Status: Ongoing

Starting Over


"/N....Y/N. We're here. Wake up." You stir to a familiar voice and nudging. The heavy feeling throughout your body starts to subside, but your awareness is lacking as your eyes slowly adjust to the sun's harsh rays.

Callahan was staring back at you with that half-cocked grin he was always known for. His eyes were sparkling with life, which scared the hell out of you.

You fumble out of the car and land on hard concrete with a scream. You barely register the scrapes on your hands as Callahan's face gets stuck in the back of your head.

Your body starts to violently shake in confusion, and your mind tries to put everything together as you look anywhere but at him.

He was dead. I saw him. He's dead. Callahan's dead. Dead.

The word leaves a weird taste in your mouth, and as you look down at your hand after touching your lips you see red staining the pale skin. You'd bitten your lip without realizing it.

The pavement underneath you begins to collect drops of blood as you stare at the course ground. Everything goes completely blank except for the image of his remains floating across your eyes before they go blurry.

Tears slowly spill down together with the blood leaving a stinging sensation throughout your whole body. It feels as though you are being stuck with needles over and over.

Suddenly the ground below you moves and hands grasp the sides of your shoulders. Your head sluggishly rises, and you hazily look to see Glenn's mouth moving, but there's no sound.

Your brain starts to work though as words become recognizable. "Y/N! It's me, Glenn. Are you okay? What happened?"

His face was slightly bleary from the sun above, but you could tell that it was indeed Glenn and not Callahan's ghost.

You weakly try to speak but can't get anything out. All you can feel is the racing of your heart and the pain from the cuts slowly surfacing.

Suddenly, your blurred vision picks up a figure coming from behind Glenn. The image of a zombie's horrible face chewing on Callahan's flesh comes to mind, and you all of a sudden find your voice again.


He whips around with his machete to where you are pointing but stops short from the figure's head.
"Holy shit Daryl. Don't do that."

Surprisingly, his name snaps you out of the trance and brings you back. "Daryl?"

"Y/N." Daryl pushes past Glenn and kneels down. He hesitates for a second as though he was about to touch your face.

"What happened? Are ya okay?" His face is riddled with worry and concern as he looks over your body.

He grabs your hands and views the damage. You wince from the sudden contact making Daryl instantly drop them and hold his hands in fists at his sides.

"I'm fine. I'm sorry. I- I don't know what happened. I thought I saw someone."

Glenn surveys the area around you figuring you might have actually seen someone.

"Well, ya a'right?" Daryl's behavior confuses you as he clenches his jaw off and on while still giving off the idea that he cares.

"Y- Yeah. I'm good." You stutter before trying to push yourself off of the ground. Daryl catches you as you stumble and helps but immediately lets go when you're standing.

"Well, let's get goin'" He says as he seemingly hesitates turning around. Glenn stays by your side though to make sure you're alright.

With a little convincing, Glenn slacked off and let you continue on your own. It felt like forever as the three of you walked toward a small convenience store.

The events of only moments ago replay in your head. It seems like just as your nightmares start to subside they only return with a vengeance.

You couldn't shake the images out of your head, but you no longer had a choice as the small party approached the dirt covered doors of the store.