Status: Ongoing

Starting Over


Dread filled your lungs as you dashed between trees and fallen limbs. The inexcapable stench of blood and fear clinging to your battered body. The pure adrenaline masking the pain only momentarily and keeping your legs pumping. You had almost completely lost track of time, the advancing darkness being the only sign of night.

You searched everywhere along the way for a safe haven, but to no avail there was none. All hopes were crushed as you heard the steady approach of dozens of walkers. No matter how far you ran they were still there. They could smell your blood and frightened disposition like a hound hunting an injured fox.

Suddenly, your silent prayers are answered as you stop in front of a towering tree. Despite your serious injuries, you manage to climb out of arm's reach. The massive trunk of the live oak supports your entire body just enough to gain a small amount of relief. You soon tense though as the herd you were running from catches up.

You watch silently from the safety of the tree as they pass you by in ignorance. Once they are all out of sight you push out a breath you hadn't realized you were holding in. Lying your head back, you suddenly comprehend how tired your body truly is. Without hesitation, you pass out from the exaustion.