Status: Ongoing

Starting Over

What Now?

The next few days were absolute hell as you endured Daryl's constant avoidance of you. He couldn't seem to stand a single minute in your presence but to you it was the complete opposite.

A new feeling had arose in your chest, but it was more painful than confusing. It felt as though a hole was ripped through you every time he glared or just completely ignored your existence.

You never imagined your attraction toward Daryl would get this involved, but somehow you couldn't control the emotions raging inside your mind...or your body.

"Can you two go on a run later? We'll make sure to send someone with you this time for support." Hershel's voice snaps you out of your internal conflict going on.

As you slowly start to register what he said, you also realize that a small meeting had begun around your area at the court yard's table, and Daryl wasn't far from the group.

His facial expression is what confirms Hershel's request for you. He looks between you and Daryl awaiting a response.

Finally, being completely done with the childish behavior you two had expressed over the past few days, you speak up.

"Yeah, We'll go. Who's coming with us?"

The anger in Daryl's face multiplies as he continues to glare at you before stomping off back into the prison.

Everyone looks to you in confusion, but having no immediate answer feasible enough to satisfy them or yourself you shrug and walk to the car to wait.

"So you're coming along?" You ask from your leaning position by the car. Glenn just nods while putting the bags into the back, obviously uncomfortable with how Daryl is glaring at the both of you.

"Don't mind him. He's just got his panties in a bunch." Daryl clearly hears you and huffs before throwing his leg over the bike.

You see his hand clench the handle bars and his biceps flex from the tension. Despite the little situation between you two, you still can't help but admire the idiot.

Without a single word he revs the motorcycle to life and takes off through the opening gate. Glenn looks to you nonchalantly, "Panties in a bunch, huh?"

"Just get in the car." You roll your eyes and sit in the passenger side, not really wanting to drive yourself.

When you're a few miles down the road and only a few car lengths away from Daryl you finally decide to try and strike a conversation.

"So where exactly are we going?"

Glenn quickly looks over to you as though he expected you to be asleep then looks back to the road.
"Some small town a few minutes from the one you two went to last."

"So, pretty damn far?"

He chuckles, "Yeah, pretty far."

The car goes silent for a little bit and you can't seem to think of anything else to say, but you don't have to when Glenn continues.

"So, what happened?"

You act like you don't know what he's talking about, but you already knew this was coming.
"What do you mean?"

Glenn looks over to you for another second with the no-bullcrap face.
"You know exactly what I mean. What happened between you and Daryl? You two were pretty close but now it's like you can't stand each other."

"We can't stand each other." You confirm.

"But why?" Glenn starts to actually get a bit overworked as though he really thought something of you and Daryl's friendship.

It didn't feel like you two were that close as Glenn puts on, but you start to think that maybe you were closer than you had thought. Maybe you two really looked like the best of friends.

You couldn't shake the image of you and Daryl still being buddy-buddy and laughing together. Talking to him always made you feel better and forget about the shit in the world.

And at this very moment, Glenn was helping you remember exactly how much you needed and missed Daryl. But what were you going to do? Apologize and confess all at once?

Most definitely not. That sounded like the most ridiculous idea in the world, but the more you stare at his back on that motorcycle the more you want to stop him and clear up all of this crap.

"Y/N? You okay? If you don't want to talk about it that's fine."

You glance over to him and see his face contort as though he thought he did something wrong. Quickly trying to settle the tension in the car, you turn slightly and confide in him.

"I'm fine Glenn. Sorry if I made you worry, but it's just some really personal stuff that I'd rather not share. I'm kind of not the type to let everything spill out like that. Ya know?"

He nods in understanding and you both continue the drive in silence.
After a while your head starts to feel heavy as you lean it against the window. The trees pass by rhythmically with the bumps on the road making your consciousness slowly fade.

Before you know it you fall asleep to the engine's soothing mechanical noise and the warm breeze coming through Glenn's open window. The darkness feels welcoming for once and not foreboding as your surroundings get more and more familiar.