Room 303

Text Book Page 5

I wake up to the alarm at 5a.m. Detention at 6. Rolling over i realize Mage it's still passed out.

"Mage, hunny, wake up," I shake him lightly.

"Already?" he groans.

"Come on, we're gonna be late, we can't walk in late together," I shake him again.

He groans and rolls out of bed and trudges straight for the bathroom.

I begin getting dressed, my skinnies, black, my dark purple tank, a white cardigan, black scarf, and my converse. Simple easy still presentable for school.

By the time I have brushed and pulled my hair up, leaving my bangs out, Mage is back in the room, dressed in khaki's and a black button up shirt, "Happy, I'm up and dressed," he showed off his outfit with his hands.

"Whatcha got going on here?" I ruffed his hair, "Gonna just let that go for the day?" he flattens his brown hair with his hands leaving strands sticking up.

"It'll fix itself, come one, we gotta get going," he pulled on his shoes kissed my forhead and we headed towards the car, then the school.

Detention is boring, and the hour drags on. In between that and first period I decide to actually utalize the school hallway.

People are looking at me and whispering, followed by either snickers or looks of astonishment. I roll my eyes at most of them, high schoolers here have a habit of making up rumors.

I make a quick stop in the bathroom, fix my hair a little bit and make sure I look like I normally do.

Going into one of the stalls I hear two girls come into the restroom.

"Yeah, someone saw them come in together, people are talking about how she only has detiontion when he's in there, she doesn't ever leave his room for second period, I think they're sleeping together,"

"No shit, that's too good, I gotta tell Aly she'll get a trip out of this shit,"

"I know, I can't wait to see what happens when the staff finds out,"
"Eww, Phoebe is such a slut," this comment was said with a snort and killed all ability for me to stay quiet and calm.

"What did you say," I swung the stall door open.

"I believe we said you're a slut," Rina, one of the "tough girls" said giggling with the I can't defend myself Alexandra.

"Really," I get right in her face, "Well why don't you tell me why exactly it is I'm a slut,"

"Haven't you heard, someone saw you come in this morning with that pedophile English teacher," they both though that was hilarious, I however was pissed to a whole new extreme.

"You stupid little two faced bitch, you do not know anything about anything, understand," I spit each word in her face.

"I know your a dirty slut," she pushed my shouldeds making me take a step back.

Stepping back forward instantly I swing subconciously hitting her square in the jaw. Tears hit her eyes, I could practically see the bruise under her hand, "You can go fuck your self you no good piece of ass, and you keep your goddamn mouth closed or that," I point at Rina who is bawling at this point, "Will be you," and with that I leave the bathroom and head for first block, already almost fifteen minutes late.

"Look who decided to show up for class, thank you for joining us Phoebe," Mage cracked a sarcastic smile which I quickly shot down with a 'This is not a good time' look.

Whispers flew through the class room, I was fucking him, I was blowing hims, he was a phedophile, I was a slut, I beat the shit out of Rina. It all flew around, and I caught every word, he I could tell caught bits and pieces as he handed out papers.

The phone rings, "Okay, will do," Mage quickly hangs it up and shoots me a look, "They want you in the office," I knew it was coming, chances were it was for clocking Rina in the jaw, but his job was now on the line.