Room 303

Text Book Page 8

The day moved quickly while i say in my own head pondering. It's crazy that Mage was right all along, that it all really is going to help,and there's nothing www could doo about it. In the end the board would make their final decision and that would be it for us. No hope awhile i finished my senior year of us being what we are now.

The final bell rang insulting me out o my head and up to my feet, hurling down the hall to meet with Mage, in room 303 for the last time so I assume.

"I have a lot of papers to grade, were gonna be here a while," he never took his eyes of the papers as he spoke.

"Mage, fuck it, you have tomorrow, we don't, we have now, you want to waste it this way?" I was getting loud.

"Truth is Phoebe, as I think about this situation more, and see what means more to me, it's not this, this bullshit "relationship" we've got going on, it my teaching, my students, my kids, my wife,"

I cut him off, "You have kids and a wife? Where the fuck have they been this whole time?" my tears flow. I'm not upset, I'm pissed.

"They come back from their vacation tomorrow, after the board meeting, don't you get it Phoebe, you were just a piece of ass, a young, willing, vulnerable piece of ass," he stand up and puts his jacket on, "I'll see you tomorrow," and with that he is out the door like nothing ever happens.

I'm astonished. None of this makes any sense to me. Married, kids, piece of ass. If it's the lady thing I do he will walk out of here with the story of how he lost his job to explain to his wife and kids. I will walk out of here knowing I accomplished something worth this whole d
fucked up semester.