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All out and Over

Chapter Twenty One: Hypnotic Parlor Tricks.

The magic man sat down across from them, putting down two steamy cups of coffee. They sat at a little round table filled with candles. She could not ignore them. Cara lost herself in their flames, watched as they danced upon the wind. The fire soothed her. The painful heat of the flames was too familiar to be skittish around. Tonight, huh? Tonight we will finally make him suffer the way he made us suffer.

While the thoughts ran through her mind, flashes of Dmitri appeared in her third eye. The way she would look up to him as he crashed upon her body and panted in her rhythm. The feeling of heat spreading through her body, from the top of her head all the way to her toes. How he would stand at the back beams of the tent while she performed, making the fire of her hula hoop spread between her legs too. No, Cara, he should die. You think you were the only one he made feel like that. He made Malory scream out his name too. And who else do you think? Some acrobats? Freddy’s stupid bitch? The bearded lady for all you know! You think what he and you have is special. It isn’t! It isn’t!

“You still with us sweetie?” she heard Malory say. Her words pulled her from her inner dialogue and she looked up to her friend. The way Malory called her sweetie made her warm on the inside. Not between her legs but in her chest. Malory was family. Worth more than a good fuck. Worth anything.

“Yeah; sorry, the flames.” Cara explained curtly. Malory nodded with understanding and turned her loving gaze towards Xavier. Cara didn’t like Xavier that much. He had saved her, that was true, still she didn’t feel like she could trust him. Not after he’d drug her all those time she visited. Cara had loved the feeling when she left his tent time and time again, yet it hadn’t been Molly and it hadn’t been just tea either. She really did not know what had happened within her visits. It worried her. Now more than it had done before. Now that they were getting so close to the moment supreme.

Cara picked up the giant cup of coffee before her, it was steamy and hot. Just the way I like it.

“We need to do it after the show. People will be busy with partying and drinking, Dmitri won’t be missed.” Malory started off. Even with the rationalizing voices in her head, Cara’s stomach churned as she realized what they were planning. You want to burn him Cara! You do!

“I guess you have a way to lure him?” Xavier mumbled. Malory beckoned that they did, turning her sharp but beautiful eyes upon Cara.

“My dearest, Cara, will lure him out,”

“And how will you do that?” Xavier said while his eyes were upon her too. They were both looking at her, Malory’s gaze being heartwarming; Xavier’s making her a bit uneasy.

“You want me to spell it for you?” Cara said annoyed as she sipped from her coffee. You want me to tell you I am going to draw him out with the promise of sex? You want to know how I will dress down, strip to my panties? You want to know how I will get him to go to that particular tent.

“I want you to look me in the eye and tell me you will succeed in it.” Xavier said. “I want to help you, because Malory is dear to me. You are oddly dear to me too, yet I need to know we will go about this the right way.”

Cara looked him in the eye. He stared at her with such an intensity it made her slightly dizzy. His eyes looked from one side to another and back. She followed his irises with her gaze, swaying up and down.
“I can...I can do it,” She said. Her eyelids were a getting a bit heavy. It was hard to keep them open. What is in this coffee?

“Look at me Cara, follow my eyes. Don’t you want to succeed? Follow my eyes.” Strangely she did what he asked. She followed his eyes until she snapped out of it.

“I might need to get some ‘beauty-sleep’ before tonight,” she mumbled. Rubbing her eyes and taking another sip of her coffee.

The coffee tasted weird. Different than it had just moments ago. Somewhere back in her mind she noticed, yet the mist that filled her head made it hard to figure out what was happening. It was like her thoughts came from miles away, and they thinned at the time they reached her, leaving just fragments to arrive.

Xavier talking. Malory looked at her. Malory looked at her? Did she? Or did I just imagine that? They kissed? They kissed?

At the sound of a snap, the mist just disappeared from her mind, and everything seemed clear again.
“What just happened?” Cara asked, her voice sounded clearer than it had moments ago. Malory was still sitting next to her, drinking her coffee while holding the mug with her lanky fingers and those black painted nails.

“I guess you are very tired, Love,” She spoke. “You just dozed off a bit.”

Cara looked at her mug. It appeared to be the same coffee she had before. Taking a small sip, it did taste the same as it had. You are becoming very paranoid, Cara! She silently yelled at herself. Xavier can’t hurt you, or do to you whatever he has done before. Not with Malory here. She won’t have it. She is family.

“Why don’t you go get some rest,” Xavier suggested. “We will all need clear minds tonight.” A smile crept upon Malory’s face, but quickly disappeared again once Cara noticed it.

“I think that is a very good idea,” her Madame spoke, “we don’t want any bags under your eyes tonight, now do we.” Malory leaned in and pressed a kiss upon her hair. One of her hands grabbed the back of her head and pulled it against her lips. It felt good. It felt so good to be part of a family. To have Malory love her and protect her the way she did.

“Now, go make me proud.” Malory whispered in her ear.


He saw her saunter across the circus yard. Her hips swaying from one side to another, that small firm bum beckoning him closer. Not too close.

Freddy stayed in the shadows. Darkness had fallen hours ago and the shows were about to be over. There was still commotion coming from the great tent, the last act being the skinny acrobats. The lines for the cabinet of curiosities had thinned out and disappeared. The only other attraction that was still visited would be the twins Linda and Lisa, probably after they’d lured some of their customers back to their cabin for some side earnings.

He was a few yards behind her. Cara’s skin was lit by the carnival lights and revealed a greasy layer upon it. The oil from her show, still on her flesh. He almost wanted to lick his lips, but didn’t. He had nearly tasted her just a night before, on the train. It was wrong. He was drunk. Very drunk. And she had been so hot and bothered, dressed in nothing but that bathrobe. She asked for it. Slut.

Freddy knew where she was going. She is going to ask for some more of that. He knew she was going towards Dmitri for a steamy encounter. He had walked in on them on the train too. Their carnal outings were hard to avoid since there had been no place they hadn’t had sex. does it just for show, just for Malory? My ass! She wants it, and she enjoys it. Nothing sicker than fucking the man you’re about to kill, is there?

Still Freddy wouldn’t mind to be sick with her. He had dreamed of it since the first time he’d seen her show. It was about two years ago that Cara joined the circus. She had been a hussy from an obscure town, wanting to get out into the world.

That first night she had performed, she mesmerized him, and with him the entire audience. There was something about the way she moved that was so sensual. It wasn’t just oil she was dripping in while she did her shows; it was liquid sex.

Outside of her shows it had been different. She fucked around a bit, but since Malory had gotten her claws upon Cara, Dmitri was the only one enjoying the dish.

Not for long Freddy thought. Poor man would be dead soon at the hands of fire and fortune. Malory was a smart woman, and cunning. He couldn’t get on her bad side again. Never again. I’d end up just like him.

Malory used men just like men used women; as disposables. Instead of just throwing them away, she was more like a black widow spider; once she got bored with them, or even worse, if they offended her, she bit their heads off.

Reminder to self; never sleep with the queen of hearts.

Cara was almost at her destination. She slit between the canvases of the tent and just as she disappeared Freddy could see her dropping one strap of her triangle bra. A short glance of a perky nipple was all he was granted tonight. And maybe, it is the last I see of you, hot girl, he thought.

You better make it a fuck of a lifetime; it will be your last!
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