Room 303

Text Book Page7

I knock on the door to room 303 something I never have to do. Mage instantly lets me in.

"What happened?" First words out of his mouth.

"People were looking, stairing, laughing, showing disgust towards me,," I started simple this whole situation was about to go to hell.

"When?" short abrupt question.

"In the hallway Mage, then Rina was talking shsit about us in the bathroom, someone saw us come in together this mroning and now everyone is putting two and two together, the students, the facclty, the office, the board, they all know Mage, and it{s only a matter of time before," I am inturruupted by a knock on the door.

Glancing quickly at eachother he points, "That middle cabnets empty go," and without hesitation i open the cabnit step in and close it. I hear him greet the strangers at the door.

"This is your planning period right Mage," a familiar, but unp;aceable voice asks.

"Yes sir it is,"

"There has been some very strange rumors brought to my attention of you and a student, the conciquences for this would be dire you know," the voice is moving throughout the room.

"I am aware Glen," thats right Glen Trandon is the superintendant.

"If we were to find anything that proved to us that we were right we would have to purse it with the board and depending on the age an actual court of law,"the voice is coming closer.

"Understood, have you found any proof??" he was being a smart ass, bad idea in this situation.

"Onnly that a Ms. Phoebe has been missing her second period to be here and is not in her second period now. Where is she Mr. Ericson?" they already knew I was somewhere in this room.

"Clearly not in my classroom Trandon," he's getting angry and I can her it in his voice.

"Tell me the nature of your relationship with her, I need to know everything I can for the board. How did it start, did she offer, did she ask, did you rape her?"

I am furious and can no longer bite my tongue. He put his emphasiis on rape for a reason, and I will not have him go down for rape.

"That's enough," I swing the cabnit door open.

"He did not rape me, he did not ask me I did not ask him, it just happend okay, there is no crime behind this, nothing wrong has happend," I am yellinng almost in his face.

"On the contrary Phoebe, it is against Mage's contract to do what he is doing with you, tomorrow, before school you two are to be present at the board metting reguarding your case.

With that he leaves the room, leaving Mage and I there in silence.

"Mage, hunny, we can get through this, maybe you won't lose your job,"I want him to be okay.

"I'm not worried about me Phoebe, don't you get it, I was mever worrieed about me, if I lose my job whatever, the issue now is you, what's going to happen to yo?"

"I'm going to continue on with exactly what I am doing now, seeing you and finishing school, I don't give a damn what the school board has to say." I am a little upset he thinls they could drive me away.

He looks down at the floor, I put my hand under his chin and lift his face, "I love you remember," I kiss hims lightly and passionantly.

"I love you too,"I could see a slight smile popping through.

"Now, let's finish the day strong, I'll come home with you tonight, and we will face the bullshit together tomorrow," I kiss him one more time as the bells ring and students flood the hallways.