Room 303

Text Book Page 9

The room was set up like court, him on one side, myself on the other, ten other people scattered around the table.

"It has come to our attention that teacher Mage Ericson has be conducting a sexual relationship with one of his students. S well known this is unacceptable and unprofessional. We will start with Mr. Ericsons side of this story. Ericson?"

"It's simple sir, this young lady here seduced my, I'll admit to slipping once, but she held it over my head so it happened again and again and again," he spewed his bullshit.

"You never thought to report Phoebe to the school board?" cover that one up dick head.

"I kept giving Phoebe the option to not ruin her school career and every time out seemed as if she was going to, but then she didn't, I did not want to ruin her entire career," I am bouncing in my chair waiting for my chance to speak.

"End of your story Ericson?" the superintendent asked.

"Yes sir," he sat.

"Phoebe," a gesture towards me.

"Sir, I know this it's suppose to be strictly within the school, however with being to Mage's house so many times I decided to pay a visit there again after he left for this," Mage shot me a horrific look.

"The lady I'm about to introduce to you is Mrs. Mage Ericson," with that his wife came in the for and hugged me.

"This women was on vacation while Mage was inviting me over every night after school and sleeping with me. If I seduced him, why was I at his house? How would I have even known where he lived?" I shot him the same look he gave me.

"I explained everything to Lynn here this morning and in return she explained to me that Mage has a history of cheating and outs currently working through a possible divorce which will now be finalized I assume. My point superintendent is if I seduced him, why would I have been asset at his house?"

"Phoebe, what was the point of Lynn being here?" Mage screamed, "Why did you drag her into it?" he's crying.

"Because as I recall her and your family are what's most important to you and I was just a "young piece of ass" you fucked me this is me fucking you in every way you never wanted."

The board whispers for a few minutes then the superintendent speaks, "With that information we have no choice but to, Mage, collect your things you are no longer able to teach here. Phoebe, your free to go."

Every one gets up to leave, Lynn hugs me one more time and I follow the crowd or of the room.