Status: in progress


After a two year relationship, Jack and Alex are broken up and living in the same house where everyone knows that Jack has turned into a drunken whore, and Alex just wants his boyfriend back.

story contains themes of
- substance abuse
- physical abuse
- boyxboy
- strong ass motherfucking language
  1. Something's Gotta Give
    'Something's Gotta Give'- All Time Low
  2. I'm On Fire
    'Tear In My Heart'- Twenty One Pilots
  3. Whiskey Princess
    'Backseat Serenade' - All Time Low
  4. We Belong Together
    'My Life Would Suck Without You'- Kelly Clarkson
  5. My Blood Is Burning
    'Radioactive'- Marina & the Diamonds
  6. My Clothes Still Smell Like You
    'Don't Get Me Wrong' -The Story So Far
  7. I Know I Won't Be Leaving
    'Take Me Out'- Franz Ferdinand
  8. It's Killing Me To See You This Way
    'Little Talks' - Of Monsters & Men
  9. I'll Be The Boy With The Silver Lining
    'Cinderblock Garden'- All Time Low
  10. I Didn't Mean To Make You Hurt
    'My Only One'- All Time Low
  11. You've Made A Mess Again
    'Missing You' - All Time Low
  12. Don't Let Me Drown
    'Drown' - Bring Me the Horizon
  13. My Chance With You
    'Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass' - All Time Low
  14. Put The Bottle Down
    'I Do Not Hook Up'- Kelly Clarkson