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Starting Over

Everything Is Alright

Days Later

"How long are you going to take on that run?" Looking up from your position on the floor you see Glenn a bit flustered. "What run?" You ask confused."Rick said you and Daryl were going on a run into a town later." After putting your gun back together from cleaning it you stand with your eyebrows furrowed.

"No one told me about going. Why?" Glenn looked around like he was being chased by the cops, and you instantly got interested. "Well...umm, you see." You forced a laugh back as he started to fidget. You knew exactly what he wanted, you just wanted to see his face turn bright red.

"Uh-huh?" You inquired with an eyebrow raised. Glenn takes one last look outside the cell and leans in to whisper, "Could you possibly find some condoms for me?" The grin you were holding in appeared a little too devilish because he grew a lot redder than usual. He looked away disconcerted, and you put your hand on his shoulder.

"Glenn, don't be embarrassed. It's completely normal...even if this is the apocalypse." He seemed to gain more confidence as he looked you in the face. His flushed expression still made you internally chuckle a little though, "I'm just glad at least someone is getting it around here...I'll see what I can do." Glenn smiles and walks out in a hurry.Then you decide to go find out about the run.

Walking out into the hot air, you feel content breathing it in. Being inside the prison tended to get stuffy, especially when it was this hot outside, so going out was a constant occurrence for everyone. Most time was spent doing outdoor activities, and you were thankful, but also aggravated for it because whenever it was this hot it only meant one thing. A certain shirtless redneck that got to you in all the wrong ways.

After staying with the group for so long, you were deemed as antisocial as Daryl, so that was Rick's main motive for sticking you two together on supply runs. You were forced to hold onto him at least once a week while riding that damned motorcycle. Just the smell of him made you fuzzy in the head, and you hated it.

You'd told yourself before all of this that you wouldn't get involved with anyone, but it seemed to be getting more and more impossible. Especially since he was technically the only one you could joke around with, seeing as you and him have a particular sense of humor. He wasn't the only one you could talk to though, you also had Carol.

Carol had made a habit of teaching you things that you never would have thought about, specifically taking care of a newborn child. Don't get yourself wrong, Judith was adorable as all get out. You just weren't the motherly type...or kid type at all. It took a lot to just hold a conversation with Carl, and he was practically an adult.

After walking around and not finding Rick, you decide to ask Daryl. You stroll toward him as he was doing something with his bike. Luckily, he wasn't shirtless this time, but his sweat covered muscles were still visible. You fought your eyes to look at his face, which didn't really help either considering everything about him was too damn sexy.

Pushing your indecent thoughts aside, you stand over him with your arms crossed. "What's this about a run?" He squints up at you from the sun, and you move just an inch to block it for him. Those blue eyes stare back at you and he shrugs.

"I know you know. Now spit it out." Daryl grins at your stubborn attitude and stands brushing oil from his hands onto his jeans. "Rick wanted us both ta go, but I was gonna go alone. Who told ya?" You give him an irritated glare and unconsciously put your hand on your hip.
"Glenn wants rubbers again."

He couldn't hold the chuckle in and soon you're laughing along with him. "I swear they fuck like rabbits." You snickered. "What are you two laughing about?" Rick seems to appear out of nowhere, and you question him apprehensively.

"I was just looking for you. Where were you?" He rubs sweat from his brow and rests his arm on the knife in his belt, "I, uh...Had some do." You know he's hiding something but advise against anymore inquisition. Ever since Lori died he's been way out of it. He would go off somewhere without saying a word and always had that weird look. You were getting worried that it would affect his leadership. "So, when are you two leaving?"

You look at Daryl who is about to mention he's the only one going, but you butt in and decide to aggravate him today. "As soon as I get my stuff." Daryl gives you a 'seriously?' expression, but you just smile.

When you walk back out after getting the empty bags, you are surprised to see Daryl still waiting. Walking up to him, you notice he's got more bags than usual. "Are we going to a big town because that would require more people?" He glances at you before flicking his cigarette butt in the opposite direction.

"We're gonna hide some supply bags around a nearby town, jus' in case." You had almost forgotten about the slow approaching war between your group and the Governor. Revenge hadn't been in mind for a while actually. It only made you angry 24/7, and a lot of people in the group didn't enjoy you constantly taking it out on a punching bag you found in the prison.

"Sounds tiresome." You knew complaining got on Daryl's nerves, that's the only reason you did it. There was something about getting to see each emotion he was capable of that brought you closer to him. Now that you thought about was kinda weird.

"Yeah, yeah. Get on." He griped. For someone that hates complaining, he sure does it a lot too. "How far is this town?" You asked as you slid onto the bike. "About twenty miles." UGH!

You didn't know if you could deal with holding onto him that long. Especially since you were feeling a little more grabby lately because of that pain killer you took earlier for your rib. You prayed to any and all gods to not make this ride awkward as you both rode off past the gate.

Every time was indeed agonizing for you, but at the same time you loved having the wind blowing on your face in the hot summer. There was just something about watching trees pass by at 60 Mph that had a calming effect on you. You had actually fallen asleep one time before, but Daryl ended up pulling over because you were slipping off. That was one time you hoped you would never relive again.

Slowly, you became aware of the fact that your hands were lazily folded just over his groin. You quickly held them up to about his chest, and he briefly looked back at you.
"Ya okay?" Thank you dear Jesus! He thought you had almost fallen off instead of getting ruffled over being close to his crotch.

"Yeah. I'm fine." You sputtered out. "Don't fall asleep again." He chuckled.You lightly hit him on the shoulder to let him know you got the joke...and it wasn't funny.

Suddenly, Daryl pulls over to the side of the road, and you realize that you've made it just outside the town. "We'll have ta walk the rest o' the way. Too many walkers." He explains after shutting the engine off. You unwrap your arms from around him and instantly feel the absence of warmth.

"That doesn't look very inviting." You commented after getting off. He looks over to the mosaic of concerning words on a crumbling wall that you had referred to and repeats one, "EAT OR BE EATEN."

"Sounds like some cannibalistic shit. We better watch our backs." You added before grabbing two huge bags. Now standing beside you, Daryl takes the bags from your hands and gives you the smaller ones.

"Oh, come on. I can handle it." Daryl looks at you incredulously making you huff at him. "It's healed...mostly." He smirks because he knows he's won. You end up following him down the road in silence.

Most of the time you two went on runs it was quiet. It seemed like that was the best way for it to be. Neither of you were really up for conversations, but on occasion you'd both joke around. "Sooo, how many squirrels you get the other day."

He knew you loved messing with him about the squirrel thing, but eventually he got used to it. "Hey, there's plenty o' protein in those suckers." You chuckle, "Well, there's enough of them in Georgia that's for sure."

Suddenly the sound of rustling leaves pulls you both to a stop and Daryl's bow is up within a millisecond. In his signature crouching position he stalks toward the noise. You cautiously follow behind with your knife held out in front of you. The sound continues but there is no groaning.
Before you could fully see what the culprit was a small blurry object shoots out from a bush, and Daryl manages to put an arrow through it.

"Wow, I knew you were good with a bow but damn." You see the hint of a smirk as he picks the arrow up along with the fat rabbit attached to it. "Better than squirrel 'ey?"

"Way better." You admitted with a smile. After he stuffed the animal into one of the smaller sacks, you both proceeded up the road. You started to get that feeling someone was staring at you as you walked ahead. Turning your head around really quick you get a glimpse at Daryl's eyes looking half-way down.

He averts his eyes into the woods when you slow down to keep in step beside him. You walked in silence for a few more minutes then you quietly lean over to him, "Were you looking at my butt?"

Daryl instantly gets all defensive and looks at you shocked, "Why the fuck would I be lookin' at ya ass?" You force down the laugh that tries to escape and instead take on a serious expression. You absolutely loved fucking with him. "Well? You were, weren't you?" With your hands behind your back you lean closer like a child would.

"We're here. Now shut up 'bout that shit." You knew he would find some way to change the subject, but to his luck, it was legit enough to where you couldn't change it back. You indeed were in the town, but you weren't alone.

There had to be at least ten zombies aimlessly shuffling about the deserted streets. Well, except one. That one was crawling on account of the missing bottom half. Grody.

"So, where to first?" You question Daryl as he looks around at the few that had noticed you. There were only three that started to slowly make their way over to you, so you both just stood there nonchalantly. "How 'bout over there? Think they'd have some formula." You look over to where he was pointing and smiled. "You're a genius, Dixon."

He took that as a yes and followed behind you toward the colorfully painted building. The sign that said "Lily's Daycare" laid cracked and weathered in the grass by the door. When Daryl reaches the entrance beside you he knocks on the glass a few times and looks inside.

After a minute you both enter soundlessly and have your weapons at the ready. It was fairly easy to see thanks to all of the windows, but there was a lot of dust that drifted in the air. You tried your best to keep the coughs as quiet as possible, but one eventually brought some attention to it.

There was a rattling sound coming from one of the rooms and Daryl motioned to the closet. He held his crossbow steadily aimed at it as he gave you the go to open the door. In one quick movement he shoots an arrow just as you move out of the way. "Nice. Two kills in one day."

Daryl reaches in and pulls out a dead raccoon which makes your face contort in disgust. "I'll eat a rabbit but a nasty raccoon? No thank you." He grins and stuffs it in with the other furry creature.
Finding the place clear you begin to search every cabinet.

After looking through the rooms you drop to your knees at the last set of doors. Opening it you can't help the smile that spreads across your face, "Jackpot." You begin stuffing your bag with any of the containers that weren't empty.

"That's plenty for lil' asskicker. Hurry up, I got a bad feelin'" You manage to get him to stay a bit longer as you look for some baby bottles and clothes.

"Okay, ready?" He asks as you come out of the nursery room. With a nod you are both out of there and jogging to a small alley away from walkers.

"I'll leave this here and we can come back when we've finished." You tell him as you hide the bag between the wall and a dumpster. "Now what?"

Daryl looks down the streets and gestures toward a large house. "We'll go lookin' in there for some stuff. Any weapons, ammunition, or medicine goes in this bag."
"What about the ones we're supposed to hide?"

"We'll get to those once we've found the stuff. Now come on, we're runnin' outta sunlight." You followed him as he made his way to the house and took out some walkers on your way. It seemed like more were appearing out of nowhere, and it was making you anxious.

"I'll take upstairs you can take down here." You suggested as you entered the house. He grunts in reply and goes deeper into the home. You quietly make your way up the stairs and try not to look at the broken frame on the floor.

No matter how many times you looted houses, you still felt the death lingering over everything. How people's things were left behind and strewn everywhere in a state of panic. Sometimes, though rarely, you'd come across a home that looked completely untouched by both human and monster.

Those were the ones that hit you the hardest. How everything looked like nothing had ever happened. There was something about the illusion of a safe, normal home that just made you realize how shitty life turned out.

You shook the thoughts out of your head as you continued to the last room. Right before opening the door you notice a small smudge of blood on the threshold. You suddenly jump back as a loud bang rings out inside the room. Then there's the sound of shuffling, and you hold up the knife getting ready.

You steady your breathing as you reach for the doorknob. In one swift move you swing the door open and charge at the walker facing the other way. The blade goes in clean, and the body drops to the ground.

As you wipe the gunk onto the corpse's shirt you hear soft groaning. You whip around and feel your heart tighten. There were two kids laying in their beds, too weak to get up, but still reaching out to you with those rotten hands and snapping teeth. There was an empty bottle of pills on the nightstand, and you instantly know what happened. They killed themselves before they got eaten. Most likely the father's idea.

Closing your eyes for a brief second you can't help the image of Callahan's daughter that drifts into your mind. Then your eyes snap open, and your grip tightens around the handle of your knife. Your knuckles turn white as you approach the infected.

You stab the boy first and then throw the blanket over his face. You turn toward the other with a vacant expression. The little girl falls off the side of the bed from trying to reach you and starts crawling. You stare into her undead eyes while she struggles toward you. When she finally grabs onto your leg you bring the knife down hard and twist it in her skull.

Looking up, you see Daryl staring back at you with the same seriousness. You then pick the girl up and set her on the bed before covering her too. When you turn back around Daryl is gone and there's a mirror right across from you. Seeing red on your face, you wipe it off with the back of your hand and leave the room.
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A/N: Okay, I decided to change some things like putting the reader in parts where other characters were. I didn't want to have to stick to a strict plot line, so hopefully it all works out anyway. I also think this story will be like a novella, not as long as a novel but not as short as a short story. Please leave comments and let me know what you think!