Somewhere Only We Know

60: Talk To Her

“Are you almost ready to go?” Iker posed as he stepped into Ariana’s room, his brown eyes immediately landing on Violeta who was happily laying in her crib, her big blue eyes looking up at her father. She was a couple of days old, Penelope had wanted to ensure that there were no complications with Ariana or Violeta before she let them go, but Iker was thrilled that they were finally being allowed to go home. Their home had been awfully quiet without Ariana or Violeta for company. Ariana, who was packing the last of Violeta’s stuff, nodded. She was more than ready to go home, she had hated being cooped up in her hospital room and couldn’t wait to be back in Iker’s bed. She had missed the warm feeling she got whenever she fell asleep next to her husband.

“I can’t wait to get out of here. I thought working here was bad, being a patient is even worse” she complained as she moved to zip up the nappy bag.

“It was a necessary precaution Ari” Iker mused as he leant over Violeta’s crib, tickling the little girl’s tummy.

“I know that it was, but that doesn’t make it any less boring, nor does it make sleeping without you for company any easier” she commented as she lifted the bag up, carrying it over to the bed where the rest of their stuff sat.

Iker smiled a little and turned away from Violeta, wrapping his arms around his wife. “I have missed you too” he mused “And I cannot wait to have you home, but this had to happen. I don’t know what I would have done if something had been up with you or Lettie” he murmured, his hand gently cupping her cheek.

Ariana nodded softly before she offered him an impish smile. “You know that we are ok don’t you?” she teased as she stepped away from him, moving to collect Violeta from her crib.

Iker watched them for a second before he nodded, a little smile pulling at his mouth as he watched his wife hold their little girl close. “Have I mentioned just how much I love seeing you and her together?” he quipped.

Ariana smirked. “Yes” she teased “About 25 times in the two and a half days since our little Lettie was born” she added.

Iker smiled. “Can you blame me? You two are the most beautiful girls in the world and you are all mine, I think that gives me the right to gush and fawn over the pair of you” he grinned as he moved to lift the bags onto his shoulders.

Ariana shook her head gently. “You’re going to give her a big head if you keep it up” she teased as she moved to settle Violeta in her car seat.

Iker smiled. “I am only telling the truth. Both of my girls are utterly gorgeous” he gushed as he leant over, placing a kiss on both Ariana and Violeta’s foreheads. Ariana blushed softly before her phone buzzed, causing her to sigh a little. “Your mother?” Iker posed as he finished fastening Violeta in.

Ariana nodded. “She and the rest of my family have landed. They will be with us in just over an hour” she murmured.

“Lucia?” Iker pressed.

“On her way” Ariana sighed.

Iker looked at her softly before he took her hand, pulling her into her a slightly hesitant hug. “It will be ok mi amor” he whispered gently “We are strong, much stronger than we were before, and we are not going to let her get the best of us again. It’s you and me Ari, no matter what she says” he mused authoritatively.

Ariana hugged him tightly.

She just hoped he was right.

“There she is” Isabella gushed as she sped up the front path, her eyes already fixed on Violeta who was cooing softly in her car seat.

Ariana smiled gently. “Hola mama” she breathed as Isabella stopped head of her.

Isabella smiled and opened her arms, wrapping them tightly around Ariana. “Congratulations baby. She’s so beautiful” she enthused with another look down towards Violeta. She was beautiful, the perfect blend of Iker and Ariana, and Isabella was thrilled for them. They had been through a lot to get to where they were and deserved something as special as Violeta.

“Gracias mama” Ariana blushed as she peeked down at her feet “She looks like he papa” she added with a little look towards Iker.

The keeper rolled his eyes. “Just accept it Ari” he mused as he stepped past her “She’s beautiful because her mama is beautiful. That is that” he smirked.

Isabella lifted her eyebrow, causing her daughter to laugh a little “We’ve been having this debate for two days. I think she looks like Iker and he is sure that she looks like me” she explained as she led her mother back towards the house.

Isabella smiled. “She’s a wonderful mix of the pair of you” she mused as she led Ariana into the hall.

“You think?” Ariana quipped.

Isabella smiled and pressed a kiss to her daughter’s cheek. “She’s a beautiful little girl” she assured her as they walked into the living room where Ariana was tackled in a hug by her brother.

Isabella watched the interaction before she flicked her eyes to Lucia who was lingering in the corner of the room, her dark eyes fixed on her sister and Iker who had started to interact with Harry. Peeking around the room once more, she padded over to her older daughter a stern expression on her face. “Are you just going to glare at her or are you going to make some sort of effort?” she murmured as she stood beside her.

Lucia sighed. She didn’t know what to say, not to her sister or to the man she had tried time and time again to hurt, and she didn’t want to make things any worse. It was abundantly clear that there was very little in the world that would tear Iker away from his beloved wife, especially now that they had little Violeta.

“She’s your little sister Luci. You should try and make the effort” Isabella encouraged.

“What am I supposed to say mama? I tried so hard to break them up, there is no way she is going to just let that go” she murmured.

Isabella smiled. “Your sister is a forgiving woman Lucia” she mused softly “She didn’t even want us to take you to South Africa” she added.

Lucia’s dark eyes widened a little. “She didn’t?”

Isabella shook her head. “She’s a good woman, your sister, and I think you should talk to her. You never know, she might be ok” she explained.

Lucia swallowed a little before she stepped away from her mother, making her way towards Ariana who was softly cooing over Violeta who was sat in Iker’s arms.

“Lucia?” the brunette posed.

Lucia swallowed a little before she peeked up at her sister. “Can I talk to you?” she breathed.
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