Knee Socks

When Arabella left for her new boarding school she wasn't ready for everything that it held. Harry Styles, the headmaster of the boarding school held a fascination for the young girl of only fourteen years of age. Arabella refuses to give into the 34 year old man, but girl can only take so much and after all, whatever Harry Styles wants, Harry Styles gets.
  1. Prologue
    sneak peek of what's to come...
  2. Chapter 1
    Arabella's first day at boaring school turns out nice
  3. Chapter 2
    Arabella meets the headmaster along with the cutie named Michael.
  4. Chapter 3
    Arabella has another run in with the headmaster.
  5. Chapter 4
    Arabella tells her friends about Harry and then gets comfort from the man when something bad happens.
  6. Chapter 5
    It's been a week since the incident and something else happens.
  7. Chapter 6
    The school is closed and Hayley talks with Arabella.
  8. Chapter 7
    The first night at Harry's mansion.
  9. Chapter 8
    Smutty smut smut smut! ;)