Room 303

Text Book Page 4

I sit on the counter in silence, him standing next to me, both of us catching our breath.

"Phoebe, we have to decide now, is this what we want, the possibility for all of this to fall apart, for us to both be type casted if it does, when it all goes to hell Phoebe, what happens then," he stands between my legs head on my chest.

"Why does it have to go to hell Mage, why does it have to "end bad" why can't we just take what we have and go, and hope we make it through my senior year, then it won't matter, nothing will matter but us," I can't stand that in his head it is going no where but down hill.

"It's inevitable Phoebs, someone will find out, something will happen, someone will find us, and it's all over for us," he looks up his brown eyes looking straight through me.

"Mage," I pull his lips to mine, "stop, it's okay, we're okay, it's all going to be okay," I smile genuinly. I want him to want this to work flawlessly. I want him to want this to be okay, and to not think all is going to hell.

"Now, let's go to bed babe," I smile at the nickname, it puts little knots in my stomach.

He lightly smiles back and picks me up off the counter wrapping me in his arms, our bodies still stripped to nothing. He lightly kisses my lips, sets me down on the floor, and we head towards his master bedroom.

Making it to his room and into his bed, laying together in each others arms feels so right. It feels like the best feeling in the world, like all I ever wanted. In this moment I realize what will actually happens when it all goes to hell.