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We Will Never Be the Same

Kellin is an intersex person, and after drunkenly sleeping with a friend, becomes pregnant.
He struggles with it, and the problem of remaining biologically male, while Vic tries to deal with the idea of being the father of a boy's baby.


This story is not to offend anyone, and is fiction. While some of the aspects may have not been biologically proven, I have done some research, and try to make it as real as possible.
Some things may be incorrect, or impossible, and if i get something completely wrong, feel free to correct me.
Reminder that this story IS FICTION, and I'm not entirely sure that all of it is even possible.

It's honestly just because i had a cute idea for a Kellic mpreg and wanted to make it somewhat believable, instead of him randomly becoming pregnant and making no sense.
So, if you don't like it, or aren't someone who likes things like this, please don't read it.