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Starting Over

In Order to Survive


You wake up groggy and confused as you feel the roughness of the tree against your back. Your entire body is racked with pain from your previous encounters. Almost all feeling has disappeared from your left arm though, making you a bit uneasy.

You suspect blood loss is the cause, but there's no way of being sure who's blood is covering you. What bit of fresh blood had to be yours, but the dried crust in random spots had to be from your victim. Possibly a mixture of both, but either way you needed proper bandaging and anti-biotics to fight infection. Luckily, the bullet had made its way through your arm and wasn't lodged in your muscle instead.

The bullet wound compared to the pain in your sides was a mere scratch though. With each breath you took it felt like someone was taking hold of your ribs and squeezing. You'd never felt this kind of pain before and it made you wonder if internal bleeding was involved.

Moving would prove very difficult in your condition, but you had no choice. You couldn't just lay up in that tree waiting for someone to happen upon you. You had to take action yourself, no matter how agonizing it would be.

Looking up at the sky you notice that it's early morning, maybe eight or nine. That was one thing benefiting you, the time. If you left now you could make it to one of your group's hidden supply bags and to find some better shelter. You remember exactly where the bag with a first aid kit was and you really needed it. That is if in your injured state you could make a proper pace.

You decide to finally take action after lying there for twenty minutes going over the plan. From simply sitting up though you seethe in pain as your sides throbbed, and you developed a skull splitting headache. You began to grievously shift your weight in order to exit the tree.

It was just about impossible considering your left arm was almost completely immobile and your ribs were suffering. Somehow you managed to get loose, but it caused you to fall down on your back to the leaf covered ground with a thud.

"Fuck!" You exclaimed with what little oxygen was left in your lungs. It took you a few minutes to regain your composure and even then you needed time to pull together the courage. You feel like a turtle on its back as you try to roll over onto your stomach.

When you finally accomplish that, you proceed to torture yourself. "Now for the hard part." You tell yourself as you use your shaking arms to push yourself up onto your knees. It takes time but you get there. By the time you get up onto your feet, you feel like you need to take a rest. The daylight wasn't going to wait for you though, so you powered on.

Following the tracks you had left behind last night you struggle to stay up. Time seemed to slow with each step you took making it excruciating. You didn't know how long you'd been walking until you finally decided to rest. Before you could find a safe place to sit though, you found yourself walking through the tall grass that marked your arrival.

With a sigh of relief you push through the towering blades. Emerging into the open area, you abruptly stop in your tracks. The bodies of your men scattered around aimlessly and covered in blood. You see multiple footprints from infected and instantly know what happened.

The herd had come through and stopped for a snack. You weren't sure you were ready for this as your chest tightened. You seem to have no choice as your legs pull you past bodies and to what you knew was your best friend.

His name tag and hat laying a few feet away being the only identifiable objects. The bile in your stomach rose as you stared at his mangled body. You pushed it down as best you could while staring at the sickening scene before you. The lower half of him was missing leaving his busted head and chest.

He didn't deserve this. No one deserves this. All of it was just too much to handle. How it all happened without warning. How people went crazy and cannibalistic. You just couldn't believe it. But now, as you stood over Callahan's body you understood just how fucked up everything was. Life as you know it has ended.

Your attention falls on the edge of a paper hanging out of his chest pocket. You reluctantly reach for it with shaking hands. Then you fall to your knees as sobs racked your whole body. The sight of Callahan with his wife and daughter broke you down completely. Reality being a smack to the face.

Their faces start to blur as tears roll down your cheeks, occasional droplets hitting the papery surface of the photo. The fact that you hadn't cried in years only made it worse. All of the bottled up emotions pouring out of you in one huge rush. Eventually, you're forced to stop because of the overwhelming pain in your sides.

You begin to stand while putting the picture into your pocket and wiping away any remaining tears. With puffy eyes you look around at the other bodies and scattered junk left behind from the raid. Without anymore thought you walk over to a large white cover crumpled up on the ground.

It was as good as any. When you returned to Callahan's side you look away briefly. The terrible sight was still affecting your stomach's contents along with the rancid smell permeating around you. You finally kneel down with the cloth in your hand and gently lay it over Callahan's body.

Each passing second was torture as you reached into your pocket. It took most of your power not to start crying again. The smiling faces staring back at you as you suffered in silence. After thinking back on all the good times you had together you softly press your lips against the paper. Your eyes tightly close to fight back tears as you gently lay the photo on top of the cover.
"Rest easy, Michael." You whisper before standing up.

Your whole disposition has changed as you pick up his military cap and dust it off. The black embroidery of 'Callahan' practically taunting you. No matter what happened next you would carry the guilt of your men dying. You blamed yourself for everything that had happened, but you knew he would have wanted you to live. To keep surviving...and that's exactly what you planned on doing. With your mind set on living you walk off into the woods after placing the cap on your head.

All emotional thoughts are pushed to the back of your mind as you search for the supply location. The constant throbbing in your body reminding you of the importance of finding it. Your eyes scanned the whole forest floor for the pile of rocks, but it was beginning to look rough.

Out of nowhere, you plummet to the ground as your foot catches on something.
"Shit." You curse from the jabbing pain in your sides. Your knees feel like they're scraped up as you land on rocky dirt. Turning to see what the object was your spirits are instantly lifted at the sight of the rocks piled up.

Without thinking of the physical consequences you quickly shift around and begin digging with your good arm. It takes a bit of time to fully uncover the large duffel bag, but you manage to pull it out of the ground. You begin to unzip it as you exhale a long sigh. Before you're able to confirm its contents though the sound of a twig snapping is heard from behind.
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