they had to muddle through. He wanted to keep his family together and that meant teaching his parents to love Ariana again. “You look great” Iker smiled softly “The pregnancy really does suit you” he added.

Ariana blushed softly and tentatively placed her hand over her stomach. It was moving too slowly, only a few weeks had passed since she had had the pregnancy confirmed, and already she was excited about the birth. She couldn’t wait to see the baby for the very first time.

“We have to be going Ari” Iker mumbled as he reached out to her, taking her hand tightly in his. Ariana flinched a little. His grip was strong, stronger than usual, and she knew that was a sign of how nervous he was about seeing his family. Things had been going along so well as of late and Ariana could tell that Iker was concerned about his parents throwing a spanner in the works for them.

“Iker” she whispered as she stopped walking, causing him to stop.

Iker sighed gently. “I just want things to be ok Ari” he muttered as he peeked down at her. She had a look in her eyes that made him melt and he couldn’t hold it back any more. He was terrified that his parents were going to try and cause problems between them and that scared him. He was sick of people trying to ruin what they had.

Ariana smiled up at him gently and lifted her hand, brushing it gently through his dark hair. “They will be ok” she smiled gently.

“Ari, my parents are furious” he muttered, his ark eyes closing slightly as her fingers worked through his hair.

“I know Iker, I have overheard you on the phone to them, but things will be ok. As you have said before, it doesn’t matter if they approve of us, if you want to be with me, you will be with me” she cooed softly.

Iker spluttered out a little laugh. “You remember that?” he mused.

Ariana nodded her head proudly. “I remember all of the wonderful advice you have given me in the last eight months Iker” she quipped. Iker smiled. He was pleased that he had been able to help her.

“We have to go amor” Ariana mused as she took his hand again, offering it a little squeeze.

Iker nodded his head before he ducked down, stealing a kiss from his wife who giggled. “What was that for?” she teased as she led him out of the front door.

“Just for you being you” he returned with an impish smile.

“Ariana” Unai beamed as he greeted his new sister-in-law. Unlike his parents, Unai was thrilled that his older brother had married the doctor, she was the thing that made Iker happy and Unai was all for her being his wife. Iker deserved something good after the stunt Sara had pulled on him and Ariana was precisely that.

“Unai” Ariana replied as she kissed his cheek “It’s nice to see you again” she added.

Unai chuckled. “Nice is not exactly how I would describe this evening Ari. My mother in particular has come here with the soul purpose of demanding an apology from you for stealing her son’s wedding day from her” he quipped.

Ariana sighed. “They’re still upset?” she prodded.

Unai nodded apologetically. “Mama is deeply offended that you talked Iker into marriage” he muttered.

“She talked me into nothing” Iker muttered as he appeared behind his wife, his arm taking its usual hold of her waist as he shot a slightly warning look to his little brother. Unai was standing too close to Ariana for Iker’s liking.

“You and I both know that Iker, but you know how madre can be” Unai replied as he took a step back, heeding his brother’s look.

Iker sighed. “Are they really that upset about this? We have a plan to renew our vows in the New Year” he grumbled.

Unai quirked an eyebrow. “Why in the New Year?” he posed.

Iker’s cheeks warmed slightly, something which made Ariana snicker a little. It was usually her that made the slip ups.

“Yes Iker” Ariana teased “Why are we renewing our vows just months after marrying?” she smirked.

Iker offered her a glare before he looked back at Unai. “There is a reason we got married now and there is a reason we are renewing our vows in the new year, but I will have to wait to tell you. I want to tell you, mama and papa at the same time” he muttered.

Unai rolled his eyes. “Just admit that you got Ari pregnant Iker, it will save us all a lot of time” he teased.

“You know?” Iker spluttered.

“Not for sure until you spluttered out that pitiful line, but I suspected. It’s the only reason you and Ari would want to do it so suddenly. I know you Iker, you hate waiting” the younger brother teased.

Ariana giggled softly before Unai opened his arms, wordlessly requesting a hug from the brunette. Ariana obliged happily, but was pulled back by Iker after just a few seconds, something which made his brother laugh. “You’re still very protective of her then” he chuckled.

Iker glowered at the younger man for a second before their father appeared, his eyes immediately narrowed on Ariana who was stood at his older son’s side.

“Your mother is waiting at the table” Jose muttered.

Iker straightened slightly at the tone of his father’s voice. “Is there any real point in us staying?” he mused.

Jose quirked an eyebrow. “What?” he said.

“Is there any reason for me and Ari to stay Padre, it’s very clear just from the way that you are looking at her that you intend to upset her and I am not prepared to just stand here and take it. This woman is the woman I love, the one that I have married and if you have a problem with it, I might as well take her home now. I am not going to watch you and mama blame her for something that I suggested in the first place” he mused defiantly.

Ariana watched him, her jaw a little slack.

“You suggested it?” Carmen’s voice muttered.

Iker nodded. “I did. I wanted her to be my wife” he replied.

“Why did it have to be instant Iker? We had made plans” Carmen mused, her eyes looking almost pleading at her son.

Iker sighed. “Because things changed mama. Before, we could wait, but then something happened and we couldn’t” he replied softly.

“What happened?” Jose interjected.

Iker looked down at Ariana for a moment before he glided his hand over her stomach, resting his palm against the front of the dress she wore. “Ariana fell pregnant” he admitted with a little proud smile.

Carmen looked between the couple before she placed her hand over her mouth, trying to stifle the little gasp that escaped her mouth.

“You’re going to have a baby?” Jose breathed.

Iker chuckled and nodded his head. “Aria’s thirteen weeks gone. The baby will be born late January or early February and that is why I wanted to marry her like I did” he explained softly, his thumb gently rubbing circles into Ariana’s slight bump.

Carmen looked at her son before she flicked her stare to Ariana. “You’re going to have my first grandchild” she breathed.

Ariana nodded. “I am” she confirmed gently.

Carmen blinked a little and padded over to the other woman, pulling her into a tight hug that caught Ariana off guard. “Gracias” Carmen whispered.

Ariana hugged her back hesitantly and smiled as she looked at Iker over his mother’s shoulder. He looked pleased, things had turned out better than he had expected them to, and Ariana was pleased. She knew that Iker loved having his family around and didn’t want to cause a problem between them.

“You’re going to be a papa?” Jose breathed as he patted his son’s shoulder.

Iker chuckled and nodded. “You’re going to be an abuelo” he teased.

Jose scoffed. “I am too young to be an abuelo” he joked.

Iker smiled before he moved over to Ariana, prying her out of his mother’s arms. “Can we go and eat now?” he mused with a little laugh.

Carmen nodded and started to usher the family towards their table.

Iker wrapped his arm around Ariana’s waist and dipped down, kissing her softly.

He was pleased that things were going to be ok.
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