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Like the Movies

starring role.

He liked her. He liked the way she looked, especially in that skirt. It was short, showing off her edginess. But it still maintained that sweetness as it flared out a little when she moved.

He watched her as she laughed with friends, sitting up on one of the speakers. He could see her skirt shift a little when the bass dropped. He drew his eyes up to her bright red lips; leaving marks on the Styrofoam cup she nursed occasionally. He wanted to be that cup.

He pulled his own cup to his lips, taking a sip of his drink. Someone shouldered him hard. The liquid spewed from the holding in his mouth. “Need a bib, baby boy?” It was J-Hoon.

Heedo used the back of his hand to wipe the spittle from his chin. He began to brush at his sodden shirt.

“Instead of standing over here drooling over her, you could just go talk to her.”

“Don’t you see all those people around her?” Heedo griped. “She won’t notice me.”

“Well, it definitely won’t help your case to be standing over here like a loner.” J-Hoon elbowed the boy in the back, forcing him forward. Heedo looked back at him, shaking his head. J-Hoon gave a running false start towards the maknae, scaring him. Thinking J-Hoon would run him over, Heedo started away.

Heedo tripped over his own two feet. He fell to the ground, spilling his drink. Moving to stand, he realized he had fallen into a circle of people. Lifting his head, he saw those familiar bare legs against a speaker. He looked up.

She was staring back at him, eyebrow raised. “Nice of you to drop in,” she commented.

He quickly sprang to his feet. “I…I uh…”

“You uh what?” she mocked him.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?” He wasn’t too sure of what he was apologizing for himself.

He watched as she processed the beat of silence between them, her face going from confused to what appeared to be angry. He wasn’t expecting her to do what she did next.

She reached out to him and grabbed one of his ears, pulling him closer to her. “You looked up my skirt, didn’t you?”

He shook his head, only adding insult to injury. “I didn’t. I promise I…”

“Lies,” she shouted back at him over the music. He could see her slosh the contents of the cup down over the speaker before she hopped off. She dragged him through the crowd and down a hall. She dragged him into an empty room and locked the door, letting him go.

Expecting to feel a stinging slap or swift kick to the crotch, he was surprised when he felt something wet against his lips: her own. She was kissing him. She was kissing him?

His head reared back. “What is this?”

“Kissing?” she asked him. In the darkness, he could make out her big hazel eyes looking up at him. “You’ve kissed before, haven’t you?”

Absently, he nodded, unable to deny his feeble mind. “Yeah, but…”

“It’s not enough?” She took a step back from him. Her shirt came off in one swift movement, revealing her bra. “How about this?”

“This…” Heedo swallowed, feeling the heat rising within him.

She pressed herself against him, taking his hand and pushing it under her skirt and up along her thigh. “How about this then?”

His mouth fished for words, but none came. He tripped over sounds.

“It’s what you wanted, right? You knew. That’s why you’ve been watching me.”

“I wasn’t…”

“You’re a bad liar,” her words spliced his sentence. She took his other hand and placed it on her breast, then moving her own under his shirt, feeling his chest. “You feel that?”

Both of their hearts were racing, knowing full well something was going on between them. “I’ve never felt my heart beating this crazy before,” she admitted.

He looked at her, his eyes like giant saucers reacting to what she was saying. “Never?”

“Have you?” She looked at him from beneath her heavy lids.

He shook his head languidly. Her head flipped to the side as she spoke to herself, saying, “This is what it must feel like in the movies before they do it.”

His shyness dissolved at her comment and he felt more at ease. He removed her hands from him before taking his own shirt into his hands and stripping it off of himself.

She turned her attention back to him and took in his fit torso, trailing up to a half-smile on his face. “Should we do it like in the movies then?” he suggested.

Her eyes danced with the spark of possibility, but also reflected some hesitation at his newfound confidence. She took absent step back, but he grabbed her at the elbow and pulled her close to him. His hand traced the muscle of her thigh before disappearing once again underneath her skirt.

Her eyes shut involuntarily and a moan fled her lips as he forced a finger inside her. “It’s what you wanted, right?” She could feel her own words eating back at her as he spoke. Her ‘yeah’ came up in a high-pitched squeal as he added another digit.

“Then let me give you what the starring role deserves.” Heedo said before pressing him lips to hers silencing her once and for all.
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for Florencia. I meant to post this sooner, but school has really been kicking my ass. Hopefully you enjoyed it, Florencia (I realize I didn't use your name in the story; reason for that is because I wanted it to be from his perspective. Hopefully that's not too much of an issue. :/)