Somewhere Only We Know

8: Just Be Polite, For My Sake

“Iker” Ariana squeaked as she felt the keeper’s lips against the warm skin of her neck, nipping and nudging at the skin. It was starting to get a little late and after their movie date, Ariana wanted nothing more than to go to sleep, something she wasn’t quite comfortable doing in Iker’s house. She trusted him, even despite the shortness of their relationship, but she wasn’t comfortable with the idea of sleeping in a man’s house. Until Iker, she had never even kissed a man, let alone spent the night at one’s house.

Iker smirked and continued his assault, pressing a series of short kisses against her skin. “Iker, I have to go home. I have an early shift tomorrow morning” Ariana giggled, the slight stubble he had tickling her neck.

“You could stay” Iker murmured as he moved to trail kisses up the side of her neck and along her jaw.

“I am not exactly comfortable with that Iker” she murmured as she allowed her eyes to close. She knew that it was stupid, she was almost 27 years old, but thanks to a life living in the shadow of Lucia, Ariana had never been with man, something which made her nervous.

Iker lifted his head slightly and looked down at her. “You’ve never…?” he trailed off.

Ariana’s pale skin reddened before she shook her head. “No, I haven’t” she whispered.

Iker tilted his head. “No man has ever wanted to get off with you?” he breathed, genuinely a little shocked. Ariana was beautiful, she was sweet and kind, and Iker couldn’t believe that no man had ever seen that in her before. She was wonderful.

“No. Most guys don’t tend to see the geeky sister when Lucia is in front of you, shoving her boobs in someone’s face” she murmured as she fiddled with the frames of her glasses.

“I saw you” Iker murmured as he peeked over at her “I saw you first, I never once looked at Lucia” he insisted as he moved to pull her into another kiss. He knew just how nervous she got and he wanted to make sure that she knew he only had eyes for her. He didn’t see what everyone else did in Lucia and wanted to ensure that Ariana knew it.

Ariana smiled. “I know you did” she grinned between gentle kisses “And I know that you have no interest in her, but because of her, I will always be self-conscious and unsure. It’s how she had taught me to be” she explained.

Iker sighed. “She’s a terrible sister. Why do you put up with her?” he muttered. He already knew that he didn’t like Lucia, attempting to get Ariana to break up with him had been low and he was sure that he could never bring himself to like her. The older girl clearly had very little desire to see Ariana happy if it meant she took the spotlight away from her.

Ariana shrugged. “She’s my big sister, I love her” she noted.

“And what about the fact she is a complete and utter bitch?” Iker muttered.

“Iker” Ariana scolded softly “She might not be perfect, but my parents told me to keep an eye on her so I do. They’re out in Durban most of the year and someone has to look after her. If we left her to her own devices, she would likely be dead in a week” she explained.

“And that means she can be rude to you? That she can put you down when she feels like? Ari, she tried to convince you that you were not enough for me just hours ago” he murmured.

Ariana sighed. “She’s a little abrasive sometimes and she can be a little spoilt, but she’s my sister Iker. I am not going to call her names and I would like for you to not do it either. I am not asking you to love her, just to be polite, for my sake” she murmured she moved to rest her head on his shoulder. She knew that Lucia wasn’t the nicest, she was rude and spoilt, but she didn’t want Iker insulting her. With her parents and older brother out in South Africa, Lucia was the only person besides Iker that Ariana had and she didn’t want to push her away.

Iker sighed and wrapped his arms around her. “I will try Ari, for you” he murmured.

“Thank you Iker. Now I should probably go. I really do have to get up tomorrow” she mused as she moved to collect her jacket from the side. Iker pushed himself to his feet and moved to retrieve his car keys. “What are you doing?” Ariana prodded.

“I am driving you home. It’s nearly midnight and I don’t want you getting a taxi. I won’t feel alright about it” he mused as he moved to wrap a hoodie around himself.

“Iker, Lucia’s going to be there” Ariana protested.

Iker stepped towards her and pulled her into a deep kiss. “I don’t care Ari” he mumbled as he pulled away “I want to drive my girlfriend home and make sure that she is safe ok?” he muttered determinedly. Ariana blushed at the authoritative tone in his voice. She had to admit that she liked it. “Ok?” Iker repeated.

Ariana nodded. “Ok Iker” she breathed.

The keeper smiled and gripped her hand, leading her out towards his car.

“This is where you live?” Iker prodded as he attentively followed Ariana up the corridor of the apartment building she lived in. He knew that it was silly, dropping her outside of the building would have been more than enough, but Iker doubted he would relax until he knew she was safe. He was already very protective of her and didn’t want anything happening to her.

“It is. Mum and dad bought me and Lucia an apartment before they left for South Africa” Ariana explained as she moved to fish her key from her bag. Iker nodded gently before the door pulled open, revealing Lucia dressed in nothing but an oversized t-shirt that barely covered her.

“So you’re back then?” she muttered, her brown eyes fixed on Ariana.

“I live here” Ariana teased with a tipsy smile.

Lucia rolled her eyes, allowing them to settle on Iker who stood protectively behind his girlfriend, his hand holding Ariana’s. “I thought you were breaking up with him?” she muttered.

“She decided not to. Turns out, she likes me” Iker returned snippily.

Lucia went to respond, but was stopped by Ariana raising her hand. “Please, I am not going through this again. Luci, it is not up to you who I date and Iker, she is my sister, stop picking fights. Now, I don’t know about the pair of you, but I am going to go to sleep. Iker, thank you for yet another wonderful date” she mused as she turned to him. Iker smiled. She was a little drunk, Iker had plied her with wine during their movie date, but it seemed to have worked wonders. Ariana was the most assertive he had seen her and he liked it.

“Buenos Noches Ari” he whispered gently as he moved to kiss her.

Ariana kissed him back happily for a few moments before Lucia cleared her throat, causing Iker to turn on his heel and leave.

“I thought we agreed you would end it?” Lucia muttered as she and Ariana made their way back into the apartment.

“We agreed nothing. You blatantly demanded that I break up with him and I decided not to. I like him Luci, I like him a lot and I don’t want to give that up. I am sorry you don’t like it, but it isn’t going to change” Ariana mused before she padded towards her bedroom.

Lucia watched after her and shook her head. She was sure that Iker would end up hurting Ariana and she couldn’t see how the younger girl could ignore it. The keeper was bound to find someone better suited him and Lucia was sure that it would be her. It was only a matter of time before he realized that Lucia had more to offer than her younger sister.
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