Status: One-Shot

A Pandora Box Past

Frank and Gerard are forced to open up old wounds to help their niece connect with the parents she never had the opportunity to meet. It is a painful experience, but the end result will cast a magical spell over their future as a family.


Coming soon, a return to the world of Frank Iero: P.A. in the form of a one shot expanding on the final chapter of the original story...

"His reasons were far more serious than mine. There were many contributing factors to why Gerard moved from there in the first place - me, Emma-Lea, the need to give up fame - but the one that truly pained him the most was all the memories of Mikey and Alicia held within those walls. He once told me that there wasn't a room in that house, other than his studio, that he could walk into without reliving a memory of them. They, the memories not the people, would haunt him at night and he would often wake in a cold sweat from his vivid dreams about them. In the end it all got too much for him, so he found somewhere he could go, and like pulling a switch in his brain he shut himself off to all those thoughts."

This will precede my new, yet in some ways old, story that will bring the Frank Iero: P.A. tale full circle.

Gerard Way: Artist.
February 6, 2015
The other side will be told.