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The path to the cabin wasn't very long, but with all of the crap that you'd been through that day, you could already feel the exhaustion weighing you down.

It didn't help either that every time you look up Glenn is watching you like a hawk. Luckily, after a strong "I'm fine", he finally left you alone and continued forward.

Daryl, on the other hand, was a complete mystery like always as he manages the rear of your little 'troop'. Technically, he was supposed to be the one leading, seeing as this was his idea, but you guess he just wants to keep a close eye on you two.

Deep in your tired bones though, you kind of hope that he is looking out for you personally, but he was too confusing to know for sure.

Somewhere along the way you find yourself tripping, but before you can actually hit the ground a strong pair of hands grip you by the waist.

After awkwardly mumbling "thank you", you continue as though nothing happened, but secretly you were screaming at the top of your imaginary lungs.

Somehow it felt like you and Daryl's relationship, if you can call it that, became even closer within the time that you spent apart.

To be honest, you had actually decided within the first few days that you couldn't lie to yourself anymore.

You love Daryl.

It's that simple, but at the same time pretty complicated.

So, there you were, awkwardly avoiding him but trying to figure out how to confess. All of it made you feel like a stupid school girl again. Simultaneously though it helped get your mind off of worse things in the world.

It wasn't until you nearly fell again that you notice Daryl now walking along side you. He instantly holds his arm out for you to fall on instead, but you manage to catch yourself.

You both gave each other the understanding nod and kept walking. The air seems to thicken as you clear your throat.

He looks at you expectantly thinking you were about to say something. You merely smile at him awkwardly.

After about a minute you finally gained enough courage to speak. "Listen Daryl," you began lowly so that only he could hear, "I'm sorry. I know it's not much and you're probably still pissed and confused about what I said before. I just..."

He seems to wait patiently for you to continue as he glances over at you.

You could see him chewing the inside of his mouth like he always does when he's either thinking or nervous. Watching Daryl pull his bottom lip in brought your mind to other things for a brief moment, but you quickly come back.

"I just had some things to think over. It's kind of complicated I guess, but I hope that everything can go back to normal. Trust me when I say I don't think bad of you at all. You've saved my life on way too many occasions for me to hate you."

He didn't say anything for a few minutes which gave you enough time to stir some more courage up.

"Plus, I really like you Dixon. You're a really great person."

You know that he only took that in the platonic sense, but somehow getting it out made you feel just a little bit better. Maybe everything would really work out.

Unfortunately, the negative side of your feelings started to take flight as you imagine Daryl not caring for you at all. Maybe he only dealt with you because he saw that you were a valuable asset to the group. Just a pawn used to survive.

Before your thoughts could get anymore depressing you find your small group in front of the cabin. It looks really old but sturdy as though someone had built it with their own two hands.

Everything was going fine as Daryl led the way up the few stairs. Glenn followed quietly behind as you stood at the bottom looking out into the woods.

Everything was fine.
Until you could hear it.
Terrifying screams in the distance that is.
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I AM SOOOOO SORRY guys for not updating in FOREVER, but school hit me like a fudgin' bus. I technically already had a lot of the chapters finished, but I just never got the chance to post them. I'm just going to post what I have finished (which is all but the last chapter).