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Honor Among Thieves

"Murderers are not the monsters you so seek in tales." He paused, eyes gleaming at her, it was a look of dominance, one predator might give before devouring it's prey. Intense, devoid and emotionless, he moved towards her, fingers grasping the cold steel, the whites of his knuckles burned bright as he dragged the blade across the wooden surface. The sound elicited icy snakes writhing in her gut, and her pulse quickened, there was no escape, like an animal caught in the headlights, paralysis took over. His footsteps closer in the dark until she could feel his hot breath on her neck. His lips brushed her neck, that shot electric shivers down her spine, fear made her immovable. He spoke again, in hushed velvety tones, moving the cold steel closer to her, pressing it against her rapidly pulsing jugular "Murders are men, and that is the scariest part."

A whisper in the shadows, a silent breeze that sends shivers down your spine, this is Dacio's facade. Trained since childhood to know nothing but the ways of murder. Trapped in a life, in a country that seems to have no escape, taking pleasures where they can be found but always and forever under the thumb of another. Sometimes it's all a matter of perspective, is the glass half full or half empty? It doesn't matter just drink up!

A young woman, so bright, so exuberant, this is Arista's life. Dreaming of being successful, her thoughts lingering, he will be proud of me. Pursuing the idea of happiness. But always missing a piece of the picture, like a restless heart syndrome. In the land of the 'free' with all the assets in her hearts desire, she seeks to be the perfect picture. But what she truly desires always eludes her.

When such stark paths cross in a such an intricate way, it's only natural for sparks to fly.