Room 303

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"Good morning class," Mr. Ericson is our English 12 teacher. Our last English teacher ever, well at least for our high school careers.

Groggy hellos float across the room, "I know it's first period, and it's a Monday morning, but come on guys, I said good morning," no one answers.

"Fine, well I guess I don't care how your weekends were," he's sarcastic and witty, it's a really attractive quality, along with some of his other features. His hair is medium length, enough to have a decent amount of bangs combed perfectly off to the side, a few hanging in his face. The color matches his eyes, a deep brown, square glasses over them. He is one of those men that glasses makes him beautiful. He is average height, 5'9 on the thinner size, with a semi-build. He's not bulky, but he's not thin either.

"So for those of who actually care about how your doing in this class I'm going to read off your grads," He pulls the list off his desk while the class is bitching about their grades being read out loud.

"Oh, stop whining, if you care your grades are good, be proud, if you don't care, your grades are bad, but you don't care so neither do the rest of us, now..." he starts reading through the list, "Phoebe, 67 percent, please see me after class," I zone back out after my name.

"Moving on, as you guys already know but probably haven't touched, you have a term paper due in a week, rough drafts due tomorrow, how many of you need time today to," he air quotes the rest "put on the final touches," the whole class raises their hand.

"The laptops are in the cart, grab yours and actually get some work done," he returns to his desk and immediately starts grading papers from his A.P. English 12 class.

I get my laptop, put in my head phones, and proof read my already finished paper on Holocaust Lit. The Holocaust fascinates me. It absolutely mind boggles me how one man gained so much power and managed to do what he did. No, I am not a Nazi, or a fan of Hitler, it's just amazing.

By the time I have added some edits to perfect my paper the bell has rung and the class is fleeing from their chairs.

I wait for the last person who was actually doing work to pack up and exit the room, door closing behind them, "You wanted to see me Mr. Ericson," I roll my eyes and smile.

"So what's my actual grade Mage?" I asked actually curious.

"You sit at a 97 percent right now Phoebe, your slacking," he smiles and moves towards the back of the room where we can't be seen through the window in the door, which is required to be locked for safety reasons.

"Well maybe if I wasn't so distracted by this stunning man in my classroom I could focus better and actually do my work," The last words mocking him as I move flawlessly toward the back of the room.

"I'm surprised I manage to teach so well with this beautiful women sitting in front of me every day," he wraps his arms around my thin waist.

I am about 5'4 weighing in at a whopping 120 pounds. My hair is deep red sitting below my shoulder, accenting my grey eyes. I dress as any high school student, jeans a tee shirt or long sleeve shirt, like I have on today and one of my many pairs of colored converse.

"Well she must be quite taunting if you can't take your eyes off her," I put my arms around him.

"Oh she is, so taunting that I don't ever want to keep my hands off her," he caresses my body holding me close letting his hands linger up and down. From my sides to my back, to my ass, just lingering.

"This isn't going to be a whole period of you teasing me again is it? You know I'm failing art because of you, and getting after school,"

"Good thing I'm in the after school tonight," he smiled, perfect white teeth at me. So sexy. "Last time I didn't just tease, you could barely stay quite," I could tell the though of my moans turned him on a little.

"Mage, I can't help that you know what I like," I reach low on him, grazing my hand over his now hard bone.

He moans a bit, "Now, now Phoebe, is that a good choice," he copies my movement, adding pressure so I feel the intensity.

"Mage please," I know begging turns him on, "Don't do this to me again," I get close to his ear, "You know I want you," I moan.

He whips me around into the back cabinets, unbuttons my pants and slide them, panties and all down. All the while I am undoing his while he's biting my neck.

Lifting me up, he hold me between him and the cabinets and begins to slowly slide into me. I throw my head back as far as I can taking all the pleasure possible from this long waited for extravaganza. His thrusting gets faster and harder and without me telling them to do so my hips move as much as they can with him. I am moaning as quiet as physically possible, as is he.

I can feel him getting ready to release as soon as he does, he bites into my neck moaning and biting at the same time as he reaches his climax, finally he hits it, making me hit mine. Quick, satisfactory, and exhausting, just the way I like it.

He kisses me when alls said and done as we pull our selves together, "Well you've almost officially skipped another art class, I really hope you don't need it to graduate," he is genuinely worried.

"Oh I don't, it's a good thing it's art and not music, or your sorry ass would actually have to do work," I smile at him, "I'll see you after school," I whisper it in his ear and kiss him on the cheek with perfect timing for the bell to ring.