Coming Home to You


After the appointment with the obstetrician, Matt insisted on taking me out to lunch. I tried telling him no, but of course the baby decided now was the time to tell me that they were hungry, plus I didn't have much of a choice since Matt was my ride to the appointment and back home. He took me to a nearby diner near the beach claiming that they were famous for their hamburgers.

He opened the door for me as we entered the diner. Placing a hand on my lower back, I felt something shock inside of me. I glanced over at him to see if he had felt it too, but if he did, he wasn't saying anything. I watches as his eyes scanned the small diner before resting on a booth near the back corner of the restaurant and began to lead me in that direction. He let me slide in on one side of the table before the slid into the seat on the other side sitting opposite of me.

He reached over to where the salt and pepper shakers, sugar packets and ketchup bottle sat to get the menus that sat behind them. He grabbed two of them and handed one to me. I gave him a soft smile, not having said a word to him since my emotional breakdown back at the doctor's office. Every time I see the baby, I can't help but wish that Dylan was still here and I felt embarrassed for breaking down like I did in front of Matt.

I was thankful that he tried to comfort me and didn't ask any questions about it. For some odd reason, I felt like that I could tell him what happened though. Although it's none of his business, I just felt like he should know about Dylan and what happened to him, just so he could understand why I was acting the way I was and why the dad isn't in the picture. I opened my mouth about to start trying to explain when a waitress walked up.

"Hello. What can I get you two to drink?" she asked. Matt looked up from the menu to look at me. He smiled giving me a nod letting me order first.

"Water with lemon," I answered still keeping my eyes on him.

"Pepsi," Matt answered after me. I could see that the waitress nodded her head from the corner of my eyes before walking away. "Have you decided what you want yet?" he asked me. I felt my face start to warm up as I realized I never once looked at the menu, instead staring at him trying to think of a way to open up to him about Dylan.

"Not yet," I replied looking away from him and down at the menu. "You?" I asked keeping my face down.

"I'll probably get my normal loaded cheeseburger with fries." I nodded my head letting him know that I heard him as I continued to look over the menu to find something that didn't sound or look so nauseating. It wasn't long before the waitress came back with our drinks and asked if we were ready to order. Looking up, I nodded at Matt for him to go ahead and order. After he gave her his order, I decided on just a plain hamburger with fries and told the waitress.

Matt took back the menus and placed them back to where he got them. Looking around the small diner to see that it was pretty crowded for the lunch rush, I figured this would probably be a good time to tell Matt about Dylan while I still have the chance. Taking a deep breath, I cupped my belly with my hands and looked back at Matt to see that he was also glancing around the place.

"Thank you," I started off getting his attention. "For giving me a ride to my appointment. and comforting me there at the end."

"It's not a problem. You looked like you need the help and a hug," Matt said. I nodded moving my hands to where I was almost hugging my belly, my baby. "Are you okay?"

Taking a deep breath, looking away from him and down at my hands I said, "He passed away." Looking back up at Matt, he was staring at me with a confused look on his face. "The father. He died a little over three months ago." Matt's face softened, his eyes growing big and his lips turning down into a frown.

"I'm so sorry," he said softly. I could tell he wanted to ask some questions, but was holding back probably unsure how I was going to react.

"His name was Dylan," I continued. "We were engaged. We were supposed to get married this month." I could my eyes start to get watery, but fought the tears back wanting to get through with this. "He was a marine and was overseas when he was killed in the line of duty."

Matt sat there in silent staring at me. I wasn't able to hold back the tears anymore and a few fell from my eyes as I looked back down at my hands holding my bulging belly that held my baby. It was quiet between the two of us for a minute before I heard him move. I look up to see that he was standing up from the seat to walk around the table to slid in beside me. He took me into his arms much like he did at the doctor's office and continued to comfort me.

"I'm so sorry you went through all of that," Matt whispered running one of his hands up and down my back. "But why are you telling me this?"

My wiped the tears from my eyes with my hands looking back up at him. Shrugging my shoulders, I answered, "I don't know. I just felt like I needed to after you asking about him last week and then offering to take me to my appointment today."

It was silence once more between us as Matt nodded his head before going back to comforting me. I don't know what came over me to lean my head against his shoulder as tears continued to slowly fall from my eyes. We sat there for who knows how long before our waitress came back and placed our food in front of us. She asked if we needed anything else before she walked away.

I moved away from Matt as he removed his arms from around me. Wiping away the tears again from my eyes and face, I reached for my water and took a sip. I could Matt's eyes on me as I shifted into a more comfortable position so I could eat. Once I reached for the ketchup to put some on my plate for my friends, Matt must have sensed that things were okay now and started to dig into his burger.