Prom Night and Bow Ties

Everyone was talking about Prom. Castiel couldn't seem to get away from the talk about it. He didn’t want to hear about prom, but it was everywhere. All the girls were talking about it, posters were hanging up everywhere for the more than stupid event. Prom was just a way for people to waste their money, it was so stupid how extravagant people made this event out to be. Also Castiel was just a junior so if he really ever wanted to go, which he wouldn’t, he could go next year. But it wasn’t just that Castiel didn’t like the idea of prom, it was also the fact that no one would go with him. Of course people knew who Csatiel was and everything, but he wasn’t the sort of guy you could just come up to and ask to prom. Not like Dean at least. No Dean, Dean was practically perfect. He was so sweet and kind, caring. Not to mention he was captain of the rugby team. Castiel has seen once or twice a girl ask him to the dance and if he didn’t want to go, how he would say no would be so kind it didn’t even seem like he was saying no. Castiel smiled to himself thinking about Dean. Okay, if there was one person he would ever want to go to prom with it would be Dean. But that didn’t matter now, because it was at the end of the year, Dean was a senior and Castiel was still a junior. That wouldn’t work anyway, Dean was a straight. So why would he even look at Castiel twice. Castiel wouldn’t be surprised if the blond didn’t even know his name. Castiel didn’t really care for the sport rugby, but he would go to all the games, mainly for Dean. He hated himself for it, but he liked Dean, quite a bit. The fact that he would never get to go to prom with him, or even out on a date, though made the whole notion of prom even worse. When he went to his locker to get ready for the next class there was a prom poster plastered onto his locker. Castiel sighed and tore it down before going back to his business. “Prom is so stupid,” he said to himself.