Room 303

Chapter Assesment

A sub is in our first period class standing where he stood, teaching what he taught, doing his job. No more grins, no more smiles, no more bullshit, no more lies.

The bell rang and like every other day the class flooded out and like every other day I stayed behind only for a different reason this time.

Mage enters the room and looks at me tears still relevant, "Phoebe," he sounded excited.

"Don't sound happy to see me, you fucked up, really bad Mage. I don't give to shits what you have to say, I don't care if I ruin your life, I don't fucking care, you brought this upon yourself,"

"I'm sorry," he glanced down.

"Not sorry until it all goes to hell, and what a shocker, you couldn't say it with a straight face. When all went to hell you couldn't tell me you were sorry with a straight face, and guess what neither can I. I can't even bring myself to spit the words in your face. Goodbye Mage, have a great life," I walk out not looking back. Not hurting. Just smiling. Furthest from a straight face. Furthest from an apology.