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All out and Over

Chapter Seven: Join the Freakshow

Cara sighed; the acrobat had no real steamy juice. She had only a boring story about the strong man and his favor of lady dresses. Who cared? With stealthy steps, she sped away. She was not supposed to be eavesdropping.

If Malory had information she wanted to share with me, she would have asked me to be there, right? Or maybe Malory will share the gossip later on? The acrobat will not tell nearly enough with me in the room surely.

Cara looked across the muddy field. No morning exercise with Dmitri, no hanging out with Malory, what the hell was she to do?

At the far end of the terrain, she saw Ricket. The little clown was glaring at her, his lips puckered around his cigarette, inhaling the cancerous smoke. What are you looking at, abomination!

“Anything you want to see, funny boy?” She taunted at him, bending over so he would get a good look at her rack. She was still wearing the short morning robe that showed more than it concealed. He did just lose his girlfriend; maybe he just needed something to put his mind to?

“No thanks, Firecracker, too hot for me,” He said with a raspy voice from the cigarette and looked her over once more. “I bet you have enough hands upon that body, or maybe teeth sunken in those areolas.” Cara looked down and saw that her nipples indeed pricked through the sheer fabric. It must have been the cold morning air. When she looked up to make a smart reply, the clown was gone. Split.

What did he mean by teeth?


“Honey, you should really learn to do this on your own,” one of them said to her as her hand graced her face with the big brush. Linda and Lisa werepainting her face. The soft brush was caressing her skin, the soft hairs tickling her gently. They were whitening the base of her face. She knew how to do this. Yet she just didn’t want to do it alone.

I need to stay distracted.

“I know, I know.” Cara sighed under the pleasure of the caresses “You two just do it so much better,” she flattered them. Lisa and Linda, inseparable from birth, literally. Despite the gorgeous sequined dress they wore, despite the way they dressed their deep black hair with pink feathers; they presented themselves in the rarities cabinet. Sharing their lower body, they parted in two torsos on their upper body. Two sets of arms and two sets of breasts. They were a whoremonger’s dream, yet they had chosen the circus life. Where Cara loved spreading her legs for pleasure, Dmitri sure knows, they just displayed their unfortunate birth and got paid for it. No real talents, no real craft, however, they got paid.

No real craft besides doing my make-up, that is.

Cara could not deny it. She could do her own make-up but the sisters were the best. Even Malory could not throw them from their throne when it came to make up art. It was not the reason she had come to them. Cara enjoyed hanging out with the ‘mutants’; it made her feel more worthy. People stuck up their noses when they passed her, but they did look at her. The stars of the rarity cabinet did not even get any glances, and if they did, it was disgust for their malformations. Beside these people, Cara was as clean as a whistle. She was pristine even. It made her grin. Perspective. Always perspective.

Cara needed the distraction and Malory had not had any time for her friend, so she was forced to find distraction elsewhere. Anywhere but going to him.

I need to stay high, all the time, to keep him from my mind.

Entering their cabin she had paid their attention with party treats. A little pill beneath the tongue, a little Molly to get the mood going. They had taken it and now their hands were all over her. That was what MDMA would do with you. Euphoria, enhanced sensation, even enhanced sexuality, not that she needed that.

“You are right, we do know what we are doing, don’t we Lisa,” Linda said to her sister. Lisa only nodded, staring at Cara’s face. Her eyes wereslightly glazed, probably inside her own hallucination. A good one from what Cara could detect. Lisa licked her lips and smiled at her. Cara just grinned.

“Lisa is truly enjoying herself,” Cara closed her eyes again and felt the inner peace that her little white pills gave her. In her mind she was undressing herself. Malory was watching, approving of what she did.

“Go on,” Malory said, pushing her towards Dmitri. “Show me,” Before she knew it, his hands were all over her. She looked back at Malory, searching for approval. Malory nodded, urging her on.

“You know I want you to please him,” the look in her Madame’s eyes changed. It was not approving anymore, it was vicious, it was mad. “So please him!”

This was not distracting her of Dmitri in any sense. Taking that pill had not been a wise move.

The makeup brush made a last stroke over her face. She was pale now, truly pale. Linda started with drawing dark lines beneath her eyes, making her lashes stand out and her eyes mysterious. Lisa had snapped out of her hallucination and her hands wereupon her lips, painting them a dark red, gradienting from a dark red at the outer ends to a more blood red where her lips met.

Cara closed her eyes and enjoyed it. She imagined someone else touching her face. She tried hard not to let the random bloke’s face turn into Dmitri’s yet his face drudged up again and again. The guy’s teeth turned pointy, his grin animalistic. His hair grew until it curled upon his shoulders. She could not stop him from changing to Dmitri. Why had she said no to him? Malory wanted her to screw him, he wanted her to screw him and after that little pill, there was no other release she craved more.

“You seem to be enjoying this too,” Lisa said with a giggle in her voice. Cara’s eyes shot open and she saw that her hand had moved to Lisa’s body, resting just beneath her breasts.

“Oh sorry,” Cara said with a devilish smile, “The Molly does that to me.”

“It’s okay,” Lisa said, winking at her. “We don’t make as much money as we do only by letting people merely watch.”

What was this? Was the pill loosening lips? Income besides the normal circus business was something prohibited. The Boss would not like it. He’d hate to be cheated out of all that money.

This would not be the last time I will bring Molly into this cabin.

“Lisa!” Linda exclaimed. It was not only her secret her sister was exposing, it was obviously their shared discretion.

“It’s okay, Linda,” Cara soothed. “It is safe with me.” She had let go of the breast and with that same hand she traveled up Linda’s spine, walking the straps of her dress. The girl was closing her eyes and Cara knew the pill was doing its work in both halves of the body.

Lisa was already continuing painting her lips, a little corner of the mouth was painted out and up, giving her a permanent smile. Her cheeks were colored and her eyes were made to lure anyone in the audience in. She looked sexy. Observing herself in the mirror, she was content. She looked like a harlot, in a good way. She would be any holy girl’s envy and every unholy man’s desire.

A twisted doll. A twisted mind, that is what you are. A twisted free spirit, with a body to die for.

Cara stood and wrapped her rope across her body more tightly. Looking at the mutant that had just done her make-up she wondered; do they ever...The pill had heightened their desires enough, that was for sure. She kissed the both girls on their cheeks and turned towards the door.

“I’ll leave you two to, I don’t know, whatever you enjoy doing together,” She said smiling, a cruel smile played her lips. Only imagining what happened behind closed doors and drawn curtains between these two, was just a pleasure for the imagination.

It was time to get herself dressed and ready for her performance. Her own fire was already lit; maybe Dmitri could quench her hunger later on. First; real fire had to destroy the stage floor. Already feeling the flaming hoop upon her hips as she walked across the campsite, she felt invincible.

I will make Malory proud tonight. I will shag his brains out.


The crowd was full. The circus tent was filled up to the roof. She stood behind the curtains and saw how his lions only just left the stage. It was her turn, yet the real act was to be put on later tonight. Malory was at the side lines, her eyes traveled with the lions leaving the stage.

He does not deserve you, he’s bad. He is trash, you deserve so much more. Just wait sweet mother, I will kill him for you, and we will kill him for how he hurt you.

She walked up the stage, her flames warming her skin. Eyes upon her. Shocked mothers, shocked barren housewives, yet the men did look rather pleasantly surprised.

She put one of the torches to her mouth and blew, spitting out the fuel she had stored in her mouth. A giant cloud of fire was traveling through the air, just not reaching the ropes and canvas of the tent.

“Ladies and Gentleman, it is about to get really...” She looked around the tent. It was filled with enough adult men to make this an interesting show. She moved her hips and moved around seductive. Letting enough wives shoot their husbands angry glares.

♠ ♠ ♠
Let the show begin; and don't be shy to visit the freaks of nature! They don't bite....often.

Here's Linda and Lisa

It got hot indeed