Room 303

Text Book Page 6

I get into the office where they have me sit in awkward silence until Mrs. Carson out principle is ready to see me.

"I already know what this is about so can we get this over with?" I slunk down in the chair infront of her desk.

"Want to tell me what happend in the bathroom between you and Rina?" her eyes never left the paperwork.

"She talked shit, I punched her in the jaw, I'm not going to apologize, I'll take whatever punishment you're going to dish and move on please," I do not handle athority well and I can not stand being talked to like a child.

"Talking shit as in harasment?"

"She called me a slut," I sat straight up.

"Counld that have anything to do with the rumor about you and Mr. Ericson, that I must also address?" So it has reached the faculty.

"Ericson is my English teacher. He's old. He's to profecional. Even if I wanted in his pants, I couldn't get there," I roll my eyes and sat back again. Clearly this could take a while.

"Well unfortinantly Ms. Phoebe, these are rumors the school board and I cannot just ignore, we are going to have to look very deeply into this and if there is something going on Ihighly recommend you save yourself by telling us the truth now rather than us find out later," This makes me wonder what it is they already know if anything.

"Address it all you want I can guarentee you find nothing, and I would appreciate if you did not accuse both Mr. Ericson and I of sucuntil you can. Now if you do not mind, because of my struggle in the current unit in English I have missed enough art classes and," the bell rings right on time, "that is the let out of fitst block, what is my punishment for the hit?"

"Out of school suspension tomorrow, your lucky fighting here is not tolerated it could have been an expullsion, you are excused," with that I am up and out quickly returning to Mage.