Somewhere Only We Know

66: The Long Game

“Are you ok to stay in the hotel?” Ariana poked as she watched Iker pack his bag for the night. She knew that it was silly, they had already been married for months, but Iker had been insistent. He had never had a bachelor party before and he sort of wanted one, even if it was just him and a few of his friends going out for a few drinks, he wanted to go through the tradition.

“I am ok with it Ari, I had Sergio book us a couple of rooms for the night so we won’t disturb you tonight” he smiled softly. He knew that Ariana was on edge, she always was when he went out with his friends, but he was sure that it would be fine. Sergio had promised to keep things quiet with Iker fully aware of how Ariana would feel if she found out that there was a stripper or something present. He was certain that she would freak out and he didn’t want that, he liked the way things were now that Violeta was around and didn’t want to risk it by letting Sergio do something stupid. He hated the look that Ariana wore when she was upset with him.

Ariana nodded. “And you’re just going out for a few beers? There’ll be no funny business right?” she murmured. She didn’t want to be overbearing, Iker was very much his own man, but she couldn’t help but worry. She knew what Sergio could be like and didn’t like for a second the idea that he had been put in charge of Iker’s so called bachelor party.

Iker smiled. “Amor, what do you think is going to happen?” he teased as he stepped towards her, his hand gently cupping her cheek.

Ariana sighed. “I am just worried. You’ve put Sergio in charge” she murmured.

“I did” Iker admitted “But I also gave him a strict set on instructions about what I wanted tonight to be. It is going to be me, him, Unai and a few others having some drinks before we go back to the hotel to sleep it off. I swear, if I catch wind of Sergio having hired a stripper, I will hit him for you” he stressed with a soft smile. He understood why she was concerned, he would have been precisely the same if it were her going out, but he was going to ensure that there was nothing to be concerned about. He just wanted a night with his friends.

Ariana offered him a slightly dubious look before she nodded, conceding that she trusted him.

“Don’t look so nervous Ari” Iker teased as he skimmed his thumb over her cheekbone “I will be a well behaved boy” he added childishly.

“You’re an idiot” Ariana murmured, snuggling into his touch slightly.

Iker chuckled before he dipped down, kissing her softly. “I swear it will be fine Ari. I will text you as soon as I get to the hotel to say goodnight” he murmured, his hands gently slipping beneath the shirt she wore. Ariana smirked a little before she caught his wrists, pulling his hands out. “You’re not getting to me that easy” she mused with a little smile.

“And why not?” Iker complained softly.

“Because you are due out of the door in less than five minutes and I like it when we take our time” she teased.

Iker huffed a little, but nodded, pressing another kiss to her lips. “I will text you” he murmured.

Ariana nodded. “I know” she quipped “Just behave” she murmured.

Iker nodded and marked a cross over his chest. “I swear, I will behave myself” he mused before he pulled his bag onto his shoulder. Ariana nodded before she pecked his cheek, allowing him to leave. She was worried, she would be until she received the text saying that he was at the hotel, but she had to give him the benefit of the doubt. He deserved to have a night out with his friends.

“Another one Iker?” Sergio teased as he waved another bottle of beer ahead of the keeper. They had been in the bar for hours, Iker had drunk a lot more than he thought he was, but he was pleased with how the night was going. He hadn’t noticed how much he missed spending time with his friends until they had sat down and now that they had started, Iker didn’t want to stop. He loved his wife and daughter, but he had missed spending time with just the boys for company.

Smiling, he took the bottle out of Sergio’s hand and sipped it. “Gracias” he mused.

“It’s nothing. How was Ari when you told her that you were coming out tonight?” the defender prodded.

Iker smiled. “She was a little worried, she always is, but I kind of like her when she gets like that. It makes me feel special” he boasted a little giddily.

“Why?” Sergio pressed “Don’t you find it suffocating?”

Iker shook his head. “It means she still cares about me and still worries about me. One of the things I still remember about when Sara and I were together is that about the time she started sleeping with Evan, she stopped caring about when I came home or where I had been. I like that Ari still worries” he explained with a soft smile.

“You really do love this girl don’t you?” Unai quipped as he staggered towards his brother.

Iker nodded. “More than I thought possible. She’s easily the best thing that has ever happened to me” he mused without hesitation.

“You’re so soppy” Unai giggled drunkenly.

“I am not” Iker spluttered.

“Yes, you are” Sergio exclaimed “You get all giddy whenever someone mentions Ari or Violeta. You’re soppy” he teased.

Iker scoffed and pushed himself to his feet. “I am not” he protested “And now I am going to walk away from you two” he added before he tottered towards the bar. He knew that Sergio and Unai were only teasing, but still he didn’t like it. He didn’t see the issue with being sentimental when it came to his wife and daughter. Huffing a little, he rested against the bar and lazily waved his hand, calling toward the bartender.


Iker turned a little and sighed, his dark eyes flicking over to Lucia who sat a little away from him. He wasn’t surprised, he had known that the blonde girl hadn’t gone back to South Africa with her parents, but she was the last person he wanted to see. He was supposed to be having a pleasant night, not dealing with the girl he couldn’t stand. “Lucia, what are you doing here?” he murmured, his head lolling slightly.

“Just out with friends. What about you? Where is my sister?” she pressed as she edged a little closer.

“Home” Iker replied bluntly.

Lucia rolled her eyes. “Are you always going to be so cold with me Iker?” she teased as she edged a little closer, letting her hand settle on his.

Iker pulled his hand away. “You’re the puta that tried to ruin my relationship. Would you like me to throw you a parade?” he muttered.

Lucia giggled. “Always so clever Iker” she grinned.

“Do you not have a moron to fuck?” Iker grumbled, trying to get rid of her.

Lucia shook her head. “Nope, I would much rather spend time with my lovely brother-in-law” she grinned.

“I would rather you left me alone” Iker grumbled.

Lucia rolled her eyes before she motioned towards the bartender, ordering them a couple of drinks. “You know we never did get to know each other” she smiled, getting comfortable in her seat.

“There was a reason for that. I don’t like you” he grumbled.

Lucia laughed. “Just drink Iker, I am not going anywhere” she mused sliding a drink towards him.

Iker rolled his eyes and nodded, taking the drink. He doubted Lucia was going to just leave him be and he wanted to at least get something out of it.

“You’re a moron” Lucia teased as she led Iker to his hotel room. They had been sat together for hours, drinking whilst Lucia aimlessly talked, and she was pleased that Iker had stayed. It was all part of the plan she had worked up. She knew that Iker wasn’t going to forgive her, she had figured that out the moment he had looked at her, and so she had opted to revert to her old ways. She wanted Iker away from Ariana and had come up with a good way of ensuring it.

“I…I am…not” Iker slurred.

Lucia shook her head and slid his keycard into the lock, pushing the door open. “Do you think you can get undressed and into bed by yourself?” she quipped.

Iker nodded. “I…I be fine…you away go” he stumbled out as he weaved uncertainly towards his bed.

Lucia smirked and rolled her eyes, wandering over to him. “You’re hopeless. Sit down, I will get you ready for bed” she mused happily.

Iker shook his head, but only fell back onto his bed, his eyes closing lazily. Lucia smirked and leant down, pulling his shirt off before she removed her own, laying down beside him as she moved to snap a picture.

She knew that there was no way Ariana would stay with her husband after this.
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