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Starting Over

Nothing Goes Right

Your body instinctively reacts as your legs take off in the direction of the screaming. You weren't sure who, but you feel a hand try to grab your wrist to stop you before you escape their radius. Daryl's voice trails after you, getting more distant the farther you run.

In a matter of seconds you find yourself surrounded by trees, trying to determine the origin of the yelling. Confusion knits your brow when you realize the screams had stopped.
You frantically turn in circles with a heavy breath.

Your mind dreads the worst. That whoever it was was no longer alive, and whatever attacked them was coming for you.

Somehow you had lost your sensibility and ran off blindedly into the woods. You couldn't believe your stupidity.
After a few calming breaths you finally regain your composure and take in your surroundings. Everything was so quiet. Not a single bird or rustle could be heard.

You feel like a deer at that very moment, standing as still as humanly possible while listening for danger. Except at that moment you practically were the deer.

You were being hunted, and you had no time to react as an arrow whistles through the air and hits you in the leg. The panic sets in before your awareness, leaving you gritting your teeth while you clutch at the bleeding wound.

Between the pain and confusion you somehow couldn't help the thought slip in your mind that Daryl used a crossbow.

Suddenly, another one strikes directly beside your foot making you snap back to reality. Without another thought you rush over to the nearest tree for cover.

Taking in a breath you assess the damage and see the arrow sticking straight through your calf. A hiss escapes your mouth when you move your leg to get a better look. The bleeding wasn't major, but if you didn't get the arrow out you could get an infection.

The military never really gave a lesson on how to deal with an arrow, so you were left dumbfounded that there was a freaking arrow sticking out of your leg.

The initial shock of the sudden attack soon fled completely though as you hear leaves being pushed away or stepped on. The sounds were so close that your body involuntarily sucks in a breath and holds it.

It wasn't until whoever it was got within a car's length close to you that you reacted. Ignoring the pulsing pain, you slowly stand up and peek around the large trunk.

Your eyes meet the broad back of a man wearing a dark green T-shirt and dirt covered jeans. From just his posture you guess he was in his early thirties or mid forties. It was hard to tell because he was facing the opposite direction.

He seemed to be staring intently at the trees as though he heard a noise. Maybe a walker would save you, which was pretty ironic at this point.

You shrink back a little when he turns slightly giving you a good view of his weapon. He was holding a crossbow similar to Daryl's but covered in blood. Your heart sinks at the sight, lowering your confidence that Daryl could never be killed.

Deep down you knew there was no way that that blood was his though. It quite possibly was from that feminine scream you heard earlier.

When he continues to survey the area across from you, you see it as your chance to avenge your sore leg. But you'd have to get close considering your gun would draw too much attention.

On the other hand, what if Daryl and Glenn heard the gunshot and came to your rescue?
No. It'd take them too long to reach you.

The echoes in a forest create a maze that you experienced for yourself.
Why had you gone into those damn woods?

You whip your head back from sight as the man turns around. Too late.
You'd lost your chance to attack and now you're probably going to die.

You close your eyes and wait to hear his inevitable approach. A long moment passes without hearing a single sound as though everything was still again.

Despite your body's natural reaction to obvious danger, you look around the tree again. Your curiosity always seems to be your downfall in situations like this, and just as you feared, there was no one standing where the man was.

There was nothing but leaves covering the ground and trees lightly swaying every once and awhile. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and your breathing quickens.

That dreaded feeling of someone watching you starts to bubble up inside you. In that instant you know you are going to die today.

A sickening chuckle behind you sends shivers down your entire body. When you twist around to look at the man your leg gives out underneath you, and you fall to the ground with evident discomfort.

You look up at the crossbow aimed at your chest then direct your gaze to the killer in front of you. His smile was repulsive as you caught sight of yellowed teeth and gaps. The expression on his face gives you the worst feeling of trepidation while he looks down at you hungrily.

"W-what do you want?"

This question seems to spark something even more vile than his mouth in him. He never wavers his aim as he crouches down to your level.

Your hand slowly, and hopefully unnoticeably, reaches for your knife on your belt. His hellish voice seeps through you like daggers as he tilts his head in the creepiest manner.

"Everythang sweet'eart"

The blade now in your hand lashes out at him before his own hand could find its destination on your face. The crossbow goes off only inches from where your hand supports your weight on the ground.

He roars with anger as the deep cut on his cheek bleeds. With the blood dripping down his face he glares down at you menacingly. Your eyes practically bulge as he stalks forward.

When he was in reaching distance you swing out again attacking his ankles. He leaps back and dodges each thrust.

He finally remembers the weapon in his hand and begins to load another bolt. You take this chance to stand and throw yourself at his body.

You didn't expect to throw him down the first time, but with luck on your side, your knife finds its way right into his arm.

The screams he made reminded you of that poor girl he probably murdered. You had nothing else in mind after that other than wiping this bastard off of the face of the earth.

He is too quick though when he shoves you with all of his force. You stumble, hitting your back hard against a tree. Your leg completely gives up this time, and you painfully fall to the ground.

Your sight blurs for a second as you slowly start feeling lightheaded. Looking down, you see that your wound has opened up more, and you are now bleeding profusely.

Suddenly, you're grabbed roughly by the shoulders and pushed down to the solid dirt. The man was now on top of you heavily breathing as he straddles your body.

The poignant smell that pours out of his mouth makes you want to vomit in your own mouth. It was getting harder to breath as he takes most of your oxygen with his hands around your neck.

Black spots form in your eyes, and your hearing slowly fades in and out. The only words registering being curses toward you between each breath he takes.

You thought you were done for in that moment until his body falls limp on top of your own. You gulp at air like a fish out of water trying to stay conscious.

As your vision starts to clear a blurry figure crouches beside you. You pray that it was who you'd been wishing was still safe, but before you could find out your eyes do the opposite of what you wanted and cover you with darkness.