Coming Home to You


It's been a few days since I temporarily moved in with Chastity and for the most part everything was going okay. I had started noticing that she was having a little trouble sleeping at nights now. I was worried about her, but she claimed that she was fine and that the baby was just moving around more. Although she would make up for the lost sleep during the day, I still couldn't help but worry about her and the baby. Currently she was sleeping upstairs and I was downstairs waiting for Jimmy to come over to talk about some new material that he was writing.

Since staying with Chastity, I have come up with some ideas for some songs, but just having trouble putting it together. I'm hoping that Jimmy will help me a bit with putting it together or at least give me some ideas on how to finish it off. I sat on the sofa, looking down at some of the lyrics that I had written down when I heard a knock at the door. I didn't bother standing up because I knew Jimmy enough to know that he would just let himself in and I was right.

"Is it safe?" Jimmy called out and I slightly winced unsure if it would wake up Chastity. When he walked into the living room I shushed him to remind him that he needs to lower his voice. "Sorry, I forgot," he said walking over to the sofa. I rolled my eyes at him, moving over so he could sit down beside me. "So how has she been doing?"

"I'm worried that she's not getting enough sleep," I answered running my hands through my short hair. "I know she makes up for some of it during the day, but I still can't help but worry."

"Have you talked to a doctor about it?" Sighing, I shook my head. "Maybe you should do some research or ask about it if you are that concerned."

Before I could respond, a loud crash noise came from upstairs. I jumped up from my seat to race upstairs with Jimmy not far behind me to Chastity's room to see if she was okay. Upon entering the room, I saw that Chastity was okay sitting on the bed and that it was a glass that fell and broke. A deep sigh of relief escaped from me catching her attention.

"I'm sorry," she apologized. "I was trying to get a sip and it slipped." I told her it was okay and stepped into the room. Chastity moved off the bed and started to squat down to start cleaning up the mess until I stopped her. I asked Jimmy to get a towel from the attached bathroom to start cleaning up the tea from the floor while I went to get the broom from down stairs.

Jimmy nodded his head and carefully stepped around me to the bathroom. I exited the room to head toward the kitchen where I saw a broom. Before heading back upstairs, I grabbed Chastity another sweet tea so I wouldn't have to make another lap. Entering the room again, I was surprised to see both Chastity and Jimmy talking considering how it was when they first meet. It was nice to see.

Chastity smiled up at me when she noticed that I had entered the room again. She thanked me as I handed her the glass of sweet tea. After Jimmy finished wiping up the tea, I started sweeping the floor making sure to check under the bed and table for any run away glass that Chastity might step on. Just as I finished sweeping, Chastity let out a huge gasp clutching her bulging belly.

"Baby's kicking." It wasn't a question, but Chastity nodded her head with a small smile on her face.

"I wanna feel, I wanna feel," Jimmy said jumping up and down like a little kid on Christmas. I looked at Chastity to see her reaction, but she just smiled taking Jimmy's hand in hers and placing it on her belly. It only took a second for Jimmy's face to light up like the fourth of July. "Wow!" Jimmy exclaimed. "Do you know the sex of the baby yet?"

Chastity's smile faltered from her face. Jimmy noticed and immediately started to apologize. "No, it's okay, Jimmy. It's just . . . I want to keep a surprise," Chastity said. It seemed to have calm Jimmy down because he flashed her a smile and laid his head on her stomach.

"I bet it's a girl," he said making Chastity laugh.

"What makes you think that?"

"Because it would be crazy for you not to have a girl that would look like you."