Room 303

Text Book Page 3

Mage and I left the school in silence, both shocked at the moment and the emotions that just swelled.

We have never said those tree simple words to each other. Those three words meant this wasn't just irresponcible, irrational, illegal sex. This was a relationship, something we both wanted and needed. To confide in eachother and actually speak the truth.

Pulling into the drive way of his little two bedroom house. It was small, but enough for him, and now myself.

He gets out of the car quickly and comes to my side, "After you," he spoke the words while holding out his hand.

I take it cautiously but his touch is soft and warm. Comforting, loving, and deeply pationent.

He takes his hand and caresses my back, then slowly moves to my lower hip, "You know I really can't keep my hands off you," were at the door at this point. He wraps both arms around me and softly begins kissing my neck, still caressing my sides and hips.

"I wouldn't want you to," I moan the words in his ear.

He begins biting my neck while behind my back fumbling for his keys to unlock the door. Once the door is open, still wrapped around eachother we make our way into the kitchen and onto the counter, him on top of me.

I can feel the throbbing, the aching, the yerning for his touch, his lips, his trust, "Mage," I moan his name, "Mage, take me, I'm all yours, Mage, take me, Mage, Mage," he can't help himself. He begins pulling my shirt and my tank top off, revealing my laced black bra. Wasting no time he rips my zipper down and my pants off, showing the matching laced panties. He moans softly at the image of me sprawed out in the matching set.

He slowly unbottons his shirt, knowing it would turn me on. Once his shirt was off he moved to the button on his black slacks, sliding them off leaving him in nothing but his semi build abs.

"Mmmm Mage," I moan trailing from his chest down,"You know exactly what I like," I pull his shoulders toward me so he's pressed against me, "So how about you take these off," I pull at the elastic on his boxers.

He starts to slide them off slowly, and is quickly pressed back down against me, slowly sliding in me. Moaning I whisper, "Mage, Mage, Mage."

With each moan of his name he gets faster inside me, "Yes, Yes, Oh god yes." With each practical scream he goes harder, officially making me scream, "Mage, Oh my god Mage, YES Mage, right there, right there, Mage, yes," I feel myself clench around him as tight as I can. I know he is on his edge, as I am on mine.Hips thrusting the whole time i force them back now with even more force. "Mage, Mage," with that I have officially lost it, beggig him to finish both of us off, and without question he givesit all he has instantly put an end to the begging and pleading, both of us releasing at the same time, the room filled with silence minus the heavy breathing.