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All out and Over

There was a flickering light behind the red and white striped canvas. It cast a gloomy shimmer over the yellow tape which was being drawn at his back. The sirens were silenced and only the red and blue flashing lights revealed their presence. He grabbed his notebook and pen and pulled back his hat from his face, the warm night made a little drop of sweat travel down his brow. The tents flap was muddy and grudged, it floated softly on the nightly draft, beckoning him closer. From a distance he could hear sobbing and a distressed voice accompanied by two soothing ones. Pulling back the tents flap the scene before him unfolded.

“She did it! I’m sure of it! Her hands were so bloody!” a madame with a voluminous black and white striped dress cried, mascara running down her cheeks. At his approach of the victim, two lions started roaring, filling the place with a macabre music.

Welcome to the circus.

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